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17 Best Websites For Selling Online Courses For Cash

Selling Online Courses

Selling Online Courses

17 Best Sites For Selling Online Courses For Cash

As the world is going digital, there are different ways for making money online and anyone can easily convert his knowledge or skills for cash. When it comes to selling an online course, anyone can create a course in any field of his/her expertise and take it online for cash to compensate the time spent in creating his/her course.

The amount of money, which one can make through selling an online course, differs from creator to creator, which, among others depends on the price set by the course owner and number of subscribers to that course who make a purchase. When setting up your course price, it is not just a matter of pricing, but matching up with the value which the learners will get against your price which you will be comfortable with. Creating a high quality online courses, put you in a better position as you build a good name in the online course selling industry, which can help different students to share a link to your online course easily and at a higher rate and this could increase your return.

This article will uncover 17 best sites where you can sell your course and start making cash for your time spent on creating it. The following is the list of sites where you should take your online course for selling.

1. Udemy is one of the leading course seller where you can create an instructor account and sell your courses. To create an instructor's account, it is free and easy. After creating an instructor's account, they guide you with step by step instructions on how you should create your first course and have it ready for market. After creating content of your first course and a video recording, it is recommended to submit your video for testing or check up to see if it is of high quality and will perform well on the market. Once you submit a test video, it takes a maximum of 24 hours to have a feedback ready. Once they give you a go ahead on your video recordings, then you can proceed with the rest of video recordings. Udemy video quality checkers mostly they verify the quality of the video to match it with minimum quality requirements which has to be at least 720p. The team also checks if the video recording is getting interrupted with the noisy environment.

After preparing your first course, you need to have your account verified before you can submit your first course for publishing. To get your instructor account verified, they use third party called persona, for the identity verification process.

Once you click to start the verification process, you will be requested to select your geographical location and choose an available way of verifying your identity. In case this verification process fails, you submit an email for assistance which takes at most 4 days to be helped through manual verification.

Once everything is completed, you submit your course for a review and once this is done you start making money immediately. The advantage of having your course sold at Udemy is that the site is free to use and you set a price of your choice. On top of this, the Udemy also helps in selling your course by marketing it on your behalf. The revenue made is transferred into your PayPal account.

2. Thinkific is a second way to go for, where you can set your online course for money. What differ this platform from Udemy is that, at Udemy, you can set up a course completely for free while at Thinkific you are given a one month free trial after that you need to purchase a subscription. The platform has a full featured software which helps you set your online course within minutes. After setting your online course, every time your course is bought, you receive a text notification, which is good.

3. Teachable is also an online website which helps you to sell your online course for cash. The site offers both free and premium plans depending on your financial situation. This site enables you to set a price of your choice for your course and it's a platform which has stayed in course selling industry for decades.

4. Ruzuku is also a way to go where you can take your course online for cash. This site has detailed steps which guide you through your course creation process. Any revenue which is generated through selling your course is transferred into your PayPal account.

5. LearnDash is the fifth site where you can take your course online for money. This platform is commonly used by University of Michigan and Yoast, which offers a platform to share their courses.

6. Podia is also a platform for you where you can upload your course for cash. This site charges a transaction cost of 2.9% + 30¢ and this transaction fee replaces the subscription which you would have been paying.

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7. Click4Course is a paid subscription, which instructors can join at a cost which start from $79 monthly. This site allows the instructors to create courses in an easy way and publish them. The site also allows you to be able to manually add learners in case they are not joining themselves. The platform enables instructors to organize online examination with a set up passing score percentage.

8. WizIQ is also a paid subscription for instructors to sell their courses and it has everything an instructor would need to create his/her course from the start to the last step of publishing it. It is an easy to use platform for instructors.

9. Pathwright is a paid subscription, which offers everything an instructor would require to create his/her course. The platform enables the instructors to organize their courses which consist a combination of lecture notes, videos, quizzes in an easy way. Pricing starts from $19 monthly and this is common for the beginners.

10. Gumroad is a site which enables instructors to create their course for free and price their courses at their chosen price. The problem with this site is that, you have to put more effort in marketing your course, for you to get more revenue. This site also allows you to upload and sell your learning materials like school notes, study guides, questions and answers just to mention a few.

11. EdLoud is a paid subscription which enables instructors to organize and sell their courses easily. The monthly subscription plan starts from $99. The platform claims to be the best knowledge sharing platform which enables instructors to easily turn their knowledge and skills into money.

12. CourseCraft is an easy to use platform which instructors can sign up and host their courses online for cash. This platform has both free and paid subscription plans. With a free subscription plan, you get charged 9% as transaction charges while on a paid subscription you are not charged.

13. Educadium is a paid subscription with an instructor's easy to use features for creating a course and publishing it. The monthly subscription starts from $99 monthly. The site also enables instructors to be able to prepare online quizzes in an easy way.

14. Digital Chalk is a platform which enables instructors to be able to easily create their courses and published them at a monthly cost of $25. The site helps instructors in marketing their courses, which is good. During the course creation process, an instructor has a choice of pricing his/her course at an amount which is equivalent to the value the students will benefit from his/her courses.

15. OpenSesame is a platform which instructors can upload their courses for free and in an easy way. The platform takes 50% of the generated revenue in return for the services which they offer helping you sell your course. When uploading your course, as an instructor, you have got a choice of setting up a price of your choice which will compensate the time spent creating your course.

16. LearnWorlds is a platform which enables instructors to convert their knowledge and skills for cash through selling courses. The platform is easy to use, but it has a monthly subscription plan which starts from $24. The platform is user friendly both to students and instructors and it enable instructors to easily prepare online quizzes for students.

17. ProProfs is a trending platform for students and instructors, which facilitate knowledge sharing through online courses selling. The platform claims to have more than 1,214,000 online businesses. This platform also enables learners to be given certificates upon completion of the course.

In conclusion, this article has uncovered 17 best sites where you can publish your course and start making money online. As the world is going digital, a lot of students are changing their learning methods from physical to digital and this could be your opportunity for making money.

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