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4 investments that may be profitable in the future

As an educator, married person, and owner of property, I would love to give any advice on topics that can help others. Please enjoy.

Investment #1: Bitcoin

I am sure you have heard about Bitcoin and wonder, what in the world is that? I totally understand. I also find myself asking "is it worth investing in?" I want to say the answer is "yes."

The reason why I say "yes to invest" is because as our world continues to grow further into technology, cryptocurrency is being accepted in a majority of places as good as cash payments. Major retailers like Microsoft, Overstock, Home Depot, Starbucks and Tesla all accept cryptocurrency. The more big name companies invest, the better the crypto-world does.

Cryptocurrency might be a fad but I really feel like the quicker you get on the boat and invest in cryptocurrency the better. This is one investment that I will definitely be keeping my eye on in the future.

Investment #2: Home ownership

You might think "NO WAY! this is a long term solution to making money." Owning a home is very expensive and I know because my parents, siblings and I all own property. You have to pay taxes, electricity, water, heating, repairs, etc.

So how do you make money buying property? Simple, buy a two or more family home. If you own a property, not only can you live in it and raise a family in your own privacy but you can collect rent in it as well! Renting out parts of your house is extra income earned and helps to pay off the mortgage quicker. Also, down the line you can sell your property and have a higher net worth.

Please answer in the comment section if you believe that owning a home is better than renting?

Investment # 3: Small business

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own business but really don't want to spend the time and hours at the business? There is a solution to that and the solution is vending machines.

Are vending machines profitable? Yes, they can be. According to the website "Nerd Wallet" The average vending machine earns $35 a week. Vending machines that are well-stocked and placed in safe, high-traffic locations can generate over $400 a month.

$400 of extra income is not bad! Also, check out buying ATMS. Nothing in life is easy but if you want to be a small business owner, buy a machine and collect from it weekly! To learn more about machine businesses checkout the business tip website NerdWallet.,1.,generate%20over%20%24400%20a%20month.

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Investment #4: The Metaverse

I am sure you heard about the Metaverse all over the news and thought to yourself "what's the big deal about an online universe?" The big deal is that this Metaverse is run by one of the biggest and influential social media influencers, Mark Zuckerberg. In the Metaverse you can own and rent property and believe it or not most of the property has already been bought.

You might think it's silly to own a piece of cyber land for $6,000 but I think this might work. Think about this, when your grandparents came to America, property was cheaper and now in 2022, property is so expensive that most Americans cannot afford it. I don't know how profitable this might be but I do know it is very popular and many investors have a piece of virtual land.

According to, some investors are banking on it. In November, Metaverse Group, a virtual real estate firm located in the real-life city of Toronto, splashed out $2.5 million on 116 blocks of virtual land in Decentraland's fashion district. Andrew Kiguel, CEO of, which owns 50% of Metaverse Group, thinks he got a bargain.,thinks%20he%20got%20a%20bargain.

Are we living in the twilight zone? Bizarre I know but you don't want your future 18 year old to come up to you and say "Mom, dad, you should've bought a block of virtual land! It's now worth a million dollars."

Let me know what you think of the Metaverse.

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