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3 Strategies To Make 2021 Your Best Year

Kiran Khannas a Nuclear Engineer, a die-hard blogger, and writes an article on personality/skills development for the leadership roles.

Author worked on Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash for illustration

Author worked on Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash for illustration

Are you excited to see what awaits you in 2021?

Ask yourself as we reach the end of the year, what do you want to achieve next year?

Start now, because before you know it, 2021 will just roll by.

Are you looking for a stimulating challenge, trying to compensate for this dreadful year!

The biggest mistake majority of the people do is they plan to make their goals in January. Smarter people start in December. Top 1% people in every fieldwork, for 2021 Goals they start at least 2 months in advance. In most companies, Goals setting start this week (26th Oct).

Knock Knock Wake up! Have you started for your personal goals?

Proven action to make 2021 the Best Year

Strategy 1- Set your Goal for 2021 today — 31st Oct 2020

Your Plans and Actions for 2021 Goals should start from today -1st Nov 2020. Your vision, goals, focus, actions, execution planning, objective evaluation and Goals should have written and pasted in front of you. Yes, written Goals.

Make a poster — 2021 Best Year Ever

Image Created by Author for Illustration

Image Created by Author for Illustration

It is the time to recover what you have lost in 2020 amidst pandemic. Let’s increase your income, team, impact and happiness by 5X times. Decide the top 3 Goals. Forget your past 2020 failures and consider today is the FIRST day of your life. Repeat this FIRST day of your life.

Your past year cannot decide your future. Make Annual, Quarterly, Monthly, & Weekly Goals.

Next is PDA — Passionate Daily Actions. Adding the word passionate on your daily goals will act as stimuli for your daily actions.

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What will comprise your Passionate Daily Actions?

Top of the list is a plan for the day; a 30 mins spend on a day’s planning at 5 to 6 am. I insert a time factor to correct the mistake of planning a day earlier before you sleep. This is a mistake; you must do plan in your most active state of your mind, which is early morning.

Strategy 2 — Action Your 2021 Plan From 1st Nov 2020

Setting your goals 2 months earlier and start actioning for 2 months will give you a foolproof way to success from Day 1 of 2021. This will change the quality of work and your complete perspective. Start serious actions on your dreams, Right away. Not to procrastinate these ACTIONS.

One thing, which I’ve learned, the massive success comes from massive actions. The massive action comes when you are in momentum. Two months is to gain momentum. When you keep doing actions for the next 60 days, you will have the momentum to take on 2021 head-on.

An example is, any game before you go to play final, you start practice for that event almost two months in advance, and maybe more depending on what event is, consider 2021 as an event and start preparing. This helps you to make focus and take action.

Learn new skills and build your team now, which you need next year. Ideas are to get to massive actions now. The hidden aim of taking action now will help you enhance your closing balance of 2020, which will automatically become an opening balance for 2021. If you take action now, you will start seeing the impact now, you will see an enhanced level of motivation after you look into the impact of your actions.

Strategy 3–Fill Your GAPS

Identify 2–3 critical gaps that are stopping you or delaying your actions. You may do things correctly, but there might be few things, not allowing you to take you to the next level.

Close gaps in these 3 areas

1. Learning new skills through online training, coaching, books, workshops.

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2. Improving your Mindset

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3. Control Your Emotions

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Find GAPS and nail it down and destroy your gaps.

In Conclusion

Friends now is the time to take action if you want to make the next year your best year. If 2021 is not your best, no one else will be responsible, except YOU.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2020 kiran khannas

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