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5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Is Vital for Your Small Business


In recent years, it has become more apparent than ever that digital marketing is the key to running a successful business. Here are 5 reasons why!

1. Increased brand awareness/engagement

When you put your business online, you instantly increase your reach of potential customers. Suddenly, anyone from anywhere is able to access your website and content. Creating a website, social media profiles, blog, etc. allows a business to increase its brand awareness and engage with current and potential customers.

Brand awareness is important because it gets people interested in your business and what you have to offer. It’s also the first step in making a sale since, in order for a customer to make a purchase, they need to know your business exists!

Once people are aware of your business, the trick is to keep them engaged and coming back again and again. This simply means building brand loyalty. Some ways you can increase brand loyalty through digital marketing are communicating with customers on social media channels, providing a personalized experience, and staying consistent with your branding strategy.

2. People spend more time online than they do in your store

It’s a simple fact. People browse through their phones more than they will ever browse through your physical store. Therefore, the majority of your target audience is already online.

A brick-and-mortar store that uses traditional advertising exclusively can only make it so far. People often search the internet for a business’s address, phone number, website, social media, and online reviews. If your business doesn’t have that information in an easily accessible place, it can lead to frustration and uncertainty from potential customers and you might miss out on sales from people who would have otherwise visited your physical store as well as online customers.

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3. Opportunity to scope out the competition

Digital marketing allows you to analyze competitors’ strengths and weaknesses by looking at their social media, marketing campaigns, SEO efforts, etc.

When you are able to conduct research on competitors in your industry, you are able to separate your business from others through competitive advantages. These are unique aspects of your brand that cannot be easily replicated by others.

Additionally, competitive research helps you get into the mind of customers to understand why they prefer certain businesses over others.

4. Lead generation

Lead generation is the process of attracting potential buyers by making them interested in the products and/or services that your business has to offer. Common ways to generate leads include blogging, social media marketing, and e-mail marketing.

This is essential for building brand loyalty, credibility, and the overall growth of the business over time.


5. Cost-effectiveness

If you think you have to spend loads of money to market your business online, think again! There are plenty of free options for small businesses, as long as you are willing to put in the effort. For example, this can be done by creating meaningful content through social media that will target the wants and needs of potential customers.

After you have content to share, you’ll want to track how well it’s doing. One way of doing this is by using Google Analytics to track your online traffic, identify the target audience, learn what content users are interacting with the most, and ultimately improve your marketing plan.

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