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7 Marketing Gimmick Tactics That You Need to Be Wary Of

Let’s be honest, there have been several instances when we’ve walked out of a store feeling like a boss. Why’s that? Well, it’s because we’ve managed to get a great deal on something and that is pretty much why you feel amazing about it. But unfortunately, the so-called incredible deal or bargain isn’t what we think it is! That being said, we are actually made to believe that we’ve managed to get ourselves an excellent deal, but in reality, we’ve fallen for another marketing gimmick. Stores tend to make us feel like we’ve gotten a great deal because it makes us spend more money than normal. And also because they get to retain you as a customer. That’s a win-win for them, right? But as customers, we really need to be wary of these gimmick tactics.


Keeping the marketing gimmick tactics in mind, here are 7 of them that you really need to be aware of. So let’s dive straight in!

#1. The Everyday Prices Advertisement

The sales flyer is all about informing potential customers about the sales and more so of the so-called fantastic deals the store is offering. Some deals are too good to be true, and just because they have been mentioned in the sale advertisement, it doesn’t mean it is a deal. Try and search for terms like “Irresistible Low Price” or “Great Discounts” on the everyday prices advertisement. This will indicate that it is just an advertisement for regular pricing and not a proper sale offering.

#2. One-Time Sale Offer

One of the most popular marketing tactics used, especially by furniture, housewares, and department stores is the “one-time sale offer” scheme. These sales are extremely irresistible as they promise you the best-ever prices. Moreover, the offers are so good that they term it as a one-time offer that will never be repeated again. And although the sale might seem tempting to you, you mustn’t fall into all the hype about this one-time sales offer.

#3. Group Pricing Sales

There are many stores that have group pricing sales. For example, 3 for $5 or 4 for $6 or maybe 10 for $10. These deals look tempting and seem to be perfect, especially if you are looking to buy things in bulk. However, if the group pricing does not demand you to purchase a certain amount of quantity to get the sale price, you should not buy a lot of them. That’s because it would be better to get say, one packet of biscuits for $1.5 than go for two packets that cost $3.


#4. Clutter Tends To Make You Purchase More

This is a very common marketing gimmick that many stores often use to lure customers into buying more stuff than usual. The clutter aisles as well as the baskets that have lots of items in them (generally, the items are kept in a hotchpotch manner). These clutter tend to attract customers as they think it could get them a good deal, but instead, they are lured into buying more than usual.

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#5. Best Selling Items Placed At The Backend Of Stores

Most stores want their customers to walk past every nook and corner of the store in hope that they would end up buying some extra items. And this is the main reason why they tend to place their best-selling items such as milk at the back end of the store. This makes the customer walk past several racks and perhaps their eyes catch something and they get sucked into buying it.

#6. Hands-On Sales Experience

This hands-on sales experience is an excellent marketing gimmick, to say the least. It happens mostly when a salesperson is around while you are busy shopping. They give you the item in your hands, which you think you want to purchase. You take the item and feel some sort of ownership while holding the item. Then while giving it back to the salesperson, you may feel guilty about walking away without purchasing it and eventually adding the item to your cart. Thus, this is the very reason why most salespeople will hand you an item rather than pointing towards it.


#7. Bakery And Flowers Right In Front

You might have noticed that many malls and shopping centers tend to have their bakery right in front, somewhere near the entrance. They also have sweet-smelling flowers somewhere thereabouts as well. But why do they do that? Well, the main reason behind this is very simple. This helps in keeping the customers in the right frame of mind and helps in maximizing your spending because the smell from the bakery as well as from the flowers, put the customers in a good buying mood.

These are just 7 marketing gimmick tactics used by stores to lure and tempt customers into buying more. But as customers, we need to be wary of these marketing gimmicks and stay updated as well as be alert!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Ronald Daniel Sampson

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