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Twenty First Century and the Dynamic Business World

Benazir Marjan intends to use her business knowledge in the practical field through this article.


Twenty First Century and the Dynamic Business World

This is the age of e-commerce. Business has been flourished extensively throughout the whole world in this 21st century. Demand for business graduates increased, people are getting more tend towards attaining degree on business. Multinationals, corporations, banks and other financial institutions raised to a greater extent. People are getting more opportunities in everywhere to prove their talent and qualities. Life is getting busier day by day even though ease also came. People are getting more technology oriented rather than own dependency. This is the 21st century and the dynamic business world which has been brought about a huge dramatic change in every aspect of life.

  • Banks and other financial institutions are giving loan to small businesses to encourage people towards doing some business and earn profit. Once these businesses are starting to earn profit, it will create economic growth; slowly it will increase the GDP. This is how this opportunity is helping a country in a whole to move forward the world economy. These banks and financial institutions are also offering good fixed deposit rate where clients are benefited and also those institutions are having their capital for their business for a certain period of time. Thus both the clients and institutions are getting profitable with time and the country is also gaining the assistance as well.
  • Entrepreneurial businesses have started. People are moving themselves as entrepreneurs and having achievements. Restaurant businesses, street food businesses are taking place. People are getting self dependent with time. They are also coming with new business ideas. Different companies are organizing events by collecting unique business ideas and award ceremonies. Some of those ideas are implemented in real and coming at successful point. This is how it is creating the sources of money generation to the society. Young stars, fresh graduates and even experienced persons are also getting involved in this kind of activities.
  • Business has been reached to its maximum growth by introducing franchising, licensing and joint ventures. International business starts take place through the whole world. People are making money through investing in share markets. They go for both long and short term investment and earn profit. Different companies offer initial public offering (IPO) to people. Public those who understand the market wisely, they are able to generate huge profit from share business. Some get the profit from long term investment again; some get it through short term investment, daily trading.
  • Internet access brought about a significant ease and opportunities for business world.People can get connected so easily to communicate, no matter in which part of the world he or she is staying. International transactions are happening. People are promoting their product and services through social media (Face book, Twitter, Instagram etc). Online businesses are so popular now a day. People are getting more self dependent than before. They get the latest updates easily through social networking websites. These online businesses are getting the profile of developing countries higher than before. They are getting more options to create their better future. Customers can order easily through internet, which is about to knock at the door within a short interval of time. People get to know about the latest fashion, current world, how everything is changing, world economy, international job market, business opportunities in different countries and how to move on within a short period of time. Client and customer relationship is getting better due to trouble-free communication system.
  • This 21st century has been introduced about social welfare, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility); those are working for sake of a society as well as for a country as a whole. Corporate Social Responsibility is a type of business self-regulation with the aim of being socially accountable. In today’s socially conscious environment, employees and customers place a premium on working for and spending their money with business that prioritize CSR. It benefits both the business and the society. The companies, the enterprises are donating for blind people, for orphanage, for the children who need special helps. This is how they are creating their strong positive impression in the society which benefits both the society and the company itself by creating customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

This is how the 21st century is blessed us with dynamic business opportunities where we can able to establish ourselves in our own way. Business world is always very challenging. But, there are huge options for us. Our vision, smart choice, hard work, patience and the favor of this age will certainly make us successful one day.

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