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9 Best Sites to Sell Articles and Make Money

Sites Which Buy Articles

Sites Which Buy Articles

9 Best Sites To Sell Articles And Make Money

Nowadays there are a lot of online sites which offers you different opportunities for making money online while you are at home. If you have a skill in article writing and you are looking for places where you can sell your article in exchange for a few dollars, then this article has an answer to your wish.

For you to be best online article writer, what is needed most is to write unique content which is plagiarism free. The content which will add value to the readers. The majority of websites buys article with a minimum word count of 300 and the cost of buying your article is determined per word count. Thus the more words you write in your article, the higher the chances you will make a lump sum of money.

This article will uncover 9 best sites where you can sell your article for cash. Some websites we have given here will be willing to pay you as high as $750 in exchange for your article. Some sites, will require you to write a proposal requesting them that you are interested in writing an article to their websites, which takes a few hours to be replied. Some websites, will require you to send a sample of your previous articles you have published, to be assured if you are worthy for their work.

9 Best sites Which Buy Articles Online is one of awesome sites you should consider selling your articles for lump some of money. The site pays an average of $383 per article. All what you need to do is to write unique article with well researched information. The site mostly focuses on link building.
To start writing articles on Link-Able, firstly you need to apply by filling up an online application form, which will give you an opportunity for selecting two fields, which your article will be based on. The online application form has another part which lets you put links to your previous articles, which you have published, mainly to check on the quality of articles you write. After applying, you wait for feedback, which takes a few hours.

2. is also an online site where you can make money through article selling. The platform is suitable mostly for those who can be successfully write awesome articles on food, technology, history just to mention a few and they will have to expect making an average of $100 per article they will publish. To get started you will need to create an account and login, then go on article writing. You need to write high quality article which is grammer and plagiarism free, for your article to have higher chances of getting approved.

3. Constant-content is also a place you should consider going to make money through article writing. The platform is for selling and buying articles. What actually happens is that you write your beautiful article with unique content and submit to this site and when a buyer is interested on your article, they pay you in exchange for your article. Make sure the articles you submit are unique and you haven't published them before.

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To sell your article, first of all you create a free account and submit your articles. Once your articles are sold, you get 65% of the total revenue, the remaining 35% is taken by for their services in helping you sell your articles.

4. Swarmcontent is a site you should consider going if your want to make money through article writing. At this site you submit your article which should be of high quality and unique, then market it for you and you get 100% of the sell, which is quite good.

5. Dotwriter is an online article selling sites which focuses on high quality content. At this site, you sell your article at 3 cents per word. The advantage with this site is that, you stand with a better chance for getting hired which can make you earn more money. To sell your article, you need to create your account for free using your Facebook account, then you update your profile and start writing. After finishing writing your article, you submit your article for review, which takes a few hours to get feedback.

6. Listverse is a place you should consider going, which will make you able to make $100 per article. The site is very common for article writers and for you to submit your article, you fill in an online application form, which is quite easy. For your articles to have higher chances of getting approved, make sure, you write them in good English and are original and plagiarism free.

7. is also a place you should consider selling your articles. This site is quite good in that, it buys fresh articles and already published articles unlike other sites, which focuses high quality unique content, which were not previously published. To submit an article, you fill in an online application form.

8. Wow Women on Writing is also the site you should consider writing an article for sell. The site pays you around $100 per article, however, this platform favours women related stories inline with the name itself.

9. Watch Culture is an online magazine which is based in the United kingdom and buy articles to feature them in their magazines. At this site, you will sell your article at $50 each. Most of the articles which you should consider writing at this site should mainly be based on entertainment.

In conclusion, this article has uncovered 8 best sites where you can sell your articles for money. Some of the sites will buy your articles directly, while some sites will market it on your behalf. Some sites buy already published articles, while the majority of the sites buy unique content which will add value to readers.

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