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3 Moral Lessons to be Learned From Little Red Riding Hood

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There is a tale, a fateful tale of a girl named Red Riding Hood. The girl who is sent by her mother to deliver a picnic basket of goodies to her grandmother. Her mother tells her to make sure she doesn’t leave the path because she may run into trouble or break the bottle in her basket. As the story goes Red Riding Hood does not heed her mother’s advice.

She verses off the path and into the woods where she runs into the Big Bad Wolf. The wolf inquires about her travels. She unfortunately tells him she is going to grandma‘s house to deliver a picnic basket. The wolf eyes her up and sees a good meal for himself. He quickly moves on ahead To grandmother’s house. When Red arrives she encounters the wolf who makes a meal of her. Luckily for Red a woodsman has been tracking the wolf. He enters the house, dispatches the wolf and saves Red Riding Hood and her grandmother.

Red Riding Hood is a fairytale and like all fairytales there are morals to be learned from the words of the story. Here are 3 of the morals gleaned from Red Rising Hood plus a bonus one.

1. Don’t Talk to Strangers

Children are often taught the two word phrase, “Stranger Danger.” The phrase harkens to the idea of being weary around those you don’t know. The reason is you don’t know their intentions or even whether they are friendly or not. Little Red Riding Hood should’ve known not to talk to strangers. To run the other way as fast as her feet would carry her but she took the time to talk to the wolf which was her downfall. A moral to learned here for everyone is to be careful around strangers even when you’re an adult.

2. Be careful of wolves in disguise or those who are more obvious

If it looks like a wolf, acts like a wolf then it is probably a wolf. Wolves are cunning creatures. They come into your life disguised as sheep, seemingly caring souls who in the end have bad intentions for you. Red riding hood talked to the wolf, but in her innocence she didn’t realize his true intentions until it was to late then it took the woodsman to save her. A moral to learn from all this is, be careful of wolves who come into your life. Those people who seem to have your good intentions at heart but in the end they use you and run off.

3. Honors Your Parents and Grandparents

While it is not directly mentioned in the story it appears this was not the first time Red Riding Hood had made the trip to her grandmother‘s house. She also did not question the trip or argue with her mother about going. She seems to be a child who honors her parents and grandparents by listening to them. The moral to,learn from Red is to always honor your parents and grandparent by listening to them and doing what they ask of you without questioning them.

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Bonus Moral: Always Listen to the Proper Advice

One of the last things Red Riding Hood‘s mother advised her was to make sure she stayed on the path. If she strayed off the path and wandered into woods she might run into some dangerous creatures which of course she…the wolf. The moral lesson here is to always listen to sage advice and stick to the chosen path because the moment you wander from the path trouble will find you.

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