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9 Sites That Pay You $100+ Per Article

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Would you like to earn $100 or more for your articles? The chance to earn $100 or more for an article appeals to almost any writer. We put a lot of hard work into our pieces. That payoff is pretty nice, indeed! Many websites offer writers this kind of payment for their writing.

Immaculate grammar and thought-provoking words from niche experts earn the best shot of acceptance at these sites.

And while every article you write will not be accepted, it never hurts to try if you think you have what it takes.

Besides, there are several possible options for using your unaccepted articles that reduce the ‘waste of time’ aspect. Ideas for unaccepted articles include:

  • Re-pitch them at a different website
  • Post them to your personal blog (like Hubpages)
  • Sell them directly to clients

Start with the sites below if you want to earn $100 or more per article. This list does not include every site that offers these high per-article earnings. If you are interested in more opportunities, search your favorite publications or publications of interest to learn if they accept articles. Many will, but the only way to learn is to reach out to them.

The average salary for a writer is $50,835 per year, according to PayScale.

Top 9 Sites That Pay $100+ Per Article

Chicken Soup for the Soul

Chicken Soup for the Soul pays up to $200 for poetry, short stories, and other inspirational writing. All accepted work is featured in a Chicken Soup for the Soul book, of which you receive 10 free copies in addition to the payment.

A few guidelines for submissions:

- Stories should be written in first-person

- Speak from the heart about a personal situation or a situation close to you

- True stories only

- Submissions should be 1,200 words or less


Greatist publishes articles in mental health and relationship niches. Their audience includes 20-30-somethings. Each accepted article on Greatist lands you $125. Submission requirements include:

- Articles should be 1,500 – 2,000 words

- Expert, inspirational information


Writers earn $250 - $1,000 for accepted articles at Longreads. The best part? Writers can create stories on any topic they choose, as long as they provide a human element and release to user experience.

Requirements for articles include:

- Posts should be at least 800 words and no more than 6,000 words

- Personal essays, poetry, and short stories accepted


Informed Comment

Informed Comment is a leading publication surrounding foreign policy. The website pays writers who bring extensive knowledge to the topic. Content-based around US foreign policy, Middle East foreign policy, and South Asian politics are topics of special interest at Informed Comment.

Other topics covered on this website include:

- Climate change

- Religion and discrimination

- Women’s rights

- Worker’s rights

- Energy-related topics

Writers earn $100 for accepted articles. Each piece should be between 800 – 1,000 words in length.

The Travel Writer’s Life

Although some articles net just $50 at this site, most earn $100 - $200. If you get paid to travel, whether by employment, writing, photography, group tours, or something else, share your story here.

The amount you earn varies depending on the length and type of article. Not only is your article published online, but also in their travel magazine that reaches thousands of hands each month.


Stephen King's advice for aspiring writers? One of many:

"Avoid adverbs, especially after “he said” and, “she said.” “While to write adverbs is human, to write ‘he said’ or ‘she said’ is divine.”

Bitch Media

This site supports feminism. Writers earn $150 - $1,000 for selected articles.

All articles must be well-researched, backed with statistics, and evidence.

Additional requirements for pieces:

- Should focus around popular culture

- Should be 1,200 – 3,000 words in length

- Should connect and provoke emotion with the reader

International Living Magazine

Want to see your words published in print? Write for International Living Magazine, where your articles earn $250 - $400 each.

ILM wants articles covering living and retiring overseas. The overseas location is not important.

Other important submission requirements:

- Articles must be original

- Submissions should be between 840 – 1400 words

- ILM also pays $50 for your photographs for one-time use


The Penny Hoarder

The Penny Hoarder pays writers up to $300 for their money-saving, frugal living short stories and articles ranging from 700 – 900 words. For consideration, submit a pitch.

Other requirements for submission include:

  • Smart money guides and travel on a budget are especially desired
  • Must submit a pitch


If you are an expert in WordPress, writing for WPHub could land you $200 per accepted article.

This site seeks articles covering theme development, WP coding practices, top-selling themes and agencies, and other related topics.

If you think you have what it takes, pitch an idea to the company.

Want to make even more money per article? Check out this awesome list of sites paying $500 or more per article!

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