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3 Proven Use of One Basic Tool for Employee Time Management

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Writing is my way of expressing thoughts positively. And through this platform, I am able to share with you my simple creation.

Basic Tool for Time Management

Early on in my career as a maintenance planner, I was forced to learn the art of time management and needed to use an effective tool. Yeah, the word is forced. It was never my intention to become a planner. It’s just that, it was the only available job that would re-assign me back to my hometown.

So the entire process was new to me and the learning was difficult. Actually, even now the learning is continuous because time management evolves together with the working environment. The art will take a new form if it will be subjected to new sets of norms.

Now let us get back to the tool I want to share and how useful it is.

“The shortest pencil is more powerful than the longest memory”

That quote eventually started my behavior of valuing time. And the tool I am trying to introduce is the ever-handy, notebook.

Don’t skip yet; let us talk more about the notebook and how you can effectively use this time management tool to increase your productivity.

Your notebook removes Unnecessary Brain Load

No matter what industry you are in right now, your working environment is moving at a fast pace. This movement will generate workloads and information you need to understand and respond to. If you can remember a lot of things during college, try it out now, when you are facing work problems and responsibilities at home.

There is too much information in your brain and not everything can be queued properly so you can remember when you need to remember. And when you try to retrieve such information, you’d end up blankly staring at the ceiling.

The information retrieval process is good as wasted time and you’ve just lost a couple of seconds or even minutes to be more productive.

Time Management Using Notebook

Time Management Using Notebook

This is where a notebook becomes very useful. A notebook is a place where you can deposit a memory and make it tangible. And the process of writing also helps you remember more because the information has been loaded twice in your brain.

Say if you have heard or saw something, that information is received by your brain from both senses. Now if you wrote that down in your notebook, the same information is loaded to your brain again after seeing the texts or drawing written down on the paper.

If we look at our brain as a computer, that information has been cached twice in memory.

And why is this helpful to you?

A notebook is helpful because it unloads a part of the thinking process of your brain. It’s like you’ve removed unnecessary processing time of thinking and that is a stress relief. The energy you’ve saved can be used by other important tasks of your organic processor. And this provides you more clarity on what to do with your day.

The Notebook Increases your Focus

Have you tried getting Christmas groceries using only your memory, compared to having a list written down? Which one was the most convenient?

You do spend some additional time planning and writing down what you need to do, but when it came to the time of actually doing, everything was easier and you went through each aisle with ease. A notebook will be very useful beyond the application of listing down groceries.

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If you are working for a corporate or running your own business, you need to organize your priorities.You need to manage the actions around you and act first on what matters the most.

Time Management to Focus at Work

Time Management to Focus at Work

The notebook will provide you that clarity. You can create a draft list of the things you need to do or your “to-do” list, and then organize them inside your notebook in sequence according to priority. Of course, act first on matters that have a bigger impact on your life. It’s like the pyramid, the bigger rocks sit on the bottom and the smaller ones on top for more stability. This is the same with your daily tasks; you also need structure to increase focus.

Now imagine if you are just freestyling and you do not have a guide on what to do? You’d simply attack whichever comes first on your mind. Thus, this is the value of a notebook in time management; you can organize, prioritize, and effectively respond.

Your notebook can be your friend

Have you ever had a bad day at work? Of course, you have. We all have that boss that is demanding and insensitive, and yes you call him boss because he does not deserve to be called a leader. Or that annoying colleague that is like a cannonball attached to your leg?

This daily experience can be emotionally stressful for you. And I am not trying to be a therapist here, but this is a reality when you work with other people.

Time Management using Notebook

Time Management using Notebook

Because we are talking about time management, the emotional baggage you have due to annoyance or even anger is a total waste of time. It is negative energy. And if you carry that negativity around, it would be like carrying a bolder on your shoulder, the negative energy at work will slow you down. Thus, there is a need to unload some of those emotions out.

Your perfect confidante will be your notebook. It’s like a confession that you can write down everything you want to say, in a manner of how you want to say it.

Just be careful leaving your notebook somewhere, unless you’re comfortable sharing NSFW rants.

But the point here, we need to have a medium that releases some toxic emotions out. Pouring out excess BS into writing can be therapeutic.

Time Management using Notebook

Time Management using Notebook

Time Management with a Notebook

Time management equals productivity because you can do more if you spend your time well. It’s like money; you can get the most value of your finances if you know where to invest.

A notebook is helpful with time management because it provides more focus and it removes unnecessary brain load and emotional baggage.

These are mental and emotional resistance that work against the direction of your own personal growth. Use the notebook as a tool for time management because the information we receive and need to process each day is massive in numbers.

The growth of technology also means that there are more things we need to remember and execute. This can be tasking and difficult. But with the help of a simple old school tool, the notebook, managing your time will be much easier. You can get more things done if you are guided on what you can do for the day.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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Umesh Chandra Bhatt from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on December 25, 2020:

Appreciate. Time is the essence of everything.

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