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5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Became a CEO

Duncan Littlefield is a former professional golfer-turned photographer-turned video and content development company which is The Littlefield

5 things I wish someone told me before I became a CEO


What is a CEO doing?

The CEO of a company is a top-level employee. They are responsible for making decisions on behalf of the company and representing them in both internal and external conversations. These decisions may be related to any number of different areas, such as hiring new employees or acquiring other businesses.

1. You’re the person with the least of amount time within the business.

The best business leaders know how to manage their time. It can be hard to juggle all your responsibilities from a busy schedule, but you can make time for what matters most. Your own time is massive under pressure as a CEO so you have to learn to maximize your productivity and efficiency.

2. Before you can be a CEO you have to know yourself.

Figure out who you are first before you become a CEO! The reality is if you really want to lead other people you have to be clear about who you are! What kind of CEO do you want to be? There is the cheerleader CEO who cheers the whole team and motivates all people. Another type is the operator style of a CEO who is more about creating processes for the business and there is also the CEO who is mainly a sales person. You have to decide what kind of CEO you want to be in order to be more efficient.

3. Deliver clarity and momentum to your team.

As a CEO you have to bring awareness to what you’re doing and bring excitement and energy to the core team. The more you can create momentum the more impact you have as a CEO.

4. Be open to change and do the work!

Everything falls on you! No matter what subject; you’re responsible for all of them, especially in small and medium enterprises. Be ready to do the extra work and be open during your journey for all changes.

5. Be obsessed with what you do!

You’ve got to be obsessed with your team, clients, and the process. Be obsessed and try your best to make an impact on your world!

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What Does it Take to Be Successful as an Entrepreneur?

For an entrepreneur, there are many factors that contribute to success. The first factor is an idea. An idea can be a product or service that you want to offer in the market. A second factor is the ability to take risks and make decisions quickly. A third factor is a perseverance and resilience. Finally, a fourth factor is the ability to manage money and resources well.

Successful entrepreneurs are able to make decisions quickly, stay resilient in the face of adversity, and use their judgment skills when managing finances for their company.

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