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5 Good Habits for LinkedIn to Get You Noticed

Debayan Ganguly (Dev Ayan) is an MBA with 2 years of experience in B2B sales. He likes to share his learnings through blogs and videos.

Make Meaningful Connections

Make Meaningful Connections


In my last article, I talked about how you can optimize your LinkedIn profile. I talked about writing your bio, your experience, keywords. I mentioned the kind of photos you need to upload there.

If you have not read the blog, please go through it at the end of the article.

In this blog, I will discuss 5 good habits that you should maintain while you are on LinkedIn. The LinkedIn community is very professional and does not encourage certain behaviors of trolling, fun, entertainment, and cringe content. You need to avoid spamming your connections and support each other in a meaningful way that will help both you and them.

These habits are:

  • Optimizing your profile
  • Posting relevant content regularly
  • Supporting those in need
  • Avoiding spamming, trolling, and sarcasm
  • Nurturing your connections

So read till the end and know how you can use these methods to get noticed in your professional network.

Value vs. Viral? What to post? Where to post? And When to post?

LinkedIn being a professional network, people come here to build their personal brand, grow their professional network and connect with people they like.

What kind of posts should I share or write?

My experience with LinkedIn tells that there are three things that people share the most:

  • Educational Content -

Posts that impart domain knowledge, experience sharing, or talk about ways and importance of learning are well received by the people. People on LinkedIn are always on the lookout to develop themselves and anything that can teach them. Such posts that address the readers' need for knowledge will be the best option. Also, giving advice, sharing experience, and teaching your followers establishes you as an expert and builds your credibility.

  • Motivational Content -

People love to be uplifted, some kind words, somebody that tells them it is okay to be down, there is always a way to go up, goes a long way in the readers' mind. You can share rags to riches story that talks about how people from humble backgrounds and without resources were able to pave their way to success. These posts give people hope and allow them to put an extra effort into their journey.

Another thing people come to LinkedIn to do is to stay relevant. The professionals are always up to date with their knowledge. So sharing Industry trends, technological innovations, sectorial news, etc., get a lot of attention and respect.

While keeping these in mind, you can also post about your personal experiences and achievements.

So to answer the questions - Value vs. Viral? What to post?

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Always try to provide value. Viral content gets you noticed once in a while, but to stay consistently valid and noticeable, you need to provide Value to your readers. Value is what will get you followers, readers, connections, and respect. So never trade-off value for anything.

You have the option of posting on your feed or for longer forms of content, try writing an article. Articles are a great way to establish your credibility. Write about your expertise and share it on your feed. Let people read and know about you.

Post regularly. The more you post, the more will be your visibility in your network. Try posting written content, videos, photos, take polls about any recent topics. Use every means there is to post including sharing stories.

Support to Grow

In LinkedIn, you need to be as supportive of your connections as you want others to be towards you.

You must first learn to give before you ask. And there are ways you can do this:

  • Comment for better reach -

Whenever someone is asking for a job, seeking referrals, or requiring any medical help, try to help them with the resources you can. Try tagging the right person in the comments. If you are not aware of who the right person may be, simply comment your best wishes, or say 'Commenting for better reach.'

Why is this important?

LinkedIn's algorithm works in such a way that whenever you comment or react to someone's post, your activity appears in your networks' feed. So the right person may be aware of the person who posted; if not, they too may comment on the post, and it would be available to their feed. You can thus amplify the reach by compounding at each level of connection.

And don't worry, people will do that for you too.

  • Keep your promises -

When someone texts you asking for help, connect them to the right person or directly mention that you lack resources to help him. Never make fake promises. This world is already a negative place; we don't want any more negativity. Do we? And when you can help, do take a step to help them.

  • Endorse skills of the people you know -

Whenever you visit someone's profile, endorse their skills, which helps the person's profile and strengthens your connection with them. They may go to an extent to help you when you ask them later down the line.

So, on the platform, you need to treat others the way you want to be treated. The good you do will come back to you in manifolds. Remember - Support to Grow.

Avoid Spamming, Trolling, and Sarcasm

LinkedIn is not Facebook. Neither is it Instagram or Tinder.

While DMing your connections gets you noticed, but you need to draw a line to your activities. People are busy and may not be able to reply to your messages. Remind them once in 7 days, but not more than thrice. Not getting a reply even after seven days means that person would never respond to you. So move on.

People will post their opinions, experiences, and inferences about the things they feel like. And there is always a chance that you may not agree with whatever the person has to say. You feel the urge to refute them, and you shall refute them. But learn to disagree respectfully. Start your argument by saying, 'I respectfully disagree...', 'I have another take on the same issue...', or 'you are right, but there's another angle to see the things' and then continue with what you wanted to say.

And this advice is valid outside LinkedIn too. Be respectful in your disagreements in every field of life.

Avoid sarcasm and speak to the point. A few stand-up comedians write light-hearted content, but that is because it is their business to be funny, and people follow them for those kinds of content. If you are a job seeker, don't be like them.

Nurture Connections

You not only need to build connections after connections, but you must also learn to nurture them.

  • Wish others well

LinkedIn notifies you every time there's someone's birthday, someone got promoted or started a new job. Try congratulating them through their DMs, not their post. You will get a no-spam entry into their DM, and to reply to you, they will have to notice your profile. You can get noticed without seeking it. Please avoid commenting on their posts where everyone comments; you will be lost in the crowd.

  • Personalize each invite

While sending someone a connection request, try sending a personal invite to them, clearly mentioning your profile and your intention for the connection. Say that they will be a valued connection for you. Don't sound needy, don't sound rude too.

  • Reply with respect

Reply to every DM you get with a 'Thank You'. This will look pleasing to the other person and they will feel like talking to you more.

So go ahead start your LinkedIn journey. It's a wonderful platform out there where people seek meaningful connections and relationships.

All the best.

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