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7 Ways to Grow Your Instagram Audience

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People use Instagram to share their life stories and the beautiful pictures on their phones and cameras. But what’s the use in sharing photos if no one is seeing them? Instagram users want a broad audience. With a little help, they can get one.

Get Followers through Instagrowing

Instagrowing is an online site that lets new Instagram users buy followers, likes, and views. This site makes starting on Instagram easy. It is the perfect place to gain a primary audience and fan base. Those with many followers will likely attract other followers. This is the best way to start building a following online. You can also try automated likes at InstaGrowing.

Make Use of Hashtags

Hashtags share Instagram posts with all kinds of people-- even people who aren’t following each other. Find the best hashtags, #love, #instagood, and #fashion, and use them in content captions. Use hashtags related to the page and picture to find followers with similar interests and likes. If it’s a travel Instagram, use hashtags like #travel and #wanderlust. If the page is all about cooking, use hashtags like #brunch and #cheflife. These hashtags help photos reach an enormous audience across the globe.

Follow, Follow, Follow

The most important way of increasing followers is to follow others. Follow accounts with the same interests and interact with their pictures. Many Instagrammer follow the same people like each other. There is also a “discover” option on Instagram that helps Instagrammers find accounts they may like. An account that has many mutual followers with another will most definitely appear in their “discover,” which is why following similar accounts is so great.

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Post Regularly

Instagram promotes the posts of users who share regularly. This means that to attain a consistent following, Instagram users should post at least once a day. The posts they make don’t necessarily have to be pictures either. They can post on their stories, do live videos, and more. It’s important to mix up the types of posts, too. Post pictures, boomerangs, and videos. If a person posts every day, their page will get views every day. This is a simple way of procuring an audience, but it works.

Collaborate with other Instagrammers

There are so many Instagrammers online with so many followers. Reach out to fellow Instagrammers about a collaboration. Make a short video together or tag each other in posts. With every tag, more and more are linked back to an Instagrammer’s page. If possible, try to collaborate with influencers. They have thousands upon thousands of followers who trust their word. If an Instagram user can get a follow, comment, or even a tag from an influencer, they’re bound to acquire loads of new followers.

These collaborations don’t even have to be with random Instagrammers-- they can be with friends and family. People can expand their network through people they love and trust. Instagrammers should encourage their loved ones to post pictures with them and tag them in their posts.

Engage with Followers

People log in to Instagram because they want to connect. New followers are just as important as the old one. Instagrammers should let their followers know that they care by liking and engaging with their comments. They don’t necessarily have to follow every account that follows them back, but they should follow some. Like and comments on the posts of followers so they feel a better connection. Post live videos, too, so followers know they are cared about. There’s no point in earning new followers if the old ones keep disappearing. Keep them around by engaging with them.

Post Original Content

People who use Instagram are looking for creative images that interest them. Don’t post pictures from other sources or dull, boring photos. Find a niche and use it. Come up with colorful, exciting pictures and videos and use them to entice an audience. Instagrammers should have fun with their page and post visuals that inspire them and their followers. This is the most important tip because people are on Instagram for beautiful images. Give them a reason to follow.

The best ways to gain an Instagram audience are to use instagrowing, hashtags, follow, post often, collaborate with other users, engage with followers, and post original images. These tips will help any Instagrammer find their audience and hold onto it.

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