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Essential Tips for a Telephone Interview


Many aspiring job seekers are now offered jobs sans face to face meetings but are instead advised to attend virtual and telephone rounds. Telephone interviews form a crucial part of the hiring process and test the mantle of confidence of job seekers.

The best ways to boost confidence and win in a telephone round is an attitude of winning and a passion to perform well to convince the employers. Telephone rounds have outpaced face to face interviews whilst saving time for the employer's cost on infrastructure otherwise required for a physical interview.

Telephone interviews, on the other hand, offer a cost-effective and innovative way to seek the right candidates ideal for a job position.

Essential Tips For An Effective Telephone Interview

  1. Be Confident- Employers always seek a confident candidate for the job position advertised. The telephone interview is the best opportunity to present a confident outlook to the interview panel. Confidence plays a key role to determine how you make decisions within less time frame and thus become eligible to qualify for the next round.

  2. Smile- Always pick up the call with a smile. It presents yourself as a positive person and thus you have an opportunity to begin the interview smoothly without any hassles otherwise. A smile determines your personality even during other interview rounds.

  3. Respect The Caller- Treat every call received from the hiring team with respect. It is essential to maintain a pleasant tone during the call which will otherwise help you to develop strong networking skills during the interview.

  4. Interview Preparation- Prepare for the telephone interview with enough research and reference printed and available on your table. The reference materials such as job description, company profile, roles and responsibilities, etc will help you to gain confidence while speaking. The printed references will also help you to take note of key points that arise during the call.

  5. Understand The Job Role- It is important to know the job description and understand the responsibilities before attending the telephone interview. Take the print out of the job summary and make note of key points and raise these questions during the telephone call. By doing so you are better prepared for the interview.

  6. Research The Employer- It is essential to research the employer's business, products, services, etc offered through their website. Almost all the websites consist of sections related to the organization's vision, mission, goal, leadership, news and press release, culture, etc. Prepare yourself better for the interview by analyzing the details mentioned on the website and be ready to ask any website related questions.

  7. Technology and Infrastructure- It is essential to set up the right infrastructure for a telephone interview. Opting for a hands-free call during the interview helps you to do multi-tasking whilst taking notes. Always ensure a noise-free environment and preferably be seated comfortably before commencing a telephone interview.

  8. Avoid Arguments- Telephone interview is an opportunity to understand your personality trait through a voice-based call. Avoid unnecessary arguments and conflicts which may lead to disqualification but instead, present your point of view in a polite manner.

  9. Ask Questions- Take time to understand the question and if necessary always request to repeat the questions. It is important to utilize a telephone interview as an opportunity to build your communication skills through such strategies and thus gain a positive impression.

  10. Be Honest- If you do not know the answer to a question, simply admit it and the recruiter will appreciate your integrity demonstrated during the interview. Recruiters do not always insist on right or wrong answers but they otherwise wish to see your potential to answer questions tactfully.

  11. Avoid Screen-time- Do not use your mobiles or laptops to search for answers and do not research online using whilst attending a telephone interview. However, conduct necessary research from online resources much before the call and make notes to ask the same during the telephone interview.

  12. Be Punctual- Be punctual to the scheduled telephone call and unless necessary do not make the recruiter wait for you. It is important to respect the time during the telephone interview and thus demonstrate better time management skills.

  13. Concluding A Call- The caller always insists you to have "any questions" related to the company or job role. Be prepared to ask specific questions and always keep the questions short but only related to your job role and responsibilities. Avoid insisting other related questions like perks, benefits, etc which will anyway be addressed once you get selected.

  14. Say Thank You- If you have asked specific questions, end the call with a thank you note and smile. These actions will help you to create a positive impression on the recruiter.

  15. Follow-up Actions- If there is an opportunity to ask questions to the recruiters after the ending of the call, be sure to ask only specific questions in a structured manner related to the interview discussion but avoid irrelevant questions.


Telephone interviews are preferred either for initial screening or for a detailed job interview process. Telephone interviews help the candidates to gain confidence, build networking skills, and develop interpersonal communication skills with prospective employers during the hiring process and thus build a positive image.

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For the recruiters, the telephone interview is a channel to gauge a candidate's potential, professionalism, interest in the job position, and confidence. These qualities otherwise form as a pre-requisite to the candidates seeking a job for either an entry-level or for an experienced position.

Telephone Interview

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