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5 Proven Ways to Build Your Brand

Debayan Ganguly (Dev Ayan) is an MBA with 2 years of experience in B2B sales. He likes to share his learnings through blogs and videos.



Your branding activity doesn’t end with creating a logo, giving your product a cool name, or having a few loyal customers. It is rather much more than that. Building a brand is like building your identity. People will know you, love you, and hate you because of the brand you build. It is up to you to decide how you want to build the brand and appeal to the masses.

If you want to build your brand, stay with me till the end to know the 5 proven ways in which you can build your brand. For all of the points I will be mentioning today, I will give a live example of a successful brand so that you know it is possible.

Weave a story

The first thing you need to do is weave a story around your brand. Tell a story that humanises your brand. Stories sell. People love stories, people buy stories, and stories are the way you can have a stronger brand association with your customers. Whenever your customers are consuming your product, they will be consuming your story.

You must know Colonel Sanders, the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken, or as we know it, KFC. He considered himself to be a failure at 65 and was suicidal. Instead, he decided to give life a try and borrowed money and bought chickens, fried them and went door to door selling those fried chicken. And by 88, he was a millionaire.

Now that is a powerful story. That is such an inspiring story of how life found a man who gave life a chance. And people who love the brand admire Colonel Sanders for his efforts.

I understand you may not have such meaningful stories behind your brand, but you can always weave a story involving humans with your brand, and people would love that. If you have a beauty product, you can say you wanted to change how the world looks at beauty and thus created a moisturiser that is beneficial for the skin and not just another skin lightening cream. There you go, you have your brand story that is relevant, inspiring, gives out a positive message; what else do you want? There are ample ways of building your story, keep your mind open and create a story around your brand because stories sell.

Touch Sensory Points

Mind is a non-physical entity. To reach out to the minds of your Target Market and carve out a space for yourself, you need to attract their sense organs. There are 5 sense organs - eyes, skin, ears, tongue, nose. You can use one or more of these to establish your brand. You can create a visual cue, a brand jingle to trigger your brand recall.

People consume products using these 5 sense organs. Why do people watch a Football Match? Because they love to see the way Cristiano Ronaldo dribbles the ball across to score. You consume football with your eyes. You listen to music or podcasts; you use your ears to do so. Every product is consumed using these basic sense organs.

For example, you must have tasted Pulse Candy. Everyone did. And most of us tasted it even before they started coming out with advertisements. Most of us were addicted to the unique taste of the candy even before we knew it. Why was it so? Because Pulse was able to reach our mind and create a liking for the candy through our tongues.

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So if you are starting in your brand building journey, understand how people consume your products and how you can better that consumption experience. If you have a garment brand, ensure how comfortable it is to the wearer, how elegant it is to put on. If you make soap, ensure it feels good to the skin, smells better and the like.

Also, comment down to tell me what are your favourite brands and how you consume their products.

Be Consistent in Your Messages.

Consistency is the key to any big establishment. Take any brand near you. Ask yourself how long they have been, what is their offering, what has been the way they communicated their message to you. If the brand has been present in the long run, the chances are high that they have had pretty consistent brand messaging over their time in the market.

Now, why do they do that?

Because brand building is a slow process and requires you to keep communicating your messages for a long time, people will get confused if your brand isn’t consistent with its messages and keeps changing its logo, name,n style, brand and ambassadors. Because your brand is a combination of all these elements, even the way you deliver the message. Any change in any element makes it a new brand, and all the efforts you made to pull your brand up goes down, and you start from zero.

I have been following Amul’s advertising even before I knew I would be into marketing. Even you must have seen Amul’s advertisements and know what I am talking about. They have had the same brand mascot for ages, and they have always been upfront in topical advertisements and moment marketing. This persistent advertising made the brand relevant during my parents time, during my childhood, and even to this day, they are true to their messaging.

So staying consistent with your messaging is going to establish your brand in the long run.

Differentiate with Clarity

Differentiating is important. You must clearly define your offering and highlight your points of differentiation to your target market. In my previous video also I talk about differentiating as a step in building your brand.

Along with differentiating your offerings, you must differentiate with Clarity. Your Target Market has to identify you in the crowd and they have to be able to express why they consume your products and not someone else’s.

Take the example of 7Up. It’s a soft drink. But you clearly know the difference between that and a Coca Cola. You don’t have to taste it to know the difference between them. 7 Up has clearly defined its differentiation from its other competitors.

Know Your People and Process

If you are in the service sector, your employees become your brand ambassador. You must have seen people working in Domino’s always wear the uniform, same with the delivery agents of Zomato. Now, why do they do that? The answer is - to carry the brand image. Now Branding through employees doesn’t always mean giving them a uniform. It also means what they speak, how they behave, and how they talk about their employers.

Everything they do, they either further or recede the brand message. So ensure that your people, the people who carry your message, the forefront of your marketing and operations teams, are well attuned with your brand values, and they communicate the same while doing their tasks.

Bonus Point: Ensure your Online Presence

Whether through posts or Google Ads, ensure that you are present wherever your audience is. You need to have a place in the minds of your target audience.

Reach out to them, tell them your value proposition. Hit on your potential customers' pain points at the awareness level. Be present where your target market is.

Many Teachers and coaches promote their courses all over the internet to attract students; many drop shippers use Facebook ads to increase the awareness of their products.

So no matter what your business is, you need to go online to establish your brand.

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