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8 Reasons to become a Neal's Yard Remedies Independent Consultant

I am passionate about natural and organic skincare and am keen to share my experiences.


If you are thinking about starting your own business or want to make money from home, why not consider joining Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic now. You can earn extra income by selling luxurious organic products. As well as generous commission, rewards and training you'll also receive 25% off your own purchases.

1. Generous Commission

As an independent consultant with NYR you receive 25% commission on all sales, i.e. for every £100 of product you sell, you receive £25. This is a very generous amount compared to others and allows you to quickly start making money.

There are also no minimum sales requirements for placing an order or pressure to sell particular quantities or achieve targets. All you have to do is place an order for at least £80 each year to keep your account active, which is very easily achieved.

2. It's easy to fit into your current schedule

The role offers you flexibility as you can work when it suits you, enabling you to fit it around existing commitments or work. You can put in as much work as your time allows.

This also allows you to start small, holding just a few parties for friends and family. Then if your time allows (and you enjoy doing it) you can branch out, growing your contact list and holding more parties and events.

Obviously your earning potential is impacted by the number of parties you are able to hold.

3. You receive a discount off your own purchases

You receive 25% off any products you purchase. This was my main reason for joining. I was already a huge fan of the brand and regularly bought their products for myself or as gifts for friends and so it seemed like an obvious thing for me to do.

As there is no pressure to hold any parties or requirements to reach sales targets, you can simply use your account to buy products for yourself. All you need to do is buy £80 worth of products for yourself per year to stay active, I was able to achieve this with my first order.

4. The fantastic starter kit

The starter kit provided contains many of the best selling products, giving you everything you need to start holding parties.

The current offer allows you to buy the starter kit for just £95 and includes products collectively worth over £280. In addition to the products you get the business kit which includes a consultant bag, current catalogue, order forms and leaflets etc.

You currently get the standard starter kit plus your choice of the additional packs shown below to enhance your collection.

If you are planning to hold parties this gives you everything you need to demonstrate some of the best selling products, perform a mini facial on your hostess and catalogues to showcase the full range of available products.

If you choose to become a consultant just to purchase for yourself friends and family, the starter kit is a fantastic way to try out a number of the most popular products at a fraction of the cost. I personally have found a number of new favourite products that I might not otherwise have tried.

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Current add on packs available with the starter kit. Which one will you choose?

Skincare EssentialsAutumn/Winter Skincare EssentialsHands and Feet

Frankincense Firming Mask White Tea Toning Eye Gel Frankincense Hydrating Facial Mist Honey & Orange Facial Scrub Organic Facial Wipes (x25 Wipes) Frankincense Intense™ Hand Treatment Serum Samples Orange Flower Facial Wash Frankincense Facial Oil

Rose Formula Antioxidant Facial Mask Rehydrating Rose Facial Polish Rose & Mallow Moisturiser Festive Essential Oil Blend Relaxation Remedies To Roll Organic Facial Wipes (x25 Wipes) Perfume Test Strip Book (50 Strips)

Warming Salve Comfrey & Mallow Foot Balm Geranium & Orange Hand Lotion Pumice Foot Scrub Aromatic Bath Salts Nourishing Melissa Hand Polish Frankincense Intense™ Hand Treatment Serum White Tea Facial Mist

Business tools provided with all starter kits.

Business Tools

Vanity Case Spatulas Carrier Bags Headband Order Pads (x25) Host Flyer (x10) Party Invite Cards (x50) Catalogues Main (x10) Welcome Card

5. They provide training courses and resouces

You also get access to a number of training courses and resources to help you build your business. If you are new to NYR or new to sales then there is no need to worry. Once you have signed up, you are given access to the consultant website where you can access a range of videos and webinars that help you understand the products and how to set up your business. You can also sign up to attend course in person, allowing you to meet other consultants and share your experiences.

If you are interested in starting your own business but don't feel you have the skills or knowledge this is a great way to access training and support. I certainly had no background in business and wouldn't have know where to begin if I had been starting out completely on my own.

You also get access to download leaflets and posters that can be printed for display at parties or events, along with graphics specifically designed for posting on social media. I regularly use these images to tweet the latest offers.

6. The success start programme

The success start programme awards new consultants for reaching sales targets within 21, 30, 60 and 90 days of signing up. There is no pressure to achieve these targets but if you do you are rewarded with products, extra business supplies and vouchers for yourself.

It's a great way to get some extra products supplies to help grow your business or just treat yourself. I was able to achieve the first level with my first order which was purely products for me to use.

The rewards offered through the success start programme are regularly updated but the current structure can be seen below.

The Success Start Programme

The Success Start Programme

7. Regular contact and support from your team leader

When you sign up you will be assigned a team leader. Team leaders regularly send out information about new products, promotions or inspirational ideas to grow your business and make it a success.

Team leaders are there for you to contact for support and you can get as much or little help as you need from them.

My team leader regularly emails with seasonal ideas for parties, how to increase your contacts list and how to improve your business as a whole.

8. A business with a conscience

My main reason for joining was because I love their products and regularly use them myself.

On my quest to clean up my beauty routine and improve my health I came across NYR and found their passion for natural, organic and ethical health and beauty products inspiring. Their values of Do Good, Feel Good and Look Good really resonate with me and I believe in the work they do.


© 2018 Claire Bradshaw

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