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4 Essential Time management Strategies for Freelancers to Boost Success


Freelancers and small business owners must learn to maximize the available time. The more effectively you will manage your time, the more you will grow and finally make more money. You will become more productive and efficient in completing than most of your peers and eventually grab new work opportunities.

So, let us discuss a few of the benefits and essential strategies of proper time management for freelancers and small business owners.

4 Essential Time management Strategies for Freelancers to Boost Success

4 Essential Time management Strategies for Freelancers to Boost Success

Definition of Time Management

Time management means planning and controlling the time you spend on specific tasks to improve efficiency.

Not all people can plan time properly. But, it is a skill that everyone can master. Make time management one of your habits. With poor time management, your work-life balance gets disturbed. You will produce low quality work, miss deadlines, get stressed, and harm your professional reputation.

The Importance of Time Management

It helps you to plan your day and maintain a work-life balance without compromising.

Here are a few factors to highlight the importance of proper time management:

Better performance: When you plan your tasks and how much time each will take in advance, your productivity increases. You have a list to follow, and you won’t waste time deciding what to do. You accomplish more as you focus only on essential tasks without getting distracted.

Produce quality work: You prioritize tasks based on the deadline. It enables you to have enough time to complete each project. It increases the quality of your work as you do not have to rush to complete it to meet the fast-approaching due date.

Reduced stress level: You get anxious if you a long list of pending tasks to accomplish. Properly managing time and preparing a to-do list will help you know in advance how much time each task requires. Everything gets organized, and this will reduce your stress level.

New career opportunities: As a freelancer, when you submit high-quality projects to your clients before due dates, your professional reputation will improve. You will be viewed as a valuable worker and will be able to expand your career.

Enhance your confidence: Accomplishing tasks and meeting deadlines develops a sense of confidence in your abilities. Completing a daily to-do list motivates you to move further and work on new opportunities.

Increased efficiency: With effective time management, you start accomplishing more in less time.

Now, let us discuss four key time management strategies to double your success:

Plan Your Schedule

If you start your day without knowing what to accomplish, then what will happen? Will you be able to do anything? No. So prepare a list of tasks a day before at night. Prioritize work in decreasing order of importance and urgency. Schedule the most challenging and urgent task to be completed at a time when your productivity is the maximum. Tasks of lesser importance can be completed later.

How to prioritize tasks?

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  • Tasks that are urgent and important and need to be completed right now.
  • Tasks that are important but not urgent.
  • Some tasks need to be completed now. But, they do not hold much future value. Try to outsource such tasks.
  • Tasks that are neither urgent nor important can be done later.

While making a plan, you should also know what to include in a to-do list and whatnot. You can read here how to create an effective to-do list for better time management.

Eliminate the Distractions

What are distractions?

Anything that prevents you from accomplishing your task or goal is a distraction. It can be spending time on social media sites, making long phone calls, or browsing the internet.

You have to differentiate between necessary and unnecessary tasks.

You have to maintain a strict attitude like switching off or keeping in silent mode your cell phone for a specified time, blocking sites, and turning off notifications to increase your efficiency to complete quality work on time.

Multitasking: Dos and Don’ts

Multitasking decreases productivity. Many people think they can multitask. They start many projects at the same time and are not able to finish any of them. Make the best use of your time by focusing on one task. Give full attention to it to avoid mistakes.

Reward Yourself

Rewards are great motivators. Whenever you accomplish a task, no matter how small it is, rewards yourself. It does not mean you have to buy gifts for yourself. You can take a short break and go for a walk or relax with your eyes closed. Rewards motivate you to do better every time.


Whether you are a freelancer or a small or big entrepreneur, proper time management is the key to success. It gives you more time to focus and accomplish tasks within a set timeframe. You become more organized, disciplined, and productive that leads to more fame and money.

Do you also have any time management success stories? Share them in the comments below.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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