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6 Positive Attitude Expected of A Customer Service.

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Attitude Of A Customer Service

Customer service is one of the many faces a company/brand may have. They are the people you speak to when you are having problems with your purchase or you do not know how to go about using the companies' product.

This is why Customer service positivity is important. Although it may not be general knowledge, positivity is infectious. A person who stays around people filled with positivity is likely to be infected with positivity. The same is said for people who are filled with negativity. It works the same way with customer service. Human psychology is a beautiful thing. That's why companies need to educate their staff on the behaviour and a responsibility expected of customer staff.

Customer service is a very demanding job in which you meet different types of people with distinct characters. You have to be patient and understanding to be a customer service support.


Let's Paint a Picture Here

Imagine a customer who has had a long day from their job, gotten beaten by the rain because they couldn't catch the bus. In summary, their day was horrible. On getting home, they are trying to use the company's product. Instead of the product working the right way, it doesn't. With anger and frustration, they call the customer service and are put on hold for about 30 minutes. When they are finally given a chance to air out their complaint, the customer service staff sounds unbothered and doesn't seem interested. You won't expect this person to be polite. Their frustration of the whole day would be transferred to the team. Imagine the staff begins to yell back. This won't end well for anybody.

Positivity does not hurt anybody, especially your customers. While working as a customer service staff for a while, I realized most customers want someone to listen to them and solve their problems. That's the job of customer service.

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6 Attitude Expected Of A Good Customer Service

  • Timely: Customer service needs to respond well and on time. Nobody wants to have to talk to customer support over what they paid for. It's frustrating. Instead of making the customer get annoyed on different occasions, you can even leave with a satisfied customer eager to spread your companies' name. All this because the customer representative responded on time, and time wasn't wasted.
  • Be curious: Instead of giving a monotonous answer which may annoy your client. Try to sound like you care about their problem and would be willing to solve it within your capacity. Ask questions that you think may be the cause of their problems and solve them.
  • Be knowledgeable: Nothing annoys a client more than unknowledgeable customer service. Imagine being on hold more than two times because the customer representative is not sure about what you are asking them. That leaves a nasty dent in the name of the company.
  • Be Kind and Understanding: The perk of the job is that you may meet a rude client or a frustrated one who is transferring their frustration of the day. Instead of fighting fire with fire, being aggressive, using negative words, you can be understanding and kind. When most people realize they can't get you angry or provoke you, they tend to calm down and act rationally.
  • Be Truthful: People appreciate honest people more than you may realize. Once you are honest with your client, they begin to trust the company or brand more.
  • Open to Feedback: Be open to feedback and constructive criticism on areas you can improve yourself. Working on these areas till you become an outstanding customer expert.

oMst people do not remember a good experience. But the bad ones always stay longer with them. They would be willing to discourage people from ever using the company's product due to the bad experience they might have with the company customer service.


Tips To Help A Customer Service Staff

  • Instead of focusing on all the harmful interactions you have had. Focus more on the positive ones. The ones that made you happy you are a customer support.
  • Always wear a smile on your face and try not to let rude or angry customers bother you. Try and look at things from their perspective. That's should at least give you an insight into how they feel and make their problem more understandable to you.
  • Interact with your team and tell them your problems. Talk to team members who you believe would support you when things get too tedious for you. Let your boss know when you need a break. Keep your mental health protected always.
  • Be self-aware: Be aware of what may trigger you to avoid getting into an argument with the client. Work on your peace of mind to avoid being affected by the words of the clients.
  • Ensure your workplace is full of positivity. If it's not, you can bring a little bit of motivation and team spirit.
  • You could also take courses to help you understand your job better and show you areas where you may be lacking.

I hope these tips help you. Customer service is an interaction with many different people. Always ensure you are in a stable place both mentally and physically before beginning your job.


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