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7 Online Jobs Which Do Not Require Experience & Their Sites Where You Can Apply

Online Jobs

Online Jobs

7 Online Jobs Which Do Not Require Experience & Their Sites Where You Can Apply

Nowadays it is a dream of everyone to be in a job, which pays well and can help him/her improving his/her living standards. Much as this is the case, surprisingly a lot of companies which offers job require experience which could range from 3 months to 10 years of experience. This makes university graduates and those in need of jobs, to be unable to secure a job, even if they need it most.

This article will uncover 7 best online jobs which you should go for and will not require any prior experience and will help you earn money. Just by using your phone and the internet or by using your computer and the internet, you will start making money at any of the mentioned sites.

7 Best Online Jobs Without Experience And Where You Can Find One

1. Online Transcribers

As the world is going digital, a lot of companies are shifting from working in offices, which makes them to interact physically, to working online, which gives different people staying in different places an access of securing a job as a an online transcriber.

Sites like,, Quicktate, among others, hire different people across the globe to work online as data transcribers without any prior experience. What you need to do to get an online job at any of these sites, is simply by going to any of these sites and fill up an online application form. Once your application form is submitted, it takes a few minutes before you can be given a feedback.

Usually online transcribers are making an average of 11 to 20 dollars per hour, which is quite good as it does not need any experience for you to be given a job. How much you make, will also partly depend on your speed and accuracy in converting what is said in an audio or video into a form required by the clients or the company which employs you.

2. Online data entry jobs

There are a lot of online sites which offer you data entry jobs without any experience and you can apply and start making money today, provided you have got a smart phone or a computer and working internet.

Sites like and hires individuals to work online while at their home. What actually happens is that, you fill in an online application form at any of these sites, applying for a position of remote data entry. After submitting an online application form, it takes a few hours before you can receive your feedback on your email address which you provide. Usually these sites which hire online data entry individuals, do not require any personal experience and this gives you a chance of being considered.

Once successful, you will most likely be making an average of $14 dollar per hour. However, a lot of companies which offer online data entry jobs, pays you per 1000 words. Some companies, will pay you depending on the task completed.

3. Online Surveys

A lot of companies nowadays are looking for better ways of winning customers by providing them with the products or offering them their services which gives them greater satisfaction. Most of the time what these companies do is by offering online Surveys, which hire individuals to fill up online questionnaires or answering online marketing questions, and they use the information which you provide for their marketing purposes and you earn money in exchange of your time spent in participating such Surveys offered by them.

Sites like, and hire individuals to work remotely by participating in the online paid Surveys. Usually you get paid $4 per completed Survey, which could take 10 to 17 minutes and no experience is required.

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4. Online tutoring

Online tutoring is also an online job, which you can go for without any experience required. For you to secure an online job, all what is required is your knowledge and skills.

With online tutoring skills, you can choose to be hired or get self-employed by offering online courses at sites like, which is free and you can start making money quickly with a single or a few courses, which you can upload and publish.

Sites like,,, and hire online tutors to be working remotely by teaching students online or by helping them solving different questions, which they find difficult and they pays you per hour or per solved questions. These sites will not require your past experience, what they will require is that, you show them that you are an expert by taking an online test, before you can start tutoring at any of these sites.

5. Online customer helpers

Some companies hires individuals to be working remotely helping their customers by answering or recording their complaints. What is required for your to be successful as an online customer care personnel, is for you to be friendly and have a good communication, because you will be interacting with the company's clients/customers.

Sites like, and, hire individuals to work remotely in a position of remote customer care service personnel and do not require individual experience for you to get hired.

These sites pays you hourly or based on customers you have helped. For you to be successful, you just need to have an excellent communication skills and friendliness character.

6. Online content writers

Some websites like offers you an opportunity of working remotely by converting your knowledge into writing stories, which you can publish and monetize your articles through Google Adsense programs and help you earn money.

Some sites hire content writers and pays them hourly. Some sites offer you an opportunity to be buying your articles and could make you earn money for a living. All these will not require prior experience for you to get started.

7. Online micro task completers

Some sites hires individuals to be completing a few take at their sites in exchange for money. What actually happens is that, you create an account and login, then you can be performing a few tasks like watching online videos, playing games, downloading apps in exchange for cash. An example of these micro tasks could include downloading Cash Maths App, which enables you to play math games in 60 seconds in exchange for cash. Alternatively, you could also watch some ads available at this app in exchange for cash, which you can withdraw into your PayPal account and this does not require any experience.

In conclusion, this article has uncovered 7 online jobs which do not require any experience and you can apply and start making money online, which could improve your daily living.

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