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11 Ways to Start Your Own Brand T-Shirt Business With Small Capital

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Do Market Research

Try to analyze about what kind of t-shirts are now in demand in the market. Market research can be a long and complicated process to get truly accurate results, but you can also do simple research to get an idea of potential T-shirt businesses today. You can also analyze the needs and market demands of competitors. Once you have a shadow of what type of T-shirt you want to sell, you can analyze several brands that sell similar products.


Define a Brand

If you want to sell with your own brand, of course, determining the brand name becomes a very important thing. Choose a name that represents your business. Then, don't forget to make sure that the name has never been used before. You should also be able to think of a name that is unique but still easy to remember and read.


Create a Business Plan

Business plan or business planning is an important thing to make when you want to start a business. This will be your guide in going about business. Everything will be recorded in this business planning, ranging from business goals, stories and profiles about the brand, what products to sell, financial planning, to marketing strategies to be implemented.


Prepare Capital

Creating your own brand means you have to spend capital for this t-shirt business. Don't worry, you can also start a business from a small capital. Currently there are many T-shirt sellers who allow resellers to sell products with their own brand. You can do branding by making product tags bearing your brand name and also from product packaging. Reseller systems like this can be an option for those of you who are not able to handle their own production. Another way to overcome capital problems is to find business partners who can become investors. You can also consider business capital loans that are now easier to obtain from various platforms. If you choose a loan, make sure it is in accordance with your capacity so as not to have difficulty paying it off.


Find Supplier

The next step is to find a supplier. If you choose the way as mentioned in the previous point, then you can find a supplier who applies the system as above. Another way to do this is to look for convection. There is convection that also provides materials so you do not have to find a fabric supplier anymore. You can also find a fabric supplier, then take it to convection for sewing. This option can be adjusted to the access you have. Which type of supplier is easier to find.

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Find Screen printing

If the type of t-shirt you want is a screen printing shirt, it means you also have to find a konveksi Jakarta for screen printing. Before choosing a vendor, first make sure the quality of screen printing results. Do not let the good design that you have made is not printed well on the shirt.


Leave to Distro

If you want a distro t-shirt business, you can offer your brand to distros in your city. Once your product is ready to be marketed, you can provide an offer on the distro to be able to leave your product. Generally when leaving a product like this, you do not need to directly pay the distro, but the profits will be divided based on the number of products sold. Even so, maybe every distro or factory outlet will have their own rules.


Promotion through Social Media

In addition to leaving the product in the distro, you also have to aggressively promote on social media. You can increase brand awareness and also establish closeness with customers through this social media account. Social media is also a means for customers to get to know your product better, know what's new from your brand, to what latest promos they can get.


Sales on Marketplace

When marketing products online, usually customers will expect your T-shirt business to be present also in the marketplace. Indeed selling on the marketplace can also be one powerful way to expand the reach of the business. Therefore, try to be present in the marketplace that is most relevant to your business target.


Create an Online Store Website

Currently there are many local brands that also offer products through their official website. The existence of this website can indeed increase the credibility of a brand. In addition, transactions are also considered more practical. You can also give promos as you wish through this website.


Innovate with Design

When the business has started running, do not forget to continue to innovate in the product. For example, you sell plain t-shirts, you can innovate by continuing to issue the latest colors or innovate with a variety of t-shirt materials that are very diverse.

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