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5 Effective Techniques to Become a Corporate Trainer

An HR professional turned digital entrepreneur with the mission of helping a million people to transform themselves through Coaching.


In the current scenario, organizations are competing a lot to exhibit their specific unique selling propositions to attract customers.

There is a paradigm shift in customer's expectations in terms of quality and services and organizations are forced to realign their deliverables from economic value to social value.

Almost all organizations are realizing that global competitiveness is the only effective strategy to survive and sustain.

To fulfill the requirements of all stakeholders, the organizations are upgrading the systems by making the standard operating procedures more dynamic.

By establishing ourself as a corporate trainer, we can help our organizations to reach these objectives and contribute to our success stories.

The most important aspect of becoming a corporate trainer is to bridge the gap between the management expectations as against available skill inventory of the existing staff members in terms of imparting requisite knowledge, skill, and attitude.

By the end of this article, you will have a clear understanding as how to become a good corporate trainer in today's scenario.

5 Ways to Become a Corporate Trainer

1. Understanding our target audience and their requirements

The first and foremost before we plan to design our training module is to understand the expectations of our target audience and Management .

For this, we have to explore on the background of our target audience in respect of their age, experience and expertise.

We should also understand the expectations of the management in terms of training need analysis being conducted after a thorough Performance Management systems as to finding out the grey areas which needs to be abridged.

Once we understand the training needs of our target audience, we can design our module with the help of our friends, colleagues, and peers to try to find out how we can add value to our subject of training content.

We can also conduct a survey among our peers to find our best niche.

In this way, we will be able to carve out a completely unique version of ourself.

2. Preparing Training Module

  • We need to research a lot based on the expectations of the related niche and a strong content based on sequenced curriculum has to be prepared as to how the training to be scheduled.
  • For researching, we can take help from online platforms, such as LinkedIn, Quora, Citehr etc.
  • Google is also popular and powerful search engine to research various presentations, PDFs, research papers, etc.
  • Books are a great source of knowledge. So, constant upgrading of our knowledge for our research is essential for framing a training content .

A trainer should be a voracious reader of his knowledge of expertise .

Watching YouTube videos on the subject gives a lot of confidence and inspiration. We can observe, learn various strategies and styles adopted by other trainers for imparting training to their participants.

Modes of Training

3. Modes Of Learning

There are basically three behavioral patterns on how participants learn.

The learning can happen either through Auditory , Visual and kinesics.

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The training should be combination of giving good case studies, management games, role play, seminars and simulation exercises.

The content we are going to prepare must be customized to the need of each trainees. If the content is not as per the choice of the participants then they will not be able to relate to their experiences and transfer the knowledge gained to their work environment.

Make training content entertaining and engaging

We should ensure that our training content remains unique, enjoyable and informative.

4. Engaging the Audience

We must ensure that we engage our target audience by utilizing all attention-seeking strategies, such as use of perfect eye contact, voice modulation and body language. Frequently asking relevant questions to the participants will keep them connected.

Involving the team members and encouraging them to communicate on their doubts will help the sessions more interactive. This is the most important step towards reinforcing their learning.

Handling queries from the participants is one of the most important engagement strategy for corporate training. As a trainer, you should be calm and composed while facing any type of queries from the participants.

Tips to handle embarrassing situation

In case of situations wherein we are unable the answer the question raised by the participant, the best option is to ask for an excuse to answer at a later stage or in person after the session.

How to make powerful PowerPoint presentations

5. Use of Presentations

A presentation comprises of preparing in-depth informative slides to be shown to participants during the session. We should make good use of presentations while training.

The slide presentation should be with more pictorial representation with the content kept short and simple.

We should ensure that our body language is confident and approachable. It will help in connecting with our participants on a psychological level.

Another important aspect is eye contact with our participants. Eye contact plays an important role in gaining the trust and confidence of your participants.

Our attire for the training program has to be in correlation with our target audience. We should be neatly dressed and well presentable.

The presentations should be done utilizing audiovisual and infographic content.


The role of a corporate trainer is to encourage cognitive thinking among participants for enhancing problem solving skills among their participants to meet their day to day practical problems in an effective manner.

The corporate trainers must possess excellent interpersonal skills and a strong emotional intelligence to address prevailing management issues and also empathetic about understanding the needs of the participants to expedite their career growth progression.

Being a trainer, we should be able to connect confidently with our target audience with confidence . If we follow and incorporate all the five effective tips mentioned above, we will no doubt can mould as an excellent corporate trainer.

If you've found this article valuable, please don't hesitate to share your opinions and thoughts on this. I'd love to hear from you.

Thank you for reading!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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D Arun Prasad (author) from Chennai on October 27, 2020:

@darunprasad Thank you very much Mr. Gopal Swaroop Anand sir for acknowledging my efforts

GOPAL SWAROOP ANAND on October 27, 2020:

As a trainer you have lot of responsibility towards the new entrants and the expectations of the corporate.

To match both ends meet lot to be done and the author has given a clear view of steps taken to meet those expectations.

D Arun Prasad (author) from Chennai on September 23, 2020:

@darunprasad Thank you very much Mr. S Ethirajan for your valuable time spend in reading my article and feedback.

Yes you are right sir, our training objective should be in consistent with the company's vision, mission and synchronise with employees career growth.

S Ethirajan on September 23, 2020:

Suggest, we can integrate Corporate Vision, Mission, HR Policy to that respective organisation and make the Goal achieved Thanks

D Arun Prasad (author) from Chennai on September 22, 2020:

@darunprasad...Thank you very much for your valuable time in reading my article and sharing your honest feedback... It's the real encouragement for a budding author like me with a passion of transforming the lives of people to their better version.

Thank you once again Mr. Deepak...

D Arun Prasad (author) from Chennai on September 22, 2020:

@darunprasad... Thank you very much for spending your valuable time in reading my article and sharing your valuable inputs.

I have always been been inspired to share my insights and knowledge in this powerful digital platform that every reader gets benefit out of my knowledge gained through my experience...

Most important is the feedback and inputs from readers like you which lignites this passion.

Thank you very much Nikhil

Deepak shanmugam on September 22, 2020:

Clearly articulated article Arun. Keep it up

Nikhil Sharma from India on September 22, 2020:

Welcome to HubPages, Mr. Arun!!

Before reading your article, I didn't know about the concept of corporate training. So in that respect, your work has provided me new and valuable information.

What a great start on the platform with this amazing work!!

I can't wait to read your upcoming valuable articles soon.

Best wishes!


Freelance Tech Writer

Rajinder Soni from New Delhi, India on September 22, 2020:

@Arun Prasad, first of all, a warm welcome to Hubpages. I have been a member of this extremely powerful content sharing portal since last 12 years. I have completed more than 800 articles. I would like to mention that your first article is really motivational and helpful. It is a handy guide for people who want to become corporate trainers.

I have read the complete article. Thank you so much for sharing this valuable dose.

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