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5 Sites Where You Can Make Money Online

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Job Hunting

Looking for a job nowadays is one of the fresh graduates’ priorities in life. Not only of the graduates but also of most of the people who wants to earn for a living. With the technology we have today, it won’t cost you much and keep you safe at the comfort of your home as well. Being a freelancer is an option for most of us who have the skills and talents who wants to earn extra income while having a stable or part-time job and even for those who values the time with their family. Here is a list of 5 sites where you can earn as a freelancer.


Freelancer is a platform where we can see projects or gigs posted by the clients. Once you’ve signed up and found a gig that suits your area of expertise, try to bid and pitch for the project. You don’t have to worry that your skills won’t match any categories because there were tons of it in the site and you will find a perfect niche for you. Many freelancers will do the same too, so you were battling a competition. Try to keep in mind that there were a lot of users/freelancers in this site so it won’t be easy to get a gig. But if you build a name in time with your little gigs, you can have your reputable brand and a competitive rating and you can have those big projects in no time.


Upwork is another freelancing platform that caters client-to-freelancers interaction. Formerly known as oDesk, it works the same as the Freelancer but with less competition with a vast variety of options to choose from. They also have a question upon signing up where you will be asked of your proficiency in English and Experience Level. With that, it won’t be hard for you to choose your gigs because there will be a category that separates them according to the level. You can change it to a higher one if you are confident enough with your experience and skills to be able to work with the high-level projects.

Freelancer vs Upwork

Both sites claim a reputable name in the field of freelancing but, there is to it that separates them from each other.

  • Freelancer is a best if you have less to no experience in freelancing because Upwork screens and approves new users.
  • Upwork users has less competitors.
  • Freelancer offers some low paying gigs where you can start to building your brand.
  • You can easily find a project you are looking for in Upwork, while in Freelancer, there will be tons of gigs because of their active job postings.

Most reviews in the internet were favoring Upwork than Freelancer but it's up to you to choose where you will start building your portfolio and start earning. I would recommend that you start working in Freelancer to build a name and hone your skills in different niches. Then sign up in Upwork and choose the intermediate to expert level of experience if you are sure enough that you can work it out.

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Other Sites Where You Can Earn Money Online


Although it's not just for freelancers, you might need decent skills in audio and video editing, communications and some confidence to make your contents. Many people create their own YouTube channel, some for profit while some for fame. If your channel met the site's condition in monetizing your channel, then you can earn with your content through a decent traffic. You don’t have to worry about the traffic, the whole world uses YouTube!

Affiliate sites

Affiliate marketing sites like the Amazon is one of the best ways to earn money online, especially if you got a lot of followers and viewers in your social media accounts, blogs or websites. You can learn more of the top affiliate sites when you Google it. Choose one and be sure it is applicable in your area or country.


Last but not the least, HubPages. This is where writers publish their original works and be featured. It offers a wide variety of topics to choose from. With the earnings program, you can monetize your articles with the ads placed on them after being published. According to HubPages Help, this site is not a way to get rich quickly. It is a site where writers share their works while the earnings program is just a bonus. To know more about the site and its earnings program, sign up now and start writing.

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