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13 Online Tutoring Sites Where You Can Get Online Job For Cash

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Online Tutoring Jobs

Online Tutoring Jobs

13 Online Tutoring Sites Where You Can Get Online Job For Cash

Nowadays there are different online ways which enable people to get an online job and earn something for a living. This article will uncover 13 best sites where you can join the online tutoring job and earn money. Online tutoring, is when you interact with students through students portals teaching live classes or uploading pre-recorded video lessons or any learning materials which are useful for online learners. The mode of online teaching could be one to one or a single tutor could have an online class of up to 20-30. To compensate your time, which could have been used doing other things, you get paid hourly rate which could range from $10 to $100.

Online tutoring also involves helping students through questions and answers forum. Some students find it difficult to solve some questions and they seek tutor's assistance and are willing to pay a few dollars for any assistance which would lead them to understand and have a right answer to their questions which they find difficult. Websites, which host questions and answers, usually pays their tutors based on right approved answers and this depends on the difficulty of the question.

Some websites hires online tutors mainly for them (hired tutors) to be able to help online students by writting their assignments and research projects, which they pay per agreed page cost. The following are the common sites where you can get online tutoring jobs, however, some websites may require taking online an test on your subject of expertise before you can start tutoring students or answering their questions which they find difficult.

1. MagicEars offers an online tutoring job opportunity for Canadian and American citizens. This site pays you through PayPal every 10 days and you get paid on an hourly rate. They pay $26 per hour. This site also offers you a referral program, which enables you get some bonus when you invite someone to their platform. This site targets China students who want to learn basic English language. Each online class has 1-4 tutor to student ratio. For you to qualify to teach at MagicEars, you need to have a Bachelor's degree or anything which could be used as a proof which will support your ability to teach English.

2. Chegg Tutors offers an online tutoring job on different subjects of your expertise. To get started, you first fill an application form and take an online test in a subject of your expertise. When you are successful, you can then start helping students by answering their questions or assignments which they find difficult. Chegg tutors teach students of all levels, starting from secondary, high school, college or university students. The site is important to those perusing higher learning at masters level as well. This site offers online tutoring job to both college students and university graduates. They pay an average of $20 per hour and the payment are transferred to your PayPal account.

3. TutorMe is site which you can join in an easy way and get connected to online students and start offering your helping services to students at a cost. During registration, the site will request you to provide a little information for you, which include your bios, education, subjects of expertise among others. After filling your personal details, the site connects you to online students who may require you to help them in their school assignment or homeworks, essays just to mention a few. You get paid an average of $16 per hour and most subject are available which you can choose and start tutoring. Having previous skill in teaching, increases your chances. This site pays you on a weekly basis through your PayPal account which you provide.

4. Yup is a site which hires Mathematician to help its students who struggle in mathematics. To qualify, you apply online through its website and you need to pass a test first to prove yourself that you are indeed an expert. After being successful in an online test, then you attend an online training, then you get started with tutoring. The site requires you to be an Us citizen and you can teach any branch of mathematics. The site pays based on your experience or expertise and payments are transferred into your bank account or your PayPal account.

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5. Photomath is a site for Mathematics lovers. This site enable tutors with the passion to solve Mathematics Questions to apply. For you to qualify, you need to pass online test which you choose on specific branches of mathematics which you want to be solving and this could range from algebra to calculus. The site also allows you to solve different Mathematics questions of your choice, but you must pass a test first to prove that you are an expert. After passing a quiz, you need to attend an online training which guide you on how you will be presenting your Mathematics solutions. The site also offers you a $10 bonus after passing each quiz which you choose to qualify for their site. The site claims that some tutors earn up to $300 weekly. Each tutor is paid based on number of mathematics questions solved and the difficulty of the question.

6. Bartleby offers online tutoring job to individuals who have a passion to help students across the globe and get paid. To qualify, you need to be an Indian and pass an online test which you can take only two times. You choose the field of your expertise and take a quiz. Each quiz has a set of multiple choice which are 20 questions to be answered in 60 minutes. After being successful with the first quiz, you need to pass the second exam to qualify. For you to pass the first quiz, you must pass at least 60%. This site once you are successful, you help students by answering their questions which they find difficult.

7. Transtutors is a site which enable tutors to join and work online, helping students solving their assignments or questions which they find difficult. To qualify, you need to pass an online quiz which has 10 questions in each subject you choose to tutor. Once successful, you fill up a form which request you to provide your bank details.

8. also offers you an online tutoring job, which when successful you can have access of helping them in their assignments or answering their questions which they find difficult. An application form is available on its site and you fill the form. The form has also a few test questions which you need to fill with right answers to increase your chances. You need also to provide your resume.

9. Brainfuse hires tutor to teach k-12 students and it has been in tutoring industry for at least 15 years. Once approved, you login at your scheduled free time to help learners. Your resume is required during the application process and they give feedback informing you whether you are hired or not. Those with teaching experience have a higher chance to be picked.

10. hires tutor to teach k-12 students. To qualify or have a high chance to be selected, you need to have experience. To apply, you fill an online application form then take an online test, once you pass the quiz then you attend a teacher training.

11. Student Tutor hires students with at least an accumulative GPA of 3.0 to tutor k-12 students. If you have a minimum Grade Average Point of 3.0, you stand with higher chances to be selected.

12. Course hero is a platform which college students and university graduates with amazing grades to help students at its website. During the application process, they ask you to upload your degree or documents showing your grades containing your name. They also ask you to upload your ID or passport and a picture of you holding it in your hand. During the registration process, they request you to select subjects, which you will be able to help students if your application is successful. Some subjects may require you to take a quiz, which you must pass to show that you are an expert in that subject.

13. Tutor ocean is a site which is easy to apply. During the application process, they request you to upload your resume and attach a YouTube video link showing you teaching if you have one to increase your chances. The disadvantage with this site is that you need to bring the students mostly by yourself.

In conclusion, this article has uncovered sites which offer online tutoring jobs, where you can apply to help students online and earn money by sharing your knowledge.

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