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5 Things to Avoid If You’re Trying to Win at Life

I've been through the mud and have dealt with unfortunate people. So many people are going through the worse and I have heard their stories.


Life for some of us, unfortunately, isn’t as enjoyable as the next person’s, obviously. We want more, with a life like a celebrity or at least like our family's favorite person, that cousin that became wealthy through some sought of clever venture. Woefully, we are in the dark on how to make that happen and can feel like complete losers at times. But, fortunately, we do not have to feel low any longer. Avoiding the following 5 things, you can see an improvement in your life to increase the positivity of your wealth, health, and relationships.

How to win at life: 5 things to avoid…

  1. Ego
  2. Worrying about people’s opinions of you
  3. Bad friends
  4. Negative thoughts
  5. Unhealthy decisions

Winning at life takes sacrifice, and sometimes we have to apply an adequate level of effort to get over those humps that are successfully holding us back from success. Never believe that improving your life is a piece of 7 up cake; you'll be disappointed if you do.

What it takes to win at life…

Let go of your ego

Our egos can take us away from reality. There are times when we may receive necessary feedback from supporters that compliments our journey towards success, but we are unconscious of it. The ego is so great of a burden (overestimating your abilities and worth ) we’re blocking out valuable information from good quality people with relatable life experience that can help us conquer various challenges that are hated that stands in our way. Such challenges will continue to stand firm in our way until our ego is under control.

Don’t worry about other people’s opinions about you

You cannot please everyone. Do not make an effort to; it's a waste of time. If you try, you’ll likely lose focus on your goals and that's a risk that you do not want to take. Your goals are what you should spend most of your time on. Get with the program.

Keep a tunnel vision. Some people are impossible to please, they just love being miserable, angry, and disagreeable. Whatever it takes to make a motivated person feel down on themselves, jealous people will commit; It's like a 9 to 5 to them, especially if they neglect to have any goals set for themselves. They just seek to destroy - the real losers.

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Focus on pleasing yourself, or at least those people who give you the fair treatment to please them. If you're constantly attempting to try to please someone and they just aren't pleased, wave goodbye. However, if you're noticing that people are pleased based on your efforts they're a jackpot.

Never leave yourself out of the pleasure. Along the way to success, you have to be content with yourself quite often or you can lose motivation to continue. Imagine being stressed out frequently, feeling pain and agony from your efforts to succeed? That wouldn't be healthy and those feelings aren't what you'd want to wake up for every morning. If you are unaware of how to please yourself, learn about yourself and document what's best for you so that you can revert. Believe it or not, there is a huge market of people who do not know themselves. So if you feel like you're one of the people who need to learn their personality, you're not alone, my friend.

Stay away from bad friends

Bad friends are unhealthy and will stress you the heck out and never really commit to anything that will resolve any of your stressful issues. These people can just be a painful headache of unconstructive arguments and timely unreliability. You can even feel like your friendship is one-sided, you're the only one who is a true friend, unfortunately. In addition, peer pressure can be a factor from friends who may drink, smoke, and participate in dangerous endeavors, especially when you are totally against those types of partakings for your future. Be careful.

Prevent yourself from thinking negatively

Thinking negatively can cause anxiety in social and performance situations. If you are to win in life, bad thinking such as jumping to conclusions, catastrophizing, and overgeneralization, just to name a few, puts the brakes on your progress towards reaching your goals as your thoughts are hindering your will for future efforts. The more you water your tree of anxiety, the stronger it will grow. Dehydrate it. Bad thoughts are like Lex Luther. Be Superman/woman. Be the victor. Pretend like negative thoughts are implanted in your brain by your worse enemy. Surely, you do not want your enemies controlling your thoughts. Right?

Stay clear from unhealthy habits

Unhealthy habits:

  • Procrastination
  • Fear of failure
  • Letting critics determine your future
  • Letting toxic surroundings influence your behavior
  • Telling yourself you can’t do something and letting it sabotage you
  • Having a "poor me" attitude
  • Having too many dreams at one time and feeling overwhelmed

Obviously, as we were taught in school, drugs and tobacco destroy your brain. They also destroy your motivation to accomplish goals. Drugs kill the part of the brain that controls memory and motivation. How can you really progress if you have a hard time remembering where you've been, why you're in business, and how to do your job effectively? You can't. If you happen to succeed while on drugs, you're likely pulled to your destination by others who can possibly lead you to a goal for the sole purpose of tearing you apart. You made it to your goal basically unconscious so you're likely lost and have skipped methods required to sustain the necessities to continue the party. Bummer.

If you avoid these 5 things in your life, you’d have a greater chance of winning at whatever you’re trying to win at. I’m not claiming that no one has ever failed by “not” avoiding these 5 things. But if your life has been on a losing streak lately, you may want to try something different that has surely worked for someone else. Trying the same thing over and over and getting the same ugly results but expecting a different result is insanity. These methods have worked for me, and are still working to this day. Winning at life feels so amazing! Give these 5 five things to avoid if you're trying to win at life a try.

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