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Top 6 Types of Pesky Colleagues and How to Handle Them


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As most of us spend a considerable amount of time in our workplace, the quality of your coworkers can leave a positive or negative impact on your entire day. It can affect your performance as well as your success in your job. However, the work pressure, the stress of meeting deadlines, and maintaining consistent performance in your workplace can prove to be very difficult when you have noisy and irksome colleagues. They can put a serious dent in your career and cause numerous problems in your professional life. Here are a few common types of coworkers and how to survive them:

The Arrogant Smarty-pants

I am absolutely sure that every one of us has come across this kind of person in our life or workplace. They have all the answers and have a ridiculously high opinion of themselves. They have metaphorically have seen it all, done it all, and always claim to know what is best for everybody. They are always fighting to prove themselves right and dispense unwanted knowledge about everything to their fellow workers. Well, if you have performed well in a project, they are always there to remind you that they could’ve done it better.

How to Beat Them: Keep yourself updated and always have an airtight plan. If you are working on a project with this kind of co-worker, make sure you do it right and don’t give him or her a chance to find any mistake or miscalculations. Always keep your supporting facts and research-ready. And even if you manage to come out at the top and get praised for your hard work, just have a smug smile ready for him or her when he or she goes out of their way to downplay your achievement.

The Cubicle Invader

This kind of coworker has only one mission: to invade your personal space and establish his or her territory and superiority. They have a very distinctive tagline “I’m just popping in to see how you are holding up”.There you are, working your ass off and like the thunder on a bright and sunny day, they invade your personal space, looking for spicy gossips or demand some juicy details about your love life. If you think that you will be spared by giving them every gossip and all the latest incidents of your personal life, then you are going to be disappointed.

How to Beat Them: You have to come up with powerful strategies like a soccer coach to beat this kind of coworker. You must be familiar with this saying: “the best offense is a good defense”. The best way to deal with them is to be as straight-forward with them as possible. If he or she starts to chat with you just calmly inform the person that there is a lot of work still pending and you have to meet a deadline soon.

The Bully

These kinds of people prove to be very difficult to work with. They usually have huge egos and get their kicks from bullying and harassing the people who are unfortunate enough to be around them. They always think that the whole universe revolves around them and they deserve special privileges and treatment from everybody. These people have an obvious disregard for other people and use emotional blackmail, backstabbing, and petty threats to get what he or she wants. But the only good thing about them is that they can be easily spotted from miles away.

How to Beat Them: The best and the obvious way to beat them is to always stay calm and grounded when they are trying to get a rise out of you. Secondly, those who are not smart enough, usually tend to get back at them by stooping to his or her level. You should set your boundaries, don’t react unless you have to, and send a clear message to this person in a mature way, that his or her behavior is not going to fly with you so well.

The Drama King/Queen

We all have come across “drama kings or queens” at various points in our lives. Yes, you have guessed it, these people are always busy, being the center of attention by creating an endless string of drama or chaos. They are everywhere, including our families, friend circles, and even in workplaces. “Ooooh my cousin has eloped”, “We’ve bought a new apartment”, “She is always trying to copy me or she is always after my boyfriend: we all are pretty familiar with these kinds of scenarios. They bring endless amounts of unnecessary drama, conflict, hysteria, and false rumors in our professional lives.

How to Beat Them: Keep yourself busy and focus on your work rather than the drama. If you have to talk to the infamous “drama king or queen” adhere to the topics and subjects which are related to work. The smartest thing you can do is not take this person and the constant drama seriously. Melodramatic people go to great lengths to get attention, reaction and make people believe whatever they are pitching. So depriving them of attention, reaction and trust are the best way to triumph over the “drama kings or queens” in your lives.

The Gossip Hound

There are always notorious people who gossip about the staff and cause serious damage to interdepartmental dynamics. However, politics, false rumors, and gossiping are unavoidable parts of workplace culture. Negative gossips and attempts of reputation assignation can cause serious damage to the career and productivity of the employees.

How to Beat Them: It is better to make yourself scarce as fast as possible if you find yourself in the company of one or more “gossip hounds. If there is a particular clique who spends their time gossiping about other people instead of doing their job, don’t hesitate in bringing them to the attention of your employer. While there are many gossip mongers who appear to be climbing the ladder very quickly and successfully, you can rest assured that their career will go south at some point in the future.

The Butt-kissers

Yep, they go by numerous names, and sycophant, suck-up, brown-noser, yes-man or women are a few of them. They can always be found fawning over the team leader as well as the boss of a company. They have an uncanny ability to single out the people who have a lot of power and influence and get busy in buttering them. Show them who is calling the shots, and these people will immediately launch into action with huge buckets of compliments like “That’s so great,” “You are so perfect”, “You take the best decisions”, “Let me polish your shoes for you”. They are annoying, troublesome, and really difficult to outsmart.

How to Beat Them: You have to understand that these kinds of people are immensely insecure in every aspect and they think that the only way to move up the ladder by flattering and agreeing with everybody. He or she probably manages to please everybody, except the boss. The best way to beat these kinds of coworkers at their game is to heap a massive amount of praise to lessen their need for constant approval or expose their lies and inadequacy to your employer in private.

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