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5 Essential Job Interview Tips for the Entry Level Professionals

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Job interview

Job interview


Entry-level professionals are the most sought after to be hired by employers. Entry-level professionals have an edge over experienced professionals as it becomes easy to hire them. College graduate students and interns often form the talented pool of entry-level professionals in an organization.

There are numerous factors to be considered by the entry-level professionals to ask the right questions and be informed about the job requirements.

It is thus necessary to remember that your approach to the job interview with the right attitude is the most important factor determining the outcome of a candidate's interview. A candidate's preparedness helps the interview panel to select the best candidate fit for the job role.

This article helps one to prepare for the first-ever job interview and provides a few insightful tips to ask the right questions to the interview panel in an organization.

Job Description

It is highly important to understand the job description you are applying to an organization. Research as much as possible about the job description provided to you during the initial screening stage. A job description may also contain details that relate to your skills and qualifications. It is thus necessary to get a thorough understanding of the job description.

You may ask the recruiters to share a copy of the job description to your email id. You can also access the organization’s career/jobs section to access the job details or visit the job boards to download the job description. A printed copy of the job description (along with the copy of resume) is an essential document while attending an interview, as the same denotes your preparedness and interest in the job advertised.

Mode of Interview

A candidate has to be clear regarding the mode of interview. Over years, the mode of the interview has shrunk from a complete physical appearance to conducting virtual interviews and interviews through remote and audio (telephone) mode.

Since the pandemic in 2019, almost all the organizations have resorted to virtual interviews or meetings through remote and audio (telephone) mode. It is thus essential to understand the mode of the interview when applying for a job or when responding to a job inquiry made by the recruiters to the candidates.

It is also essential to present in a neat and pleasing manner while attending an interview in either physical/virtual mode. Your appearance during an interview will help you to create a lasting impression to the interview panel and also helps you to build a positive image.

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Understanding the Organization

One has to get acquainted with the nuances of an organization, the business, and its structure before attending an interview. Getting to know the organization helps a candidate to answer the relevant questions asked in an interview.

It is thus important to understand the organization by visiting its website, know about products and services, headquarters and different locations of its offices, organization structure, recent awards and any achievements the organization has made, etc, are the factors that add relevance to a candidate's preparedness to the interview.

It is also important to understand the availability of the organization’s website in various languages. Some organizations may have a website version in a local language apart from the English language. Understanding the organization’s language requirements is known through the information made available in different languages if any.

The Interview Panel

Most of the entry-level professionals will either talk to an interview panel or the recruiters directly in a job interview. When the job applications are high in number, the interview is usually conducted by an interview panel. The panel may consist of team members from human resources and the product manager.

The panel may be comprised of three to five members depending on the job requirement. It is thus essential to stay calm and relaxed while talking to an interview panel. Your positive attitude and calm composure during the time spent in an interview may get well noticed by the interview panel and is thus one of the key factors to get selected for the job.

Ask The Right Questions

Attend the interview with the right preparedness, as you are now aware that understanding the job description and the organization is highly important before you present yourself to an interview panel. The panel would therefore expect you to ask the right questions relevant to the job description, the skills required, and the necessary qualification.

Always ensure to carry a printed copy of the job description. Also, highlight key points to ask the interview panel as mentioned in the job description. This way, you’ll be able to strike the right balance and you’ll know how to ask the right questions. Such a preparation itself is an opportunity to impress the interview panel on the first instance and build a positive image.

Know Your Resume

Finally, it is important to know your resume and understand the various aspects of the information provided to the employer in an organization. The details mentioned in the resume should be correctly presented and you should be aware of all such details. Do not conceal or suppress any information when making a presentation through a resume to an employer or a recruiter. It may otherwise lead to rejection and thereby losing an opportunity to gain the first employment.

You may include details such as academic achievements, professional achievements, skills, voluntary activities, and hobbies as information to the employers/recruiters in the resume. The employers will record each information as made available in the resume as the correct information and any facts found incorrect will eventually lead to your rejection from the candidature otherwise. Your resume may also include links to the testimonials shared by your acquaintances. The details may be attached as a short summary or as an appendix to the resume. The testimonials presented during an interview will help you gain credibility and also helps you to build a positive image.


Attending the job interview is an exciting opportunity if you are a recent college graduate and seeking to work as an entry-level professional. Entry-level professionals also need to keep certain facts, as highlighted in this article, prior to attending a job interview.

It is important to present oneself with the right preparedness and ace the interview with a sense of confidence and motivation. The success and the outcomes of the interview will be highly dependent on your efforts, passion, commitment, the attitude shown towards the organization.

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