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8 Best Sites Offering Online Data Entry Jobs

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Best Online Data Entry Jobs

Best Online Data Entry Jobs

8 Best Sites Offering Online Data Entry Jobs

Online data entry jobs involve you capturing information into an online excel sheet or database in a format which is able to be accessed and understood. This online data entry job involves you using your personal computer which is connected to the internet or may involve you using your mobile phone, in which case your work remotely at your home.

Online data entry, may also involve transcribing data which involves listening to an audio or watching a video, while at the same time paying a detailed attention to a video and capture what is said and enter it into an online worksheet which is available for you to record the information which is said.

Online data entry jobs can be done by both professional and non trained individuals who may be guided with detailed steps on how they should be working or capturing the said information. This gives you a better chance of securing one today.

On average data entry candidates are paid an hourly rate in a range of $11 to $17. Your past experience and skills has got a direct relationship with your hourly rate. This article will uncover the 8 best sites that offer you online data entry jobs, which will help you make money by working remotely.

8 Best Sites Offering Online Data Entry Jobs

1. AccuTran Global has been in data entry job offering for at least 20 years. This site offers transcription and related jobs, which enables you to work online using your computer or mobile phone.

How it works is that, you pay a detailed attention to the audio or watching a video and convert what is said into a form wanted by the client. For you to be successful, you need to keep two things in your minds, firstly is to pay attention to the voice notes which they give you to transcribe and the second point you need to observe is the deadline given by the client.

For you to be given a job, you need to apply online and you will be given an online assessment, which you need to perform well for you to have better chances of securing a job. Your experience does not matter that much, but how you perform during your online assessment period.

This platform will be paying you per word and it offer bonuses depending on the difficulty of the task completed.

You might be wondering as to which individuals depending on their geographical location are suitable for this job. Those who stand with a better chance of being selected are those from Canada, USA and UK.

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2. Amazon Mechanical Turk allows you to work remotely by performing data tasks which earns you cash. For you to be selected, you do not need any past experience and everyone across the globe can apply. This site also offers you bonuses depending on your tasks completed.
When you fill up an online application form, it takes up to 48 hours before you can be approved. Once approved, you stand with a chance of earning a range of $1 to $6 per hour, but this depends on the difficulty of the task assigned.

Once approved, you will need to be working per guided instructions and the moment you finish your assigned activities, you submit your work, which is checked by the client to see if it resembles what was supposed to be done. If an excellent job has been done, your earnings are made available for use.

3. Capital Typing is an online leading company which offers online data entry jobs across the globe and is based in USA. This site offers online transcription jobs, which enables you to pay a detailed attention to assigned tasks, which could involve listening to voice notes, and convert them to useful format as guided by the client.

4. Clickworker is a company which hires people to work online by performing micro task, which makes them earn cash, which can be withdrawn into their account. This site does not restrict application based on their geographical location and everyone can apply, provided he/she has a computer or a smart phone to work on.

5. Quicktate hire online transcribers to be helping the company convert the audio recording into the suitable format wanted by the client and you get paid per completed task. Once you get in to start working on this site, you stand for a better chance of making $8 per hour.

6. Scribie is a site which hires typists to work remotely and pays them $5 to $25 per hour. Each task takes an average of 6 minutes to be completed. Once your application is successful, your duty will be to transcribe audios into the format wanted by the client and your work performance will be scaled. To be given more task you need to have at least a scale of 2.75.

7. SigTrack is a company which hires online data entry individuals to work at home. Once your application is successful, your duty will be to process voter registration process and petitioning signatures. Payment is made through PayPal per your completed task. What is not good with this site is that, it restricts applicants based on geographical location and for you to be selected you need to be a US citizen.

8.Working Solutions offers online data entry jobs to both US and non US citizens to work at home. Payments are based on your task completed. The site also offers you call center online jobs and some data editing online jobs.

In conclusion, this article has uncovered 8 best sites, which offers data entry online jobs, which you can go for to earn cash online, which can improve your living.

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