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2 Free Plug Ins to Improve Your Seo in Wordpress

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Comment Luv

Now I know that a lot of people think this technique of being able to improve your SEO in WordPress is out dated. It's so not however. What this plugin does in fact is help you to attract comments. With comments come links. The more links you have into your site, and out of your site, the more Google likes you. Now of course outbound links from your site are a little bit different. What this does is set you up with a means of connecting with other WordPress site owners via the comments. You will also be able to reach out to them and ask for link exchanges, and of course, if they allow, comment on their sites with link backs. You can click through to check out their sites for your comets Also, prior to approving you can even contact them and ask for them to return the favor.

Upon Installation The Comment Luv Sign Appears

So, what you can do is add this free WordPress plugin and you will enable the comment luv sign to appear . This notifies anyone reading your blog, that once they've commented they will in fact get a free link back to their own site. Effectively getting a free backlink. This is an excellent way to get more traffic to your WordPress site. Also, of course, to get comments. It can be so hard to start getting found with a new site that has not yet page ranked. You need all the help you can get to begin with. Link juice is perfect.

Once you've added this to your site, you can also Google for other blogs that have comment luv plugins and leave comments. The more comment blogs you find, the more comments you leave, the higher your pages will index. The more traffic your WordPress site will get, the faster you will start to turn over cash with your site.

All In One SEO Pack For Wordpress

Now this free WordPress plugin is amazing. From the moment you install and activate this baby. Your site starts to perform a lot better in terms of SEO. It's every WordPress beginners dream to be able to have this. What it does in terms of improving your SEO is teach you SEO from the internal panel of your site.

Upon installation and activation, each time you write an article, the all in one SEO pack for WordPress will show up in the right hand panel of your admin section on the site. It displays itself as a green mark. It offers you valuable information about how to improve on the title, the meta tags, the targeted keyword. It even offers you a score for each part, and an over all analysis of the content you write.

For example, if you have used too many similar words to begin the paragraphs with, it tells you. It also allows you to know if you have not written enough content. If the title you chose is not in compliance with the search engines. Basically this is a life saver for webmasters that are using WordPress. At the top part it gives you an overall score. It is scored to 100, now if you aim for that you will be absolutely perfect in your sites SEO and marketing.

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So far I have not been able to make it past a 96. Another really cool feature this plugin has is that you can see your how your site will appear in the search engines, before it gets there! You can even SEO the pictures that you add and make sure that they contain the keyword that you wish your page to rank for. It's an amazing plugin.

Now you can actually get the all in one SEO pack for WordPress for free. Like most things in life when you get them without a cost, you don't get the full features! The same sadly applies here, but trust me, once you've tried out the free version of this plugin you most definatley will be wanting to go back for more and upgrade to a much better one. The paid version features a keyword research tool that allows you to get more key phrases generated from inside your admin panel where you create the content.

Wordpress SEO Is Easy With Plugins

So, there you have it guys two great plugins that will help improve your WordPress sites SEO. It's well worth a try. Trust me, you will not regret using them. Also, of course if you do, you can just de-activate or delete all existence of them ever having been installed to your WordPress site. Good luck reaching your goals with your new blog. I hope your blogging journey is a happy and successful one.

Do you have a WordPress site? Perhaps you have a plugin that you swear by to help improve SEO, comment down below and let me know!

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