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3 Ways I am Making Money Online

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I am an artist and writer looking to improve my life financially and emotionally


Writing Sites

Basically, I write for three sites.




Medium is the best paying, for me, and my favorite. I have a lot of freedom there.

Hubpages is a bit outdated and too picky.

Simily is very slow to get views. I haven't posted anything there in a while.

Writing is probably the easiest way for me personally to make money online, mostly because It is low maintenance and nearly free. It is simple. I just write basically.

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I sell images of my paintings and photos on items on a print-on-demand site called Society 6.

There are several out there online, but this is the one I have chosen for now. I may expand to others.

I sold my first item this week, so there is potential there.


I also sold my first item on eBay this week. A painting.

I find eBay to be enjoyable, I like to watch my own auctions. But it is sometimes more trouble than it is worth. I might not continue, or at least not very often.

Just when I need some extra money. I don't like dealing with customers.

My Plans

I do have a Patreon account, but so far, nothing. I am not sure I am going to keep going with it. It might be a big waste of time for me.

I would like to make youtube videos of painting my canvases. I think that would be fun, and I would of course be there to make money.

I plan to expand my POD sites to some of the others like Cafe Press or maybe Redbubble.

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