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5 Tips to Create A Winning Resume

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The resume is a document informing the employers and the organization about the skills, competencies, academic and professional qualifications of a potential candidate applying for a job. The resume is an important tool to seek employment and an important resource to record a job seeker's information in the employer's database. Hence writing a winning and successful resume is essential to attract the employer's attention and grab the job opportunity.

A job seeker needs to follow certain best practices and adhere to certain criteria while drafting a resume. A resume document, therefore, should be highly regarded as the best tool to highlight your capabilities and present your skills in a neat and pleasing manner.

The article discusses some of the best practices that may be followed by the job seekers, to create a winning resume and thus successfully grab the job opportunity. Some of them include-

  • Objective/Motivation Statement
  • Core competencies and key skills
  • Academic Qualifications
  • Personal Achievements
  • Volunteering and other engagements
  • Testimonials

Objective/Motivation Statement

An objective or motivation statement attracts the employer's attention instantly. An objective should be drafted in the initial sections of the resume. It should emphasize the candidate's strong intent towards the job applied in an organization. It should also be noted to keep the objective or motivational statement in a short paragraph or highlight it as a brief summary in the resume. Do not plagiarise objective statements from the internet but instead focus on preparing the same based on your interest, passion, and commitment.

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Core Competencies and Key Skills

It is important to highlight a few core competencies and key skills you bring to the table. It is essential to highlight the skills either in a bulleted format or a paragraph style. Key skills and core competencies highlighted will help the employers in an organization identify the right candidate in your fit and suitable for the advertised job advertisement. The section may also include a note on some of the successful projects you have handled in the previous organization along with few references to the same. It will thus help the organization grab the attention of your skills in an instant manner.

Academic Qualifications

Mention the details of all your academic qualifications in the resume. Do not suppress any information related to your academic achievements, as resumes act as a tool to record your academic details apart from scrutinizing your documents at a later stage. Do also mention any of the special achievements or accolades you have won under academic qualifications. It includes special mentions in the College, medals, and prizes won in competitions, etc.

Personal Achievements

Include your personal achievements such as your participation in seminars, training, conferences, and workshops in the resume. It will help the potential employers identify your traits and skills required with respect to your professional attitude/approach to an organization. Your representation in organization-sponsored events will highlight your willingness to work positively and project a positive image.

Volunteering and Other Engagements

Volunteering to any of the programs under Corporate Social Responsibility sponsored by the organization or any other activity that involves your efforts in volunteering is another tool to grab the attention of the employers. Always include the details of your involvement in volunteering activity for any organizations that you have contributed. It will help the employers to identify your willingness to contribute to sustainability programs and also helps you to stay afloat by building a positive image for yourself in the organization.


Testimonials are a kind of reference checks provided by your co-workers or superiors in an organization. Always include a couple of testimonials is your resume. The testimonial provided by your co-workers or superiors will help you to build a positive image during the resume screening process and thus stand a better chance to grab a job opportunity. Limit the number of testimonials to at least 3 references in a resume document. Do not provide lengthy testimonials in a resume document as you may lose out on a chance to gain a positive first impression with the recruiters or employers in an organization.

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