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7 Best Recurring Commission Affiliate Program in 2022


The most influential and powerful part of affiliate marketing is the recurring commission.

And I’m sure you know that in affiliate marketing, you earn commissions selling other people's products. This can be done through websites like Amazon, eBay, or even Facebook groups.

You get paid commissions based on what you sell, how much money that person spends, and how many sales you make.

There are so many affiliate programs which pay you a recurring commission also and this part of the affiliate marketing help you earn recurring commission on autopilot.

You will continue making money as long as that user stays connected with the company product, and the quality of the product also matters for the user to be a long-time customer.

Probably that’s why the company has high-quality products and has trust in their products and offers a recurring commission.

And I am not saying that recurring commission is the best than a single payout. After all, things have their pros and cons.

Now let’s see what is recurring commission and what are some of the top-paying recurring income affiliate programs.

What is a Recurring commission affiliate program?

Recurring commissions are commissions that continue to come back month after month. If you're looking for a way to generate passive income for a lifetime, this might be a good option for you.

However, some companies offer recurring commission for a year basically, for a fixed time and some provide for lifetime commission. It depends on the company marketer's policies.

In a single payout affiliate marketing, say for instance, if a customer buys a $100 product you earn a small part of the commission of that sale - say 20%,

But in recurring commission, the product might cost $100, and as long as the customer is connected with that product you will learn a 15% commission every month for a specific period or lifetime.

Why choose an affiliate program with a recurring commission?

It is better to earn a recurring commission than a one-time higher payment. Do not you think.

Say for example - if you get a 20%(1560 INR) recurring commission for a $100(7800 INR) product for a longer time is better than a one-time commission of 50%(3900) on a $100 product.

Another pro you get from the recurring commission is that, once the product sells, you do not need to spend more of your time, money and effort to get the leads converted into a customer.

The rest of the work is done by your referral.

So it’s beneficial for affiliates and companies. But initially, it’s a bit hard to convenience the customer to sign up for a monthly paid product than to make a one-time payment.

But on and on if the lead becomes a customer. Simultaneously it becomes cherished for both affiliate and company because it increases company sales and also increases affiliate income.

7 Best recurring commission affiliate program in 2022

Recurring commission is undoubtedly the most effective way to meet your monthly expenses effortlessly. More importantly, you get paid monthly.

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And there are so many best recurring income affiliate programs out there, but in this article, we will look at the 7 affiliate programs that are useful for yourself and are also good for a referral.

So let’s what are those 7 affiliate programs which help you to get paid a recurring commission.

  1. Semrush
  2. Convertkit
  3. Elegant Theme
  4. Thrive Theme
  5. ClickFunne;
  6. Lead Page
  7. Aweber

Semrush -

Beginner guide to Affiliate Marketing


The affiliate program of SEMrush is Impact. It is one of the best lifetime commission affiliate programs for all bloggers and digital marketers. You will get paid a 40% cut on every sale you make.

It is one of the most prominent search engine optimisation(SEO) tools used by marketers globally. It provides you with everything you need for SEO.

It helps you with keyword research which is the most important part of seo, and competitor research and you can enable website Audit.

Moreover, it is a useful tool and easy to sell. Just sign with the Impact affiliate program you get instantly approved and start selling.

Recurring Commission - 40%Lifetime

Convertkit -


Convertkit is one of the most effective email marketing tools and it is also one of the top choices for marketers to gain leads and drive sales.

It is easy to operate and user-friendly interface. The automation, broadcasting and segmentation features of Convertkit make it an amazing tool.

You will earn 30 $ recurring commission for each subscription made through your referral link.

Recurring Commission - 30 %Lifetime

Elegant Theme -


Elegant is the website builder for WordPress sites. Thousand of affiliates earn millions of dollars by promoting the elegant theme, that’s why it become of the most popular recurring affiliate programs.

It is also one of the best programs in terms of earning potential, you earn a 50% recurring commission.

You will keep earning passive income as long as the user uses the monthly subscription model

Recurring Commission - 50%

Thrive Theme -


Thrive theme sell plugin and themes for WordPress sites. With theme and Plugin, it also provides you landing page, A/B testing as well as online courses for your convenient

Promoting thrive theme you’ll get a 25% monthly commission as long you referred customers to pay for thrive theme as well as a 35% one-time payout.

Recurring commission - 25% Lifetime

Click Funnel -


It is one of the top choice tools for marketers. It is a landing page, sales funnel and website builder tool.

It enables you to create a sales page and landing page that helps you to boost your conversion rate as well as sell products effortlessly

It is an expensive tool, but loaded with a lot of features and that's why selling it will super easy.

You can start earning a 20% commission on each referral.

Recurring Commission - 40% Lifetime

Lead Page -


Lead Page is a landing page builder that helps you to create high converting landing and drive sales for your business.

It also provides conversion tips, intuitive analytics, and an A/B testing feature as well as an easy-to-use tool.

It allows for making full-fledged websites and other elements like popup alert bars into them.

But one condition you should meet before promoting this tool is that only lead pages customer can join the affiliate program.

Because you cannot write a true thing about the product which you haven't use. And the lowest price of the product makes it super easy to sell.

Recurring Commission - 30% Lifetime

Aweber -


Aweber is also an effective email marketing tool that you can leverage and can drive quick sales

It also integrated the segmentation feature which is a must-need on all email marketing tools to send the correct email to the right person and also allows users to send RSS emails and follow-up emails smoothly.

Users can also use the 700+ customizable templates to create more completing emails. In short, this tool has everything a marketer needs for email marketing.

Recurring Commission - 30% Lifetime


Finding the right affiliate program is difficult but you can narrow down the list based on the program payment model.

You should also have to consider your niche.

Eventually, all you have to do is just set your preference and go over the options list and just your affiliate marketing journey and start earning in dollars

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