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6 Reasons You Should Become Google Adwords Certified

Loretta is a Marketing enthusiast, finding easier ways to help people get their product to the target market and make sales.


I recently became interested in obtaining Google AdWords certification, because I felt that I would benefit from as a marketer and business owner who knows her way around the best advertising tools online. I decided to do some research and findings to know the best benefits I could get from being Google certified. This was to help me further decided if my decision was the best and if it was worth getting Google certified.

If you are an advertising firm, marketing professional, or thinking about advertising using Google, you should consider getting Google AdWords certified. Being certified give you a level of know-how and skill that would be a great addition to your marketing and advertising arsenal. Plus, people are more likely to you for their advertising needs when you can show qualification. It tells the client that you are a professional and knowledgeable of how AdWords works.

So, here five reasons I discovered that makes it worthwhile for you as a marketing professional to get Google Adwords Certified;

1. Improve your company’s performance

This is the most obvious and expected result. You want to learn the best ways to set up and navigate the marketing tools and Analytics properly, so you can get valuable data to make recommendations on the best strategies and how to implement them. You would also be well-versed in creating and deploying successful Adwords campaigns that convert to sales for your clients.

With improved AdWords management and performance, you would get the best results.

2. Learn about your brand and your customers

A proper and in-depth knowledge of Google AdWords and analytics would help you understand your clients business and brand. It would give you an insight into the interests that push or push the business into more exposure and sales. With a certified knowledge of Google Adwords, you can navigate and find in-depth data that would teach you about your clients' needs and what works best for the business.

3. You get Hired More

Certifications always look good and inspire confidence. Google Adwords Certification would look good in your agency's portfolio and on your résumé. They tell whoever is looking that you are so interested in the field in question that you went to get more certification to be well-grounded in it. Certification makes people think you know what you are talking about on the subject; both potential clients and employers favour the added advantage. It inspires confidence. If you were a client, would you rather work with a certified advertising company or an uncertified company?

Similarly, Google certifications are often required or preferred in Internet marketing, advertising and IT jobs. It shows your willingness to be up to date and on-trend with the industry.

4. Keep Improving by Staying Current and Updated.

Just like almost everything in life, you should never stop learning. Every two years, you must retrain and be updated on the latest changes, trends, and tools. This helps you stay up to date as a certified professional. If you are active as a professional, you would already be up to date as you would encounter the latest trends in your daily use and adapt to them even without knowing it, making it easier for you to retake the tests. You could also stay up to date with articles and posts written to explain new tools' workings.

With the Google Partner platform, people looking for the services you render could find you using the Google Partner engine. This expands your job opportunities and networking. Membership of the Google Partner platform also accords you other benefits like training events, study guides, promotions, and other great opportunities.

6. It’s FREE

In addition to the great perks like access to training and study guides, promotions etc., one of the best and favourite features are that becoming AdWords Certified is free. Google previously charged for it but changed that when they found that more people get certified when it’s free, it helps Google because more certified professionals benefit Google.


Online advertising is incredibly competitive, so you have to stand out in a sea of professionals offering the same things as you are offering. Professional certification and knowledge would help you get noticed above the rest.

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