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A Basic Understanding of Digital Marketing!

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We now live in a world where connecting with people has become extremely easy. In older times, when technology was just in its early stages of development, people predominantly used newsletters, manually performed trade shows and other such strenuous processes in order to connect with people and to demonstrate their products to interested customers. The advent of INTERNET into the field of technology, became a boom as it came with so many advantages to these people by providing numerous digital marketing platforms. It paved way for innumerable opportunities to the sellers and opened doors of endless choices to the customers.

Definition of digital marketing:

" It denotes the usage of several digital platforms to market the goods and services of the buyers to interested customers and also normal people. "


This field did not have an overnight growth. In the beginning, digital marketing came into practice in the form of radio ads, which later evolved into attractive television advertisements. This then progressed to sending emails to attract customers and now, there are countless number of ways one can use the digital platforms for their advantage. Here are several types of digital marketing forums elaborated for better understanding.

1) Content marketing:

It is the creation of relevant content in the form of articles, posters, news and blogs and publishing them with an attempt to attract a targeted group of audience. It can also include forms such as story-telling that firstly captures the attention and entertains the customers whilst convincing them to purchase the product.


2) Social media marketing

This type of digital marketing has been greatly acclaimed as it makes other forms of ads and marketing platforms easily accessible and reachable. It has connected the entire world together and hence people are able to explore products and services of people anywhere in the world. They can also know the review of the product before buying and therefore get assured of quality and satisfaction.

3) Affiliate marketing:

It refers to seeking the help of social media influencers or other third-party influencers for marketing the product with a view of reaching out to a larger number of audiences. These so-called affiliates can either have a connection with products and usage or they completely may not be related. The firms pay the affiliates a particular fee for their service.

4) Search engine marketing:

This is making your product to pop up for making it more visible while searching on a search engine such as Google etc. This can be both natural and paid. however, the drawback is that it takes great effort and time for creation of good and quality content that makes your product service a top viewed one.

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Digital marketing courses and jobs:

The business and marketing field has lately witnessed the increase in scope of reaching out to customers on digital platforms and therefore online digital marketing courses have earned great significance. People have also started to pursue MBA in digital marketing owing to its increasing demand worldwide.

The people working in digital marketing jobs are well paid and require diverse skills as they are involved in creating contents, posts, advertisements and all other things that help to create brand awareness and understanding of products/ services. Therefore this job has great potential and requires challenging skills.

Digital Marketing Executive, Content Writer, SEO Expert, Social Media Marketing Jobs, Web developer, Content Marketing Manager, etc., are some of the jobs that digital marketing offers.


Although this has a lot of advantages and has been a great boon to the field of marketing, digital marketing has it's own disadvantages. Firstly, it takes time for people to notice and acknowledge your product / service. Therefore, persistent effort is required for quite a long period of time. In this era, internet has become available to everyone, hence the knowledge and guidance for starting a new buisness is easily available which gives equal opportunities to all people around the world, making it a highly competitive field. Also, there are chances where customers may fall prey to fake products and also sometimes are needed to compromise upon the quality.

These are only minor factors, however when we consider the advantages of digital marketing, all of these will become totally insignificant. In short, the field of digital marketing has all the necessary attributes to become a highly developed field by creating a lot of job opportunities in the near future.

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