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8 Brilliant Ideas To Promote Your Blog On Instagram

Bhavik is a blogger and Digital Marketer. He present his knowledge in writing so everyone can learn something new.

Blog Promotion On Instagram

Blog Promotion On Instagram


Do you want to know the secrets to expand your blog on Instagram? You are at the right place, In this blog, I will cover the topic that, how Instagram is best to get high readers on your blog?

If you have just built a blog and you are looking for some best ways to get high traffic on your blog and I think it's somehow difficult.

But don't worry much, here social media comes into the picture. There are many social media platforms out there and one of the best platforms is Instagram, it is one of the outstanding ways to expand your blog reach. If you need results, then you have to quickly work on it.

So I have covered the topic for you so that you can easily promote your blog on Instagram. I will show you some best tips to use Instagram, how to attract and engage with your audience, how you can get high engagement on your blog, and much more important tips.

Why Is Instagram The Best For Bloggers Like You?

There are many important benefits available to growing a blog on Instagram. And it can be one of the outstanding platforms to increase your followers and get readers for your blog If used properly.

Daily more than 1 billion people are actively using Instagram, so that means you will get some interesting ideas to take your brand to the next level.

It is a platform, where people engage with creative content. And sharing creative content with your audience can do magic to stand out your brand to the world.

Okay so you got the benefits of working on Instagram, now let’s take a quick look to get high success on this platform.

Decide a good username for your Instagram account

Username selection is an important step you should take first and It is very essential. It helps people to remember your brand name and grab the attention of users.

Suppose, you have decided your blog name already and just stick on it and put that name on all social platforms. Because if you put your blog name as the Instagram name it will be easy for the user to find your blog easily and perfectly.

If you are confused about which blog name to select, try out the Domain Name Generator Tool. Check out today, it will get you many outstanding names for you, simply just enter your keyword that you want to focus on and go for it.

In this tool, you will also get the option to get your domain for free if you plan to signup with Bluehost hosting.

So it's done, you have decided the best username for your Instagram account, let's move towards the second tip.

Decide a niche

If you are thinking of starting your Instagram drive, you should decide on Niche that you want to focus on. It will be easier for you to decide which content you should post on your Instagram account.

Your Instagram Niche and your Blog Niche should be the same, keep in mind.

Suppose, if your blog is regarding fashion, then you should not post content related to digital marketing. If you do this, it will be impossible for you to get high Instagram followers.

If you are confused about which Niche to select, then sit down and do research about which niche to select. Because you want to be a long-term player in this so selecting a proper niche is very important for you.

Blog Promotion On Instagram

Blog Promotion On Instagram

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Write proper Instagram Bio

You will be amazed to know how Important Instagram Bio is. If you use it correctly then definitely it will help to gain more traffic on your blog and more readers will be attracted to your blog.

There is a limit of 150 characters to add the bio so in that 150 characters, you have to present something catchy to grab the audience's attention.

You can add anything like texts, hashtags, etc. Also, there is an option to add a link to your website or blog, it will assist the audience to check out the blog easily. Important note- there is no option to add a link rather on the Instagram post or anywhere else. You can add only in the Bio.

You can use the Linktree link, yes it is one of the best tool to add multiple links at one place. You can add your latest blog, website link, newsletter from just one link. Interesting right? Try Linktree today and check out by yourself.

Add proper Hashtags

Adding proper hashtags to your Instagram post can have a high impact on your post reach.

Hashtags work like a magic tool for Instagram users; this means people can easily find out the proper content as per choice. So if you add hashtags that you're working on very well related to your Niche, chances are to gain more followers and also increase readers on your blog.

The best way to search for the hashtags is to follow the people who are working on similar to your Niche and check out what they are using.

You can also do some research about it before posting and check out what your audience is using to search for the best content.

You can add 30 hashtags in your Instagram post, so you need to add your hashtags accordingly. Make sure you are going to use the perfect hashtags to engage with the right audience.

Schedule your post consistently

If you want to get the most out of social media platforms for your blog, you have to put more effort to be reliable.

There's no reason for feeling all encouraged now and posting content each day, to just exit utilizing Instagram half a month later.

You have to make your consistency in posting because if you post once per day, your audience will anticipate that you should post new content consistently. Yet, when you forget that consistency, you will begin losing your followers.

If you make your posting schedule then chances are to get more views, more engagements, and more followers on your Instagram account.

Build a connection with your audience and interact with them

If you want your followers to stay connected with you for the long run you need to build a strong connection with them. Interact with them regularly. You've presumably heard this expression get tossed around a ton, yet honestly, this is the thing that assists your audience easily to connect with you and your brand.

Nowadays people love to connect with bloggers who share some best ideas and tips from an individual space.

Keep in mind, all that you post is for your perusers. Don't make posts just for posting purposes, post your content like you are talking with your friend, solve the problems of your audience and try to reverberate with them.

Remember to communicate with your followers in the comment section, to maintain a balanced relationship with them.

Blog Promotion On Instagram

Blog Promotion On Instagram

Interact with other bloggers similar to your Niche

Posting interesting and trending content is one incredible approach to get seen and to become your Instagram followers.

Another viable path is to effectively follow other bloggers, like their posts, and comment content on those who are in your niche.

This is an extraordinary method to turn out to be more obvious in the writing for a blog community.

When you stand out enough to be noticed, your friends may choose to include you in their post or contact you for a joint effort. You can essentially expand your blog's visibility by teaming up with different bloggers and companies.

Try out Instagram Paid Ads

If you have a budget to spend money on paid ads and want to drive high traffic on your blog then Instagram ads are the best option for you.

You don't have to spend high on this because Instagram ads are not much costly you can easily afford and easy to manage. It allows you to send individuals to any place you need. It may very well be your blog, your most recent blog entry, or some engaging page on your site.

You can also do a modification for your target audiences simply by yourself., or you can allow Instagram to target individuals for you.

To begin with Instagram advertisements, you need to have a Facebook Page to make a free Instagram business account.


I hope in this article you got all the useful tips to promote your blog on Instagram. I hope you implement all the tips that I have mentioned to grow your blog and get high traffic.

Once you apply all these tips I am enough sure you will see high growth in the traffic through Instagram. It requires some best efforts from your side, but once it's done properly you will get high results from Instagram.

© 2021 Bhavik Dhanvani

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