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6 Alternative Revenue-Sharing Sites Like HubPages Where You Can Make Good Money

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HubPages is the biggest writing platform of its kind. A community of prolific, passionate, and helpful people has been carrying the ship since 2005. For those of you who don’t know, HubPages is a revenue-sharing website that pays you for publishing your articles online allowing everyone to earn through Amazon, EBay (now retired), HubPages Earning Program and Google Adsense.

Although you will likely not be making a living off of HubPages, if you stick with it for some months you’ll have a steady flow of income for paying some of your bills.

The main questions that potential new users of the site present revolve around the reliability of HubPages and if the site will be around in the coming years. The short answer to these questions is yes. HubPages is not going anywhere. If you want to put all your efforts into this particular site, go for it. But, as they say, never put all your eggs in one basket. Keeping that in mind, I have started writing for some other sites like HubPages in the last couple of months.

Diversifying is good sometimes, so I suggest you do the same. Let’s take a look at some of the revenue-sharing sites like HubPages.

1. Infobarrel

Infobarrel is pretty similar to HubPages in its structure. The site allows you to earn money through various means for publishing articles on this website. Within reason, you can write about anything under the sun. You can even share your fiction works and poems here if that’s your sort of thing.

It might take some time before you completely understand how the site works because it's not newbie-friendly. For starters, formatting posts can be a real pain for beginners. But it’s no reason to not write on Infobarrel. With the Squiddo merger last year, Infobarrel is one of those rare sites left that writers can trust.

Unlike some content mills, Infobarrel managed to survive many Google algorithm changes. Yes, there was a slump initially, but they recovered from that pretty quickly. The willingness to keep up and adapt with the changes is what has kept Infobarrel in good shape for so many years.

The communication gap is only thing you need to be wary of. The site goes through various changes, but they rarely announce them to users via email. Changes are announced in the forums only, so make sure that you visit them often.

With no limitation on what you can earn and how much you can post, Infobarrel is certainly one of the best sites like HubPages to consider writing for.

2. DailyTwoCents

Dailytwocents is a free to use website like HubPages where you can create an account and start writing for some money. You posts need not be long. The minimum amount of words you need to reach is 100 which means that you can bang out tons of posts in a day.

The only downside I can see is that posts will not be easily indexed by Google because they are on the shorter side. So go for it if you are good at getting traffic from other sources than search engines. $1.50 per 1000 unique views might not sound like much, but if you have a huge social media following things could work out for you here. The key is to just focus on creating intriguing content. When you have a good fanbase, you’ll see the money rolling in in no time.

In addition to the page viewing revenue, you are allowed to earn from your affiliate links as well. The only catch is that you are allowed to post only one link in a single post. I would assume that you’d only want to post a single link for every 100 to 200 words anyway.

Unlike your own blog, when you stop writing on DailyTwoCents you’d still see quite a decent traffic on your posts. I am more focused on HubPages lately, but I still make money from my old posts.

With patience, your pennies and cents can quickly add up to dollars.

With patience, your pennies and cents can quickly add up to dollars.

3. iWriter

iWriter offers two kids of services to its members.

1. Giving its writers a lot of opportunities to get paid for their work.

2. Providing a way to buy quality articles for cheap.

Of course, we will focus on the former here.

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