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5 Evergreen Digital Marketing Tips to Lookout for

Debayan Ganguly (Dev Ayan) is an MBA with 2 years of experience in B2B sales. He likes to share his learnings through blogs and videos.


If you are a startup or a freelancer, you must follow these 5 digital marketing tips to their fullest extent for sustainable business successes. These methods will help you and your business stay relevant and always at the Top of the Mind Awareness (TOMA) of your potential customers.

Digital Marketing helps you reach where your consumers are - on their phones while surfing the internet, watching videos, making a purchase, booking tickets, and dating.

Through digital marketing, you can advertise your products and do many other things like establishing your brand's credibility and help solve your customers' problems.

So read till the end and find out a few essential means and let me know how many of these you were doing already.

1. Have a Website

The unavoidable part of any business is having a website. It gives you an address, a place to connect with your potential customers, show your offerings, get their feedback. Your website should be a one-stop solution for all your customer problems. Along with having a good website, you need to have proper cross-links to other pages to improve your authority. You need to have continuous backlinks from search engines, social media, and other platforms.

While having a website, please ensure that the content is Search Engine Optimised and the meta description too has relevant keywords.

Things to keep in mind for creating a website:

  1. The hosting platform has to be search-friendly.
  2. The design and content should convey your brand message and address customer pain points.
  3. There must be cross-links to your website pages.
  4. The hosting platform must provide all the analytics for you.

2. Have a Blog Page

Another way to establish credibility and bring traffic to your website is through long-form content. People surf Google pages for their queries, and the search engine prefers those that have a long from content with relevant keywords so that the queries are resolved better. Therefore, you must have blogs on your website about your products' category and give solutions, suggestions, and benefits of your related products. Remember, stay away from advertising your products here. Blogs are meant to establish your credibility in your digital marketing strategy. If you can satisfy the reader coming to your blog, they may even think about surfing through your products and increase your leads.

You need to keep coming up with blogs for your website. Therefore, it is always advised to have an umbrella page for blogs with similar topics.

For Blogs, remember to:

  1. Have SEO optimised content.
  2. Keep checking search engine results pages to see where your blog stands and continuously improve your rankings.
  3. Keep repurposing content.

3. Have an Email List

Your customers are your asset. The more ways you can reach them, the better awareness you can have. Another advantage of having a website that you own is that you can keep track of your website's people. Always have a subscription pop up for collecting email ids or contact details of your potential customers. These emails collected will be your potential email list that can one day be your customer.

You need to continuously send them your content relevant to their pain points and your offerings through emails. In this way, they can stay abreast of all your latest trends, new launches, discounts etc. The more they have your emails, the better will be your brand recall. So what are you waiting for? Get a website and get a plugin for having a subscription pop-up.

Having an email list allows you to launch email marketing campaigns. Emails are proven to be better than social media campaigns, as personalised emails are more likely to be opened than social media links.

Things to remember to have a list of satisfied potentials:

Allow them to browse through your pages before asking them to subscribe. Have your pop-up appear after they have read, say 20-30% of your content, or during the time they are exiting from your website. This way, you will have a better list of satisfied people consuming your content and want to know more. Having a pop-up at the beginning may turn down a first-time reader or may have high chances of subscriptions.

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2. Have an easy exit method.

If your customers no longer find value in your content and want to leave, let them leave quickly. Then, have a simple unsubscription button and a goodbye message post that. Avoid trying to stop them. You will sound desperate and may come out poorly to them, affecting your brand persona.

3. Personalise each mail.

If you want your email to be opened, try to make them feel this mail is for them. Address them with their names and don't sound like a broadcast.

Avoid salutations like 'Dear Reader', 'Dear All', 'Dear Fans'. Instead, go for 'Dear Sam', 'Dear Natasha, 'Dear Dev'. Have a catchy subject line, too; something that sparks curiosity among your readers or address their issues. This step will ensure you have more reads.

4. Keep an ear out for the talk of the town

With the fast-changing world and even faster-changing consumer attitudes, you need to be always on your toes and come out with solutions that everyone needs to hear. Digital Marketing is a way to stay relevant by talking about what people want to hear.

Now how do you get to know about the needs of your target market? I have listed three possible ways below which can help you with content and product ideas.

Google Trendz is an excellent way to know what people are talking about and the kind of keywords with significant search volumes. You can also find your niche with the medium search volume keywords. Prepare content with these keywords and send it out to your email list and social media platforms.

Do this regularly and keep checking your ranking on the SERPs.

2. Check on competitors

There are many tools and software you can use to see what your competitors are doing. Staying updated with the kind and amount of content they are putting online may give you an idea of what your competitors are doing. You can then create content in line with what they are saying with your voice. In this way, you will be able to achieve your points of parity in the industry.

Browse other search engines like Quora and Youtube, which are the most used engines after Google, for knowing your customers' pain points, the kind of services they require, and their grievances. You can then prepare your content to resolve those issues. You can also join communities and social media groups relevant to your business and actively participate in the discussions there. These may help you get content ideas while spreading awareness about you.

5. Keep an eye on the analytics

If you want to perfect your digital marketing strategy, analytics is the one that will be helpful in every step. Analytics give you an objective viewpoint to your digital marketing activities.

Google Analytics helps track your visitors' demographics, the backlinks, average time spent on your website etc.

These data will help you segment your customers for each product. You can see the retention for each product by each segment and can launch social media and google ad campaigns for those demographics.

Analytics also tell you the kind of content that are working and the kinds that are not. You can then decide what kind of things you can talk about and the kinds you need to stop talking about. Finally, backlinks tell you which social media or platform has contributed the most among your footfalls. You can then redo your social media strategies to best suit your budgets and customers.

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