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6 Different Types of Content Writing You Need to Know

Content Writing Types


You can select from a variety of content writing types

Content writing has a variety of purposes and presentational styles. On this basis, there are different types of content writing. Which we will mention today.

Types of Content Writing

There are many types of content writing and each genre is important in this feild. Here, we will discuss the following types.

1. Blog:

A blog is a writing in which information is expressed in an informal manner. It can also be in the form of just one article that is published on a website on a daily basis. It can also be in the form of a full website. Information can be of any type and can be about anything. On this basis, there are different types of blogs. Such as:.

Personal Blog

Professional Blog

Fashion Blog

Life Style Blog

Travel Blog

Food Blog

Multimedia Blog

News Blog

A blog is also used to convey information about products to people. A blog usually has the following main objectives:

  • Convey information
  • Updating the website
  • Promote business
  • Earn money

2. Article

An article is a piece of writing whose main purpose is to guide people about something or an event. It can be published in both offline and online formats. An article is written with a specific objective in mind. such as:

  • Convey the news
  • Changing the world or people's thinking
  • Research
  • Earn money

To achieve these objectives, an article may contain the following:

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  • Information about things, people, places or events
  • Facts
  • Statistics
  • Comment (View)
  • Analysis
  • Debate

An article is a broad category of writing that includes many, if not, all types of writing.

For Example:

News article, Marketing Article, Academic Paper, Blog, Essay

3. Copy/Sales Copy:

It is counted among the materials used for marketing. Copy/sales copy is short and concise writing that aims to attract people. The main purpose of persuasion is to get people to give an expected reaction. You tell about your product or services in this article. But this information is given by describing people's interests, benefits and expected losses. This can be understood from these important points which are kept in mind while making copy:

  • It should be short and concise.
  • It should contain complete and basic information about the product or services.
  • It reflects your brand.
  • It should attract readers.
  • The writing style should be interesting.
  • Readers should read it and express the expected reaction.
  • It is designed with SEO in mind.

The process of making copy is called copywriting. Copywriting was started in the twentieth century. Then the writing which was capable of attracting the readers was printed in the magazine or newspaper. Since writing was copied in it, it is now known as copy. Apart from this, the word sales copy is also used i.e. the copy used for sales. It is used in various places. such as:

Advertisements, Web pages, Brochure, White papers, Emails.

4. Product Description:

Product description means information about the product and its sale is given in the product description. Like copy, it also counts as content that is used in marketing. But compared to copy, detailed writing is written in it. This article includes the following:

  • Copy
  • Details of products (Product) or services (Services).
  • Its benefits
  • The problems it solves
  • Relevant and essential information about the brand
  • Page or website link
  • Related image or video

While writing the product description, care is taken to provide complete relevant information. And also that the style of writing should be attractive. To attract people.

5. Advertisements:

Text in advertisements is used for marketing. It provides information about products, services, events, or job vacancies. Its purpose is to convey this information to the general public. It can be delivered to people through the following platforms:







Advertisements are a form of marketing in which money is paid to convey information to the public. Copy is used in this. Its purpose is also to attract the public towards the news. So his style is also interesting.

6. White Paper

A white paper is one of the technical writing genres. It is a detailed text that contains information about other products. It can have the following objectives:

Explain the benefits of the product, eg how does it solve problems or increase productivity? etc

Guiding people about the use of products, for example, the use of washing machines and the use of medicine, etc.

Based on these objectives, a white paper may include:

  • Challenges
  • Problems Solution
  • Product Structure
  • How to use the product
  • Precautions for use
  • Information about the company

A white paper is called a white paper because it is issued by the government or verified by the government. The government uses color to make documents accessible to the public. As the white paper is accessible to the general public, its color has been kept white. That is, white color paper can reach everyone. Because of its color, it is called white paper.

Do you also do content writing? If yes, what genre do you belong to? And which genre is your favourite?

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