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8 Reasons Why People Give Up in Life

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Why People Give Up in Life

Why People Give Up in Life

8 Reasons why People Give Up in Life

Nowadays it is becoming the dream of everyone to make it or become a millionaire in life which could make him enjoys a luxurious life or being recognized in a society. Much as this is the case surprisingly not everyone is willing to continue pushing or working hard in life. This article aims at uncovering the 8 reasons as to why some people give up in their life despite their desires for being rich and most talked person getting respects and luxuries.


1. Lack of full disclosure by some motivational speakers

Nowadays it is becoming common for a lot of people to seek motivational guidance or advices on how they could do it in their life from those who are successful. This is not only the case as a lot of people could even gather in multitude in places where motivational speakers are the guest of honor. In most cases, these people go there with a full hope that they will uncover the ways which could lead them becoming millionaires. Much as this is the case, to the contrary in most cases, most motivational speakers do not disclose full steps as to how one could become a successful person like them. Usually most of these motivational talkers emphasize on using the words "work hard and never give up" instead of giving you detailed steps which could help you cross the bridge from being poor to being a well to do person. Just to add up, what most of these motivational speakers do, is that they usually assume that you have got enough capital and all what is remaining is for you to be equipped with steps or ways for success. This partly explains as to why not everyone could use the same steps to become a successful person in life. Undoubtedly some individuals who got successful due to wealthy inheritance they becomes the motivational speakers too. These are some of the reasons as to why the poor who are in need of getting rich or success do not mostly benefits from these motivational speakers resulting in giving up in their lives.

2. Repeated failures

Some people are very hard working and they work with full hope and effort that one day they could undoubtedly make it through. Even though these people develops a heart of working hard until they cross the Jordan into Canaan, where life could become easier, to the contrary not everyone in this category is able to reach the last step or last point which would see him/her achieving his/her dreams. Some of the reasons could be that some people end up in losing everything in the process of uncovering the successes. A good example here is a business persons who do business and everytime he tries to do business he end up making losses and he is unwilling to give up. In this case, chances are so high that this particular person could one day end up giving up due to lack of continued capital funding because of losses he is making everytime he is into businesses.

3. Natural believes

Some people are born with bad perceptions which make them to strongly think and believe that every person who is successful was already made so by God and that if it was written for them to be successful, they will one day since it was already written by God. Usually this kind of thinking does not make a person to work hard in life and instead the person keeps on hoping and waiting that one day he/she will witness miracles or a financial breakthrough. As years pass, these persons end up in seeing no changes as he/she could do nothing in the effort of getting better and this makes the person at a later date to end up in giving up and could even think that it was already written that they would born poor and die poor instead of trying their part in working hard.

4. Fear

You might be wondering as to why fear is part of the reasons which could contribute a person to stop working hard ending up in giving up. The point we could explain here is that there are some people who develop in their heart that the only way to live long in life is by continuing being poor as getting rich could put their life at risk of getting attacked or getting certain diseases because they could be eating certain foods which wealthy people eat. An example here is the thinking that a lot of wealthy people suffer cancers because of frequent eating of fatty foods which these poor people do not have access to. These people automatically becomes in the give up category as they could not risk their efforts to work hard.

5. Lack of appropriate opportunities

Some people are really hard workers, but what they lack is right opportunities. An example here could be a graduate who study telecommunication but perform better in farming. You might be wondering as to how could this be possible. In life, it does not necessarily means you would become what you have done or specialized. Sometimes it is wealthy to take time have a look at yourself in thinking as to how you could become better with better opportunities which fits you as forcing to do something because you spent more time studying it or investing in it result in repeated failures and ending up giving up in life.

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6. Location factor

Some brilliant and potential persons become less productive because of the location factors. This could partly explain that, the opportunity in one location does not necessarily means that it will be a hot opportunity in another region. Thus, what works better in the united kingdom, for example could not necessarily means it will work exactly in another country.

7. Age

Some people give up on life as they are getting old with a mindset that they couldn't make it anymore and their productive age has passed. In this world, there are some people who even make it in their lives at the age of 60 holding this reason untrue.

8. Lack of education

The majority of people who are not educated think that every person who is educated becomes automatically a successful person in life and that they could do better as they are educated. This kind of thinking makes people to give up easily, yet we have some people who are very rich and could not go further with their studies.

In conclusion, this article has exposed the 8 reasons as to why the majority of people end up in giving up in their lives.

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