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9 Companies Taking Bold Steps to Better Their Company, Help Customers, and Better the World

Lynn lives in Upstate New York with her two fluffy dogs and tyrannical cat. With her writing, she hopes to make the world a better place.


Check Out These 9 Companies!

Whether it's products I personally use, or have seen a lot of well-deserved hype around, I wanted to draw some attention to these brands who are bettering their companies. It all begins from within and then businesses can project change– But they must have a solid team, standard morals, and the drive to impact the world.

1) e.l.f Cosmetics

e.l.f. is making ground-breaking strides at being an affordable makeup brand without losing quality. If you're into makeup in any capacity, then you've heard of e.l.f. and perhaps even tried a product or two. Slowly but surely, all of my makeup and skincare products are being swapped out with e.l.f. beauty because I can't get over how perfect their dupes are!

In 2021, they announced that they eliminated more than one million pounds of packaging materials through their Project Unicorn initiative. An article by Business Wire covered the entire press release and it's a short article that restored my faith in future companies, hopefully they'll take e.l.f. Cosmetic's lead.

How they can improve: Some of their products are vegan but I'd love to see them reach a 100% vegan and organic product line. If you'd like more information on brands achieving that in 2022, check out this article by The Salt Lake Tribune.

2) Soap & Glory

Soap & Glory is a brand I've used for years and it all started with their lip-plumping lipgloss! I wanted those gorgeously full lips without paying for lip injections and, let me tell you, their product delivers that look and it naturally lasts a few hours. It's not a product I use daily, but it makes me feel gorgeous on a budget.

They have never tested on animals and have vowed to never in the future. While not all of their products are vegan, they have an expansive line of products that are! Now that I'm more aware of this company and their efforts to improve their company, I want to support them more.

How they can improve: In 2015, Soap & Glory removed all microbeads from their rinse-off products but I'd personally love to see their packaging become plastic-free and 100% recyclable as well.

3) Harry's Razors

This razor company is the reason I haven't given up on shaving all together. Women's razors made my legs extremely bumpy, no matter what shaving creams or oils I used, and I felt like giving up and going the 'au natural' route.

Harry's has all but perfected the men's razor at an extremely affordable price. You can buy bundles to save more and then only purchase the razor cartridges when you need replacements! They also set aside 1% of sales to support nonprofits providing mental health care services to men, which is a beautiful goal to focus efforts on.

How they can improve: If they began marketing towards women, they could increase product sales while also empowering women to have a better shaving routine. No packaging needs to change to be more 'feminine', I'm actually drawn to these products more than women ones!

Give The Razor A Try!

4) L'Oreal Cosmetics

Another brand I've used for years, L'Oreal Cosmetics has reinvented themselves and their products numerous times– Sometimes without me even being aware of it. My favorite foundation from them changed in recent years to add SPF to the formula and, at first, it took me some time to get accustomed to the new way of blending, but it's still my favorite foundation.

They are the self-proclaimed 'world leader in beauty' and I'd find it difficult to argue otherwise. Since 2007, L’Oréal has been committed to an ambitious policy regarding sustainable development including an in-depth work on eco-design and packaging optimization. They achieve this by getting their paper products from sustainably-managed forests, reducing weight and size of packaging, and replacing some materials with recycled materials. More companies need to follow this lead!

How they can improve: Although a great company to work for, L'Oreal needs to work on bridging the gap between their lowest paid wage to the medium salary. The range is too great and doesn't give me clear insight if employees are paid fairly.

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5) Natural Balance Pet Food

Personally, shopping for dog food confuses me. There's so many 'top brands' and all the packaging starts to blur. Every vet I've gone to is sponsored by a different pet food brand and I can't stand all these recommendations being thrown at me. I finally found the brand that works for my dogs and is ranked high the Dog Food Advisor website.

My two small dogs prefer salmon in their diet and it helps maintain their coat, so my preferred brand is Natural Balance Dog Food and the one I purchase is their Salmon & Sweet Potato Formula for Small Breeds. It's a limited ingredient diet and my dogs thrive on this.

Recently, I noticed a change in the packaging and now I see that it's recyclable! This made me extremely happy to see because I used to throw my dog food bag in the garbage can once empty and it made me feel awful. Now I can add it to the list of things I can recycle at home!

How they can improve: They need to start taking out any and ALL unnecessary ingredients and preservatives. If it's not in there for nutrition and for basic shelf-life guarantee, then it has no place in our pet's food.

6) Smart Sweets

I'm a chocolate lover.

I've never been into gummy candy (except for Swedish Fish), but Smart Sweets has changed me for the better. Recently, I was hospitalized and my diet was an emphasized treatment method. I have to cut down on all the foods I love... But that doesn't mean sacrificing much.

It didn't take long for me to curb my sugar cravings and begin to find suitable replacements. Smart Sweets helped to educate me the most and also helped get me on track to a better lifestyle. Not to mention that their products are vegan with packaging that can be recycled!

How they can improve: They need to have larger bags of sweets at lower cost. I know their "thing" is having smaller packages for portion controlling, but now that I know the correct portion size... Give me the big bag of those gummy fish.

Try Smart Sweets for Yourself!

7) Essentia Water

There's so many brands of water out there. From the disgustedly salt-ridden Dasani to Smart Water... But which one is the best? While I am not an expert on water– I do enjoy the taste of refreshing water that isn't bogged down with chemicals.

It's so important to test your tap water at home before drinking it because you could be poisoning yourself with lead, mercury, chloride, and so much more. That's why I included a product link below to a water testing kit sold on Amazon. It tests 17 chemicals that could be in the water you're drinking.

When's the last time you tested your water at home?

Essentia Water is steadily becoming the leading example is what water should be. Their ionized alkaline water has a pH of 9.5 or higher and a clean, smooth taste which provides the body with necessary hydration.With recycled packaging, 99.9% pure water, and no chemicals... This company deserves more praise and recognition.

How they could improve: Honestly? Better marketing and campaigns. It all begins with education and I hadn't heard or even seen this brand of water in my local grocery stores or even Target until someone pointed it out. Now that I know about it– It will be my preferred brand of water.

8) Health-Ade Kombucha

Probiotics are an essential part in staying healthy and, unfortunately, does not come naturally in most diets (especially in America). That's why there's pills, yogurt companies that highlight the amount of probiotics, and also... Kombucha.

Amongst Health-Ade's many amazing products designed to improve your gut health, they also have a blog that links directly to medical journals so you can follow up on the studies done! One article in particular stuck out to me on how stevia could be bad for your gut health... Who knew?!

How they can improve: Similar to Essentia Water, this brand goes unnoticed by so many shopping in stores. Their primary focus is online sales but more people shop in stores. I've seen Health-Ade's products in Target and Whole Foods, but have you?

9) Momotaro Apotheca

The reason I chose Momotaro Apotheca for last was because they reached out to me! In exchange for one TikTok video, they gave me a product 100% free and without any further expectations from me. But I fell in love with the product, plus the company, and I believe they knew that would happen.

The product they sent me is one of their best sellers and it's a Hemp Tincture for pain relief, relaxation, insomnia, and so much more. Although their products are geared towards relieving women of menstruation and period cramps, all of their products can benefit anyone!

On top of an amazing product line, they've pledged to be organic, plant-based, environmentally friendly, and have campaigns to support various organizations (like Planned Parenthood and the National Institute of Reproductive Health) that are also looking to change the world we live in.

How they can improve: According to their LinkedIn, the company currently only has between 2 to 10 employees. I believe, as long as they do so smartly, they can expand into a better-known name for natural health products. More people need to be aware that there are alternative pain management methods out there.

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