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5 Steps to Become Successful in Farming Business

Robert is an Agribusiness Consultant who studied Agribusiness Management

Farming Business

Farming Business

Agribusiness Farming

It is a dream of every person to become successful in life. Much as this is the case, not everyone becomes a successful person in life. While some becomes successful persons through wealthy inheritance, others have to discover different opportunities which could take them from being broke and poor to being most successful persons in their lives by means of farming businesses. This article aims at uncovering the secrets for becoming a successful person by means of agribusiness.

Before we move further with the 5 steps, firstly let's define what agribusiness is. Agribusiness is defined as any farming, which is done for commercial purposes and is measured by how much output in farming is sold and a profit is realized. Now let's go further in uncovering on how a person could become a millionaire in farming.

5 steps to be followed

1. Mindset change

No one on earth is born a farmer. There are a lot of reasons which influences a lot of people to venture in farming some of them are:

The Situation factor. Some persons venture in farming because they don not have any other opportunity to depend on. An example is a university graduate who has done telecommunication studies with a full hope of being in office in telecommunication industry receiving high salaries, but ending up unemployed and being forced to start farming because he/she do not have alternative ways. In most cases in this situation the person do not take farming as a very serious business resulting in inefficiencies and low profits, which after sometimes might force him/her to venture into other opportunities. The secret is that if you want to be more successful in farming, it should start with mindset change which can make you start taking farming with a full passion. Another example which we can also share is for those individuals who get employed and later retires and wants to start farming because they are no longer supported in the employment sector and this could less likely make them taking farming as a serious business.

Being motivated to start farming after seeing our friends' success in their farming businesses. In this case a person becomes a farmer not necessarily because he/she want to take farming as a profitable business but because he/she is interested in money which he or she has seen from a friend and this results in inefficiencies due to lack of certain farming knowledge and management techniques which our friend has used.

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Becoming a farmer because you have resources in farming. Some individuals become a farmer not necessarily because they want to but because they have the required materials, i.e a big piece of land which they probably inherited and they want to turn this as a serious life opportunity. In this case it results in inefficiencies too, as a person is forcing himself or herself to become a farmer because he or she is seeing the materials available forgetting technical know how or cultivation techniques required to make more profits in agribusiness.

Becoming a farmer because you want to become a farmer. Most of the individuals in this category become the most successful in their farming businesses because they do the farming activities with all their hearts.

2. Learn more about farming

Digital Farming Agriculture

Digital Farming Agriculture

Having changed your mindset towards farming, the next step is to learn more about farming. It is known that no one knows everything so you can learn anything about farming from your local friends who are in farming businesses and you can also learn online by joining farmers online lessons in agribusiness. You might be wondering as to where you can find free online lessons in agriculture, which can accelerate your farming knowledge, worry not as you can use free resources on YouTube to increase your knowledge in agribusiness since enough knowledge is the key in any farming activities.

3. Increase your knowledge by interacting with specialists

Online classes in farming is not the only way of learning as a means of increasing your knowledge in farming activities as you can also seek farming guidance from agribusiness managers, agricultural economists, agriculture extension officers among others. Usually these people have knowledge which they learnt in schools or colleges which could be shared resulting in you being the beneficiary.

4. Gather resources and start farming business

Having learnt or acquired enough knowledge and expertise the next step is to gather the farming resources and start your farming business and this will enable you to do the farming with a full hope which will enable you to endure any farming challenges which you might go through ending in achieving your dream goal in farming. No one can be successful in farming if he or she does not have enough farming resources since this acts as an engine in farming activities.

5. Do proper market research to find a good buyer

Having taken the farming as a business by following the steps above, now the last step is doing a simple market research to discover buyers who will purchase your commodities at a higher prices which will maximize your profit. In a simple term, a market research is a questionnaire which content questions which you want to acquire information. It could for example, contain questions on how much the buyer will be willing to pay for your products whenever it is available for market as well as the quality he or she might be interested on. Through this you discover exactly as to what the buyers are willing to pay and what qualities will make them happy. In most cases the questionnaire is given to multiple buyers and all the data is connected and analyzed to have one general conclusion.

In conclusion, this agribusiness post has uncovered 5 steps which if followed can lead you to become a millionaire within shortest farming periods. It is known that agriculture is backbone for most economies of developing countries and this could be part of your opportunity in assisting developing the economy of your country as well or contributing in value chain management as a supplier of raw materials.

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