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20 Business Ideas for Teenagers and Youths

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Teen Magazine

Teen Magazine

Teen Magazine


Are you a teenager interested in starting a small business or earning income? There are many opportunities based on your interest and skill.

Popular business ideas are blogging, affiliate marketing, shoe making, tour guide, others include laundry service, car wash, cake making, babysitting. More are dog walking, candle making, pet photography and survey taking.

Teen Business Ideas

  1. blogging
  2. affiliate marketing
  3. shoe making
  4. tour guide
  5. laundry service
  6. car wash
  7. cake making
  8. babysitting
  9. dog walking

10. candle making

11. pet photography

12. survey taking

13. cleaning service

14. apps making

15. article writing

16. Fiverr

17. animal daycare

18. teen mag

19. product testing

20. pet photography

21. social media management

Shoe Making

Shoe Making

Shoe Making

Blogging, Affilate marketing

1. Blogging

Blogging is a cost effective way to start a business. There are different free or paid host providers to build the blog. All you need is a domain name, host, template and content. Eighteen year olds are allowed to monetize the blog in different ways. You can place advertisement, use affiliate links or sell a service or product.

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2. Affiliate marketing

There are thousands of affiliate opportunities online. Many people are making good money as affiliate marketers. Affiliate opportunities include amazon associate program, Clickbank, and eBay.

3. Shoe making

Shoe making is moderately challenging, profitable and fun. You need basic equipment, training to start the enterprise. Learn the trade as an apprentice, read books, try online courses to develop the skill.

4. Tour guide

If you live in a city with lots of tourist attractions this is a good business opportunity. You can make regular income a tour guide. Network with small hotels or guest houses in your locality for clients. Make sure to identify places of interest for the visitors.

Car Wash

Car Wash

Car Wash

Cake Making, Car wash

5 Laundry service

This job is low cost, moderately challenging and labor intensive. All you need to offer laundry services is a washing machine and electric iron. Offer your services to guest houses, small hotels, hostels, schools.

6 Babysitter

Anyone with lots of patience with children good communication can become a babysitter. It involves taking care of a toddler, young person in the clients home or at home. Startup is relatively low involves publicity of service, recommendations. The individual needs to know basic first aid, nutrition.

7. Cleaning service

Cleaning service involves lots of manual labor goodtime management. the size of the enterprise depends on the business plan scope of work. There are many business opportunities in private homes, hospitals, office, factories.

8. Car wash

Operators of car wash smile to the bank with he profit. The equipment is basic easily sourced and durable. Utilities include availability of water, electricity, car soap, hand towels.

9. Cake making

Cake making is fun requires specialized equipment and labor intensive. Equipment needed are cake pans, oven, trays, mixer, and bowls. Ingredients are flour, sugar, butter, flavoring, baking powder, eggs.




Dog Walking, Apps Building

10. Teen magazine

To establish a teen magazine you need writing, editing and printing knowledge. This is because you will write the articles, take photographs for the publication. You can give the artwork to a printer or produce it your self. The printing process is artwork, lithography, printing with cord or 201 machine. You can also use direct to print machinery.

11. Apps

You need to know how to build and app to sell them. However there are many free/paid app builders online for a novice. Alternatively hire professional app builders or buy a readymade app.

Apps generate income from sales of app, subscription or third party advertisement. Make sure the app solves are problem and easy to navigate.

12. Dog walking

Dog walking requires good stamina and love for dogs. All you need to do is take them for walks. The business is easy to start and requires basic equipment.

13. Animal daycare

Some people require an animal daycare to take care of their beloved pets. The establishments charge premium price.

14. Product testing

There are many companies eager to pay for product testing.

15. Candle making

The type of candles that sell are romantic ones or scented candles. The equipment include candle molds, wax, colorants, fragrance and wick.

Girl With Headphones

girl with headphones

girl with headphones

Article writing, Pet Photography

16. Tour guide

If you live in a tourist destination you can become a guide. Tourist guides in some countries require licensing. However in some countries it is an informal sector.

17. Website and blog

Blogging is very popular and a verified way to make money. However the blog should have good content, large traffic before monetization. You need a domain name and host plan to run a blog. Alternately you can use free blogging platforms to build the website.

18. Social media advertisement

SoCal media managers make huge money today. Once the achieve influencer status with lots of follower they monetize the traffic. Advertisers will seek an influencer out to advertise their product.

19. Article writing

If you have writing skills article writing is a viable business opportunity. Opportunities include taking assignments, writing an article and offer for sale. Others are blogging, guest posting, article mill contribution, writing an eBook.

20. Fiverr

Offer a professional service like article writing, web development, and graphic art on Fiverr. There are many categories that offer professional service.

21. Pet photography

There are different types of pets with over 1 million pets in America alone. Pet photography is gaining ground and becoming very popular. The industry is very lucrative and practitioner needs a good camera, lighting and set.

22. Survey

Taking surveys online will only guarantee small income. This type of business is only past-time not a full time job. Before signing on make sure the site is reputable by searching for authentic reviews.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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Liz Westwood from UK on February 11, 2020:

This is a good list of suggestions. The digital age has expanded opportunities compared with a generation ago.

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