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5 Biggest Problems Many Young Speakers Face While Interacting in Public and How to Overcome Them

Anupam has been in teaching for ten years, giving life training along with language training. She believes in the collective consciousness.


Each of us wants to show our significance and importance when we are in public. As a human, we always want to have the attention of the people with whom we are communicating. We want to share our opinion and views on the topic of discussion but many of us don't feel comfortable sharing their opinion in public. What are the reasons? Why don't they want to open in public? What stops them from interacting and how can they overcome them?

Let's go through this and explore the 5 biggest problems many young speakers face while interacting in public and how can they overcome them.

1. What If I am Wrong?

This thought is one of the biggest problems of most young students and entrepreneurs who are scared of being judged by people if they make mistakes.

Remember that human beings are fallible beings who tend to make mistakes and they learn from their mistakes. Is there anyone who can claim that he or she has never made a mistake? We all make mistakes and then learn from them. It's not a crime. It will be wrong only when we keep on doing the same mistake without trying to assess it and work for it. So, my dear friends, don't stop yourself from sharing something that you want assuming that you might be wrong.

2. How will the People Respond to my Words

Many individuals don't share their feelings or expressions in public as they are scared of criticism from the listeners. We all are different and we all have different mindsets. We cannot have the same opinion for the same issue, problem, or view. It is very much possible that there might be many who won't approve of what we say but that doesn't mean we should not convey what we feel.

We cannot expect everyone to support what we say but be ready for the various contrary responses.

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3. I don't have such a Good Vocabulary to Convey my Thoughts

This is another common problem among many young individuals who avoid speaking in public or stammer while they speak in public as they are too scared to be judged by others.

When we talk about word stock, it doesn't build up in just a moment for anyone. It really takes a continuous effort to build a practical word stock in the mind. You might be reading many books and getting so many new words while reading them but how many of them are you using in practical life?

So, more than just reading many books it is required to make a habit of learning at least 2 to 5 words a day and they should be used throughout the day in various context.

5. I'm Insignificant

When we see so many dignified people sharing their visions and opinions sometimes we have a feeling of inferiority complex and we consider ourselves to be quiet there.

Remember, who has reached to be a kind of great orator today was once a novice too. We don't come into the world with all the sources of immense knowledge from our mother's womb but we learn it gradually through the experiences that we have in our life. Moreover, we learn from each and everyone who is around us and also when we share what's going on within our minds.

4. Getting out of Words because of Fear and Anxiety

I have been teaching English for the last 15 years now. Today, I can speak for hours on any of the topics I am given and in front of anyone I am asked to. But it was not like this when I started my journey. Whenever I had to give the lecture in front of my seniors the principal who used to come for supervision I used to get panicked and out of the fear and anxiety of their presence in my classroom I couldn't give my best there.

As a child, I was a very reserved child who didn't have many friends and was busy in the library most of the time. I always wanted to speak in public and show the vast knowledge that I had gained sitting in the library through the speech or extempore competitions. I participated in one of them when I was in 7th grade but when my turn came I got so nervous that I couldn't utter a single word on the stage and was carried out by the volunteers.

What does this tell? We feel free to speak in public only when we do that more often with our friends and family. Start interacting with the loved ones now.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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