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7 Effective Ways on How to do affiliate marketing without a website 2022


Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular online strategies used by businesses to generate sales. It's also a great way to make extra money without putting in any extra effort.

But that doesn't mean that you always need a website to sell the third-party product as well as even creating a website can be time-consuming and quite expensive.

Although there are several ways to do affiliate marketing without a website. Probably you have seen a lot of people sell affiliate products on their website by writing useful content around it. However, if you think affiliate marketing without a website might seem difficult but that's not correct at all.

Affiliate marketing is a business model in which a business sells a product or service and then pays a commission, usually a percentage, to the affiliate for each sale. And you can generate that sale through different ways also such as Google and Facebook ads, social media and more.

Affiliate marketing without a website is a viable option for those who want to start a successful business without the hassle and expense of developing their website.

In this article, we will discuss 7 ways to do affiliate marketing without the need to create a website.

7 effective ways to do affiliate marketing without a website:-

  1. Sharing links on forums
  2. Youtube channel
  3. Social Media Platform
  4. PPC ads
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Free Content Publishing Platform
  7. Classified Ads

Let's deep dive into all the different ways and learn exactly how you can use this platform to start affiliate marketing without the hectic of creating a website.

There are a variety of online communities and forums available that help like-minded people come together to share their thoughts. And this online forum is an excellent place to share and promote affiliate products.

All you need to do is to find the relevant and suitable forum which might be a great fit for your niche and where people should also have an interest in your product.

Quora or Reddit, for instance, is a great platform because you will be able to find relevant and suitable groups and communities to interact with and share your affiliate links.

Once you find the relevant forum with a busy and active community, then you must check out the guidelines of the platform on whether the promotion activity is allowed or not. Otherwise, they will deactivate your account and no longer allow you on the platform.

Then after all of this, all you need to do is sign up and start posting. The more you interact and provide value to the others, they begin to trust you and your followers will grow and ultimately, you can promote the affiliate products to them.

  • YouTube Channel -


Youtube is the second-largest platform millions of people use to create content and publish it online.

If you do not have an interest in writing then you can simply create a youtube channel and made valuable videos and share affiliate links in the description.

A lot of YouTubers and influencers do the same they sign up with the affiliate website and promote their affiliate links in the youtube video.

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The same strategy you can use to maximize your revenue.

  • Social media Platform -

There is no comparison with social media platforms. Instagram, Facebook, youtube, and Twitter all have so much potential and exposure that it becomes much easier to sell the affiliate product but it requires effort and patience.

If you do not have a website, then you can consider taking advantage of the social media channels to build strong personal branding as well as promote affiliate products.

But, you should also be careful while sharing the affiliate links on the social media platform because each platform has its norms.

Like Instagram does not allow a direct link in the post but you can put the link in the bio. On the other hand, Facebook provides you with tools to track engagement as well.

  • PPC ads -


If you want fast results, then you can opt for PPC ads. Paid affiliate advertising is well-known for a quick return and you can consider it as well

And through this method, you can directly pinpoint the target audience and by doing this can get a higher chance of getting conversion and converting leads into paying customers.

You can start with a small budget and check if PPC worked for you or not. If you get the desired result and good margin then you can scale your budget the try different marketing channels as well.

You should also be careful that PPC or any ads require a landing page. Ad any type of ad must require a landing page you cannot drive traffic straight to the Marchant's website.

  • Email Marketing -

We all know that through email marketing you can directly conversate with your audience. Email marketing is one of the most effective tools to market your products.

If you are looking for an effective method to do affiliate marketing without a website then you should check out this.

All you need to do is assemble a list of emails then, create a tailored email marketing campaign, add an affiliate link in the email and you are good to go.

Everything works as long as you provide value to the subscribers.

If you want people to subscribe to your email list then in return you need to give them a good reason or anything such as an ebook, mini-course or anything to get their email id.

And giving something valuable in return will help you to boost your email sign-ups rates.

  • Free content Publishing Platform -

There are a variety of free platforms such as Medium and Hubpages available for you to publish content.

This site allows you to start writing and start creating content without spending time figuring out the technical issues.

The advantage of using this site is that you can get a massive audience base with around 100+ million active readers.

And this increases the chance of getting a sale for affiliate marketing very easy.

And again you should make sure that these sites allow affiliates or any promotional links. But avoid overusing CTAs.

Overusing CTA make your text look spammy and users do not always like too many promotional links and eventually, this will increase your bounce rate.

  • Classified Ads -


So probably after reading the word "ads" you understand that it is another form of running ads for free. You do not have to spend any money on running ads on this platform.

You create an account with big classified sites like Craigslist. You post ads write a review about the product or service and add an affiliate link in the ad.

And the distribution of ads is done by the site. And you have to post ads several times a day on classified to make money.

All I can say is that this is a good method but you should more focus on other methods because they were more result driven and more convenient.

Final Verdict -

Now you know there are many different ways to make money online through affiliate marketing. Some people choose to sell products from their website while others choose to use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to sell a product.

Still, other people may choose to write articles and post them on blogs. But no matter which method you choose to do affiliate marketing.

You'll want to track your result to find out the profitable channel and optimize them accordingly.

Finally, always try to scale your campaigns. Once you find the suitable and profitable method that works for you - do more of it.

You do not need to master every aspect of affiliate marketing to be a success in this field. You just have to concentrate on the effort that makes you money.

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