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13 Best Websites Where Students Can Sell Their Notes or Study Materials For Cash

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Selling Notes

Selling Notes

13 Best Websites Where Students Can Sell Their Notes or Study Materials For Cash

It is a desire for every college, high school and secondary school student to have enough pocket money, which could sustain him/her at school or college. Much as this is the case, not every student is able to have enough financial resources which could make his/her life easier while a student. A lot of students depend on their parents or relatives to support them in their educational journey, starting with the school fees and any extra learning resources which may be required in their educational path. While this is the case, some students have to struggle themselves to find financial resources which they need to support them in their educational journey.

As a student, it is inevitable to find ways of solving the financial problems which one is facing, in case of little support is given from parents or guidance. One of the ways of minimizing the financial problem while at school is by developing entrepreneurial thinking in you while at school. As a student, entrepreneur, your task is to find ways which could make every resource you have meaningful and profitable. One of it is by selling fresh or old school notes, past papers, questions and answers materials to online sites which buy students' notes or help them sell for cash. As a student, taking notes involves sacrificing your notes which could otherwise be used in other alternatives which could bring best outcome, as such there is a need to convert the sacrificed time, which you had for taking notes.

This article will uncover the 13 best sites where you can sell school notes and earn cash quickly, which could help you mitigating the financial problems.

1. STUVIA is one of the common websites which is able to turn students' notes for cash. With a few easy to follow steps, one is able to upload his/her school notes or any learning materials and start making money instantly. This site claims that, majority of its note sellers are able to make an average of $103 a month. When uploading your learning materials, as the owner of the learning documents, allows you to set up your price which could compensate your time spent on those materials. After uploading, Stuvia market it on your behalf on its site.

2. DOCMERIT is a site which enables the students to set their prices when uploading their note to compensate their time spent in preparing them. It takes less minutes to have your notes uploaded and be waiting for cash. Any cash, which is made by you at this site, can be withdrawn within 24 hours, which is good. At students are able to take a revenue share of 85% and the remaining %15 is taken by the site owner for offering you their selling services.

3. NEXUS NOTES is able to accept almost all learning school resources (essays, school notes, questions and model answers, among others) and help you turn it/them into cash. This site claims that, majority of its sellers are able to make an average of $83.33 a month and they could make $1000 annually. At as a note seller, you have got two options, one is to turn your notes for cash and the second one is to exchange your upload with free unlock which enables you to have access of reading learning resources uploaded by other students or sellers.

4. ONECLASS enables students to earn 25 points per upload which could be converted to cash. At ONECLASS, a student has got a chance to apply to be a note taker for certain course and once an application is successful, one has a potential of earning up to $470 per class basis. This site also offers you with an opportunity to participate in answering students questions which enables you to earn points which can be converted to cash or other gifts. This site also offers you a reference letter when you become successful in your application to become a note taker and this can be used when applying other job vacancies.

5. OXBRIDGE NOTES is a UK based site which enables students across the world to sell their notes for cash. The site pays you 50% of the sell, it makes for your notes and the other 50% it takes for the services it offer in helping you sell your notes on its site. The site claims that the majority of its users make a yearly average of $250. For students to sell their notes at Oxbridge notes, they apply first and whenever they become successful they then start selling their notes.

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6. GRADEBUDDY is another website which enables students to sell their notes for cash. It offers free upload and notes upload owners have the potential to earn up to $500 a week. At Gradebuddy you can upload to sell your notes and study materials, just to mention a few.

7. NOTESALE is a site that offers students an access to sell their notes for cash in an easy way. The site enables you to set your preferred price to sell your notes and you provide a little information for your notes, which among others include, the title, course name and description.

8. STUDYSOUP enables students to sell their notes for the entire course after applying to be elite notes taker, which is easy to complete as it just requires basic information filling like your school name, your full name etc. After getting approved, you attend an online training before starting selling your notes. This training takes an average of 30 minutes to be completed. This site claims that students earn $5 per notes upload and the majority of students who sells their notes there are able to make up to $500 per month.

9. STUDYPOOL is another site which claims to pay its users who are interested in selling their school notes, questions and answers, study books, among others. The site claims that, top note sellers are able to make up to $5000 per months. After uploading your notes, it takes a range of 0.5 to 48 hours for your the notes to get approved. This site claims that, each document you upload has a potential to earn up to $10 per view.

10. COURSE HERO is a site which enables the students to upload notes, just for free unlock which gives them access to download learning materials which they want using the free unlock which they get while uploading their notes. The site compensate tutors with cash for uploading learning materials, but this is not the case with students who just get free unlock.

11. Notesgen is a site which pays note sellers 60% of the revenue it generate from your notes. The site buys and sells notes. The site offers an easy to use platform and also is able to connect different students across the globe which make them easy to exchange their notes and study materials. Any revenue, which a student makes through selling is paid every Friday.

12. Notesmate enable the students to sell their notes for cash through its app. Any student who is interested in selling their notes are requested to download and install an application. Once an application is installed, students are able to upload their notes and sell and on top of this the app offers a social platform which allows users to be following each other.

13. NoteXchange enables students to upload their notes for cash and is able to share 50% of its revenue it generate from selling their notes. After uploading your notes, you wait a few hours for your notes to be reviewed and approved.

In conclusion, this article has discussed 13 sites which enable students to sell their notes, study materials and questions and model answers for cash, which can help them improve their living standards.

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