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5 Tips to a Successful Work From Home Career

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Allison has 2 years work from home experience and has seen successful outcomes even promotions while working at home.

Work From Home-Make It a Success

It is a present truth that most jobs are now remotely based. While many employees never envisioned themselves working from the comfort of their home, this became their waking reality especially when Covid-19 struck. This way it is good to ensure that there is a smooth transition from the office to home and at the same time remain focused on the tasks at hand. There are tips that one can use to ensure that they have a very memorable, exciting and job oriented work from home experience.

Woman in Blue Long Sleeve Shirt Sitting at the Table Working

Woman in Blue Long Sleeve Shirt Sitting at the Table Working

Be The Best At Home

In the world of work, flexibility has become a critical component. Even before the pandemic hit, many jobs provided greater control regarding how, when and where they could be performed. Now, the concept of remote working without ever going to a physical office location has become prevalent. It is very easy to maintain a work-life balance it just takes a shift of the mindset.

Control is one of the many benefits and it can give staff great autonomy in carrying out their work.

5 Tips To A Successful Work From Home Career

1. Honor the Employer's Time.

Working from home may present the temptation of starting work later than stipulated in your contract but this does not pun out well in the long run. Sticking to the stated time shows integrity on your part and that you can work without supervision. Always log in on time and start work immediately. This will create a seemingly office routine whilst actually being at home.

2. Take breaks In Between.

You may be working from home alone or even in the company of family, friends and loved ones. If working alone it is great to take stretch breaks of up to 15 mins probably after every 3 hours. This ensures that your body doesn't get fatigued frequently. When there are people around you can just take out some time to check on them and have a meal, or tea with them. This ensures that the work from home experience does not turn appear or lead to workaholism.

3. Respond to Emails, Queries and Phone Calls Promptly.

Check Your Mailbox regularly and respond as soon as you read it. This is a sign not only to your supervisor but also other teammates that you are actually working. Answering phone calls whether you are able to help immediately or not shows your reliability and devotion to your work.

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4. If You Must Step Out, Inform Your Supervisor.

There are times you may have to step out for quite a long period of time perhaps to pick up your child from school or a brief doctor's appointment that doesn't require a full day off, This is a sure way of building trust and reliability with your teammates and supervisors. It is so much better for them to know your are out for a while rather than being surprised with an ad hoc request then you have to come out clean.

5. Give Updates Regularly.

Be sure to give updates of how far you are with the tasks at hand. It can be at least once everyday. At the same time show keen interest in learning more because in the virtual world consultations may be limited due to people not seeing each other. Updates enable the supervisor to track your progress and provides transparency hence reducing monitoring and micro management.

person working on laptop in light room

person working on laptop in light room

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