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10 Effective Ways to Motivate Your Team and Improve Their Productivity

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10 Effective Ways to Motivate Your Team And Improve Their Productivity

There are days when we feel unmotivated. We do not have the zeal to work, just sleep around and do nothing. This is actually quite common. We are allowed to take breaks and do things that will raise our motivation. The same can be said for teams. But when you notice your team is constantly unmotivated and disengaged, you may be doing something wrong as a leader. You have to come up with plans and strategies to make them more motivated. 87% of employees expect their employer to help them find a balance between work and personal obligations.

A team is a collection of people who work together to achieve a common goal. Individuals that make up a team should ideally have common goals, objectives and think along similar lines. A constantly motivated team is productive one and they make it easy for the company to achieve its goal. To have your team always motivated and ready to work, you must dedicate your time and efforts.


2. Encourage Happiness and Provide your Employees With a Pleasant Place Of Work

Imagine working in a place that depresses you. As a manager or leader, allow your workplace to be a haven for your employees. Give them the feeling of being appreciated and loved. Even though the work might be tedious, they would come to love working for you if they are constantly happy in their place of work. Encouraging happiness does not equate to you encouraging lazy workers. A conducive environment that is perfect for your workers to give their best which is essential to their productivity. You do not expect a worker to perform well in a noisy environment or an environment unfit for work. The workplace should be a place fit for work.

Effective Ways to Motivate Your Team And Improve Their Productivity

These are effective ways for you to not only motivate your team but increase their productivity:

  1. Set Clear and Measurable Goals

Setting clear and measurable goals is very important. This gives your employees a sense of direction instead of roaming like headless chicks. When your team understands what is expected of them, they can then prioritize their work. They know what is essential and what is unimportant to the goals stated. They are then able to measure their growth and success over time. Also, providing your team with a plan to go about the goals or allowing them to come up with one is essential.

4. Learn to Give Feedback and Reward

Learn to give constructive criticism and positive feedback when necessary. Nobody wants to work for a boss who constantly puts them down. That kills their motivation and their zeal. Be very careful how you phrase your words so you do not hurt your employees' feelings. Also, constantly reward your team. Like giving out an incentive for the most hardworking member or member of the month or something that would get your team all fired up. This would show them you appreciate the work they are putting in.

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3. Do not Punish Failure

Do not punish the failures of your team members. We are all humans, and it is perfectly okay for us to make mistakes. Allow your team to learn from their mistakes, and do not be so hard on them when they make mistakes. The experience they say makes the man. They can make wiser decisions from their past mistakes.

5. Communicate Effectively with Your Staff

Constantly communicating with your team and keeping them up-to-date about the company's developments makes them feel they matter too. It would help if you kept them in the loop of things. This also makes you seem more approachable, and they can air out whatever problems they might have. Try as much as possible to avoid unproductive meetings or unnecessary ones as they kill the morale of your members


9. Pay People What They Are Worth

Learn to see the actual value of people so you can pay them accordingly. You need to pay people their worth and not less. You do not want to pay your employee less than what your competitor is paying, or there is a high probability they would be very unmotivated and might leave their job. According to Monumental Motivation Statistics for 2021, 66% of employees are motivated to stay at their career with a corporate incentive, while 81% of employees are thinking of quitting their jobs for better offers.

8. Celebrate Results

Celebrate the results that your employees have shown. If a worker achieves something no one else has, celebrate his/her results. Instead of being vague about the achievements, be specific about the employee's achievement. This would show the worker that you are watching, and you notice the hard work and efforts they have put into it.

6. Encourage Teamwork

As they say, teamwork make the dream work. Encourage your team to connect and work together. This would foster professionalism and a sense of kinship. Encouraging collaboration also eases the burden of you being the only person your employees can approach if they any problem. They can rely on one another in case a problem arises. Alone you can achieve great things, but together they can achieve so much more.

10. Take Breaks and Have Fun

This life is short so have fun and make beautiful memories with your team members. Make an impact and be remembered for being the best leader they had in their lives.

To be a good leader, you have to learn to manage your team members.

7. Offer Opportunities for self-development

Give room for your members to grow and improve constantly. Do not be the type of boss who is solely concerned about them getting his work done. Be passionate about their self-development and look to offer ways for them to grow and develop. You could organize seminars and workshops for your workers.

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