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A High Ticket Virtual Assistant is Just What You Need to Level up Your Business

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Executive Virtual Assistants Can Transform Your Business

If you're a business owner, then chances are you already have an assistant. You may be the CEO of your company, or perhaps you work with someone else who does most of the heavy lifting for you. Either way, it seems like everyone has at least one person helping them out in some capacity.

Regardless of your situation, if you're a business owner and want to level up and take your business to the next level, then you might consider hiring an executive assistant.

In this article, we'll discuss why having an executive assistant can help you grow your business, how much they cost, and whether or not you should hire one. We will also talk about different types of assistants to know which type would best suit your needs.

So let's get started!

Why Hire An Executive Assistant?

If you run a small business, there comes a time when you realize that you don't have enough hours in the day to do everything yourself.

Whether you own a restaurant, sell products online, manage employees, or any other number of things; eventually, you reach a point where you feel overwhelmed by all of the tasks involved in running your business.

This situation demands that you either get more people to work under you or delegate specific responsibilities to others. To ensure that you aren't overburdened, you need to find ways to free up as many hours as possible from your schedule. One great way to accomplish this goal is to hire an executive assistant.

An executive assistant helps their boss complete various administrative duties such as scheduling meetings, managing email correspondence, taking notes during client interviews, etc. They often handle these kinds of tasks on behalf of their employer because they understand the importance of keeping track of important deadlines and meeting schedules.

If you're looking to increase productivity within your organization, you need to hire an executive assistant.

How Much Does It Cost To Have A Personal Assistant?

The average salary for an executive assistant varies depending upon several factors, including location, industry, experience, education, and even gender.

According to ZipRecruiter, the median annual pay for an executive assistant is $67,115. However, according to PayScale, the average hourly rate for an administrative assistant ranges between $15-$25/hour.

Also, if you could save money each month by delegating specific tasks to another employee, you could potentially reduce your overall payroll costs. For example, if you had two full-time employees instead of four part-timers, then you'd only need to spend half as much money paying salaries.

Of course, you wouldn't be able to cut down on overhead expenses, but you could certainly lower your monthly expenditures.

What Are Some Different Types Of Assistance Available?

There are two main categories of personal assistants: virtual and live. Let's go through each type briefly and discuss what makes each option unique.

Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants work remotely via phone calls, video chats, emails, text messages, social media platforms like Facebook Messenger, Skype, Slack, Google Hangouts, etc., or using some remote desktop software.

These types of assistants can help with almost anything related to office management, customer service, sales, marketing, bookkeeping, accounting, data entry, writing, editing, proofreading, graphic design, website development, project management, research, legal services, translation, transcription, videography, photography, event planning, travel arrangements, and so forth.

The best thing about virtual assistants is that they don't require any physical presence at all. You'll never have to worry about them showing up late, leaving early, or not turning in assignments on time.

You won't ever have to deal with those annoying last-minute emergencies either!

Live Assistants

Live assistants usually come in-person to perform specific functions. In other words, they will visit clients' offices, homes, schools, etc. They may also accompany their employers during business trips.

Depending on where these assistants reside, they might be required to stay overnight while working. While this type of assistance isn't always available, many companies offer 24-hour coverage 365 days a year.

So should you hire an executive virtual assistant? If you're looking to level up your business; or looking for someone to handle administrative duties such as scheduling meetings, booking flights, managing email correspondence, answering phones, taking notes, organizing files, creating spreadsheets, tracking finances, handling invoices, making copies, filing papers, sending out mailings, doing market research, researching products, providing feedback, reviewing contracts, preparing proposals, performing background checks, processing payments, updating databases, transcribing audio recordings, translating documents, verifying information, web designing, and more; then yes.

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