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Advantages Of Working With a Virtual Assistant

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Technology has enabled businesses to become extremely lean in their operations, particularly small businesses. Companies can easily hire the best in the businesses and without even having to relocate anyone. Mobile technology, remote desktop software and video conferencing software can bring everyone together from all corners of the world.

This is true also with virtual assistants. VAs have helped companies large and small, surge ahead for relatively small overhead. Although not all VAs are of the same calibre, some are very skilled at what they do. From web development, to data analysis and graphic design, tasks large and small can be completed quickly and cheaply from an individual on the other side of the world.

3 Tips for Hiring Virtual Assistants

Just like hiring anyone, you need to be careful as to who you hire virtually. You need to make sure that your virtual assistant is hardworking, efficient and committed to your project. Of all the steps taken when considering a VA, these three stand out as the most important:

  1. Read reviews of candidates from their past jobs. Be sure you only consider those with the skill set you are looking for. While some VAs may have an arsenal of skills, you want to make sure that they can complete your task to your standards. Be picky!
  2. Don't "price shop." It's true that VAs can be hired at a fairly cheap rate. Don't pass over a $5/hr or $6/hr candidate because you think you should be able to get a $3/hr VA. You get what you pay for. $6/hr is still very affordable.
  3. Require a small but relevant task for the candidates to complete as part of your interview process. This step will reveal the ones who are the most motivated and with the correct skill set.

3 Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

There are many benefits to using VAs in your business. Below are my top 3!

  1. You can get repetitive tasks completed for a relatively low cost. I am guilty of completing such tasks but have learned when to have a VA take care of such jobs. You need to determine what your time is worth and if you can easily explain the requirements of your task so that someone else can take care of it.
  2. You can grow your team quickly and with little investment. Also, if you hire a VA for a specific task then you are not tied to him/her long term. If they don't work out, you no longer have tasks for them to do or if you can no longer afford them then you can mark the task the complete and move on to someone else if you wish. If you have an inrush of tasks that need to get completed, you can hire several VAs quickly and on a temporary basis, then pull back when the job is done.
  3. You can help someone in need, often in a developing country. American dollars go a long way in developing countries. Using VAs in your business is a win-win. You are getting low-cost work from skilled workers and they are making a good wage.

A few other thoughts. Some employers may be a little wary about trusting a VA to stay on task and not run up the clock. If you have employees you are going to need to find a way to get around this. The best way is to hire the best people. But if you are still concerned, you have make use of screen capture applications so you can see what your VA is working on. Regardless, it's always a good idea to monitor the work of your team members. It is an opportunity to provide feedback and catch mistakes early. I would recommend checking in on your VAs regularly to start and once you have developed a solid relationship with them, you can dial it back a bit. Whatever you do, don't hover!

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One final thought. Be sure to use a reputable platform for finding and hiring VAs. Several VA hiring platforms exist out there, so take the time to do some research and find what one works best for you. Be sure you find a site that makes it easy to screen, pay and monitor the work of your employees.

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