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6 Essential Tips to Enhance Online Job Search


Searching for a job in a post-COVID world is a challenging task. The job market has changed and the way people look at jobs too has changed drastically. Searching for a job and applying for a job is a cumbersome process now often leading to rejections in the initial stages itself. It is thus essential to be well prepared before you apply for a job and find a job based on extensive research. Job search in a digital world is an advantage to both job seekers and the recruiters in an organization.

Digital as a medium has enhanced the job search process for job seekers and to an extent minimized cost to the recruiters in an organization. Therefore digital medium is an excellent channel to search for a job, though applying for a job in a traditional manner such as networking may benefit a few of them. Many organizations either advertise their job requirements through online job portals or job boards and in some instances redirect the job applicants to a customized job board available in respective their Careers or Job Section. A job search is now a standardized process that involves job seekers registering voluntarily to various online job portals and job boards. The job applicants may register to the best job portals available online as suitable to their skills and competencies.

The article discusses some of the best ways to explore and search for a job online and utilizing digital mediums extensively. Some of them include-

  • Profile Registration in Job Boards
  • Updating Contact Details
  • Adding a Creative Profile Title
  • Adding a Profile Summary
  • Attaching a Cover Letter
  • Resume Document

Registering The Profile in Job Boards

It is important to register your profile in job portals to conduct a job search effectively. Your profile should be updated with necessary information such as relevant skills, competencies, and career highlights including experience. The profile should be updated regularly and should be accessed periodically to retain the relevance and freshness of your details. Some of the job boards may offer customized assistance to search for jobs when you register your profile online. Hence registering your profile with accurate details is necessary to conduct a job search.

Update The Contact Details

A job profile should be updated with the contact details and email id on a job portal. Updating the correct contact details will enhance communication with the recruiters or the organization. One can also get easy access to information such as job alerts, tips, career-related advice, sign up for job reminders, get an instant notification from the recruiters, etc when you update the correct contact details.

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Profile Title

A catchy profile title attracts potential employers quickly to view your resume. Thereby your resume gets a higher chance of open and download rate metrics in a job portal. It is thus necessary to highlight the profile title in a creative and unique style. It helps the employers to quickly make a decision to shortlist your resume based on your catchy and informative profile title. Profile title also helps the bots in the job board to quickly identify the job applicant's skillsets through the relevant keyword. These keywords help the recruiters to search for the potential candidates within a job board and get access to the candidate's details in a faster manner. It is thus essential to select the right keyword for your profile title by conducting an in-depth analysis of your resume.

Profile Summary

A profile summary should inform the potential employers of your suitability for the job application/advertisement through a short summary. A job seeker may utilize the profile summary section as an opportunity to describe your capabilities in a creative manner. You may use this section to highlight your key career achievements, project details, awards won, career summary, and other relevant details of your profile. The profile summary should also include key skills and competencies highlighted to match the job advertisement requirements in a job portal.

Cover Letter

Many job seekers often ignore highlighting career achievements and present the same through a cover letter. A cover letter acts as an effective tool to present your career achievements and other relevant details to potential employers. Thus the job seekers should invest time to draft an effective cover letter and highlight it as a key document along with a resume application in the job portal. Job seekers can research online to create a customized cover letter template or prepare the cover letter in a standard template to attract potential employers and thus stand a chance to get notices instantly in the job portal.


A resume is a vital document informing the key skills and competencies a candidate or a job seeker offers to the organization. The resume document should be drafted in a professional manner usually running up to 2 to 3 pages in a job portal. A longer resume document may hamper your chances of shortlisting online owing to lengthy content in the resume. Some of the job portals offer an option to upload up to 5 resume documents online under separate profile titles. A job seeker can utilize this opportunity to apply for jobs with multiple skillsets, based on the need and availability. Creative and standard format resumes act as one of the key differentiators on your profile in the job portal. Hence it is necessary to prepare the resume with a deep focus on creativity also.

Applying Jobs Online

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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