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10 Tips for Etsy Sellers

I am a vintage junkie , author of Melmac Central and run the Living a Vintage Life podcast.

Do you sell on Etsy?

Tips for Etsy Sellers, Etsy Marketing Advice, Etsy Shop Marketing Help, 10 Real Tips for Etsy Sellers are all featured here!

When I opened my Etsy account in 2007 I truly didn't know all the tips and tricks. I suppose I just thought you could list items and make sales, and at first, there weren't a lot of sellers. I didn't get my shop up and working until two years later. I had a small flurry in activity then nothing. In actuality I did learn that it takes a bit of work to be a successful Etsy seller! I'm here to outline ten basic tips for you, who may already be an Etsy seller or someone thinking on opening an Etsy shop. I am quite sure there are hundreds of tips and tricks, but these are the top ten that I use and apply to my own shop/s.

I use Etsy part time, and generally only in the winter. Now, my advice will apply to handmade, vintage or supply shops. I had one handmade at one time, but eventually combined it into my vintage.

Now before you think "Oh no, I know all about that," make sure to read each one in case there is something that you haven't thought about. For instance I consider myself a smart seller but when it came to words to describe a vintage globe I was listing at one time, I was clueless. I practiced one of my own tips and I learned a few new things (more on this later...) What I am saying is we all have room for improvement, including me!

Now if I were to go into extreme detail in each area this lens would be a million characters long, *or a book* so I will highlight each option and provide helpful and useful links that took me years to find--the ones I personally recommend that are free reading. If you work on one item at a time and read all the links I promise you that you will improve your shop quality and overall sales.

#1 Photographs - Time Does Matter.

wmjr picture perfect

wmjr picture perfect


Enough can't be said about pictures and photographs and even as I'm sitting here telling you this I should be working on some of my own. There is always room for improvement in this area. If you do a search for an item and see five of the same item on Etsy, chances are your eye will draw you to the one that stands out the most and photographs the best, not necessarily the one priced the lowest.

I have literally tested this theory and searched for a vintage item I've listed. There may be three or four on Etsy, but the photos are crappy. I then list my item $1 higher and take a better picture. My item sold first.

So, here are a few suggestions for making your pictures the prettiest. Let me first say, you no longer need a fancy camera. I used a Nikon P80 but most shops I know with great pictures use their phones and editing software.

The biggest problem in photography is lighting and glare. For best results use natural light and keep the background basic and simple. Closeups of your item, showing condition and texture are a must. Jewelry should be really closeup and detailed.

Here is what Etsy says in their. Guide to Photography on the Etsy blog. Of course you can always go to Etsy's blog and read great tips on things. if you type in Photography you will get over 140 results. Some of them are ultra useful.

Camera Photograph Courtesy of WMJR Etsy Shop.

Quick Picture Fix - PicMonkey is Free to Use and So Easy a Monkey Can do it!


Photo Editing Software

Here is what I did with a quick photo editing program. There are a bunch of free photo editing programs you can use but I like the simplicity of which is free for a short time then it is an annual fee. For me it's easy to use on the phone and laptop. I took my once-crappy snapshot of my globe, and did only two things:

a) Brightened (boosted the color ) - This looks more realistic and how my photo should have came out if I would have learned how to use my flash properly and good lighting.

b) Put a small border on it - I just like the way the border makes it pop.

If you don't want to do the whole upload, adjust, download game then simply use the photo editing functions on your phone, if that's what you are using.

Fact: You do not need an expensive camera, but you do need to learn the MACRO or close up function!

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Note the detail

Note the detail this is offered by

Note the detail this is offered by

It's Not the Camera or Phone...

It's the fact you must adjust the Lighting, Color and Clarity.

Use a photo editor!

#2 Tags

Globe Ira Mency

Globe Ira Mency

The Globe Lesson on Keywords

This is just as important as the photographs. This was the hardest thing for me to get under my belt and also is the hardest thing to explain to others. The bottom line is you must think like a BUYER, how would the buyer find your item and what words would THEY use to describe your item? If you are not using all of your tags this is a huge problem. They are there for you to use and not using them is only jeopardizing your listing.

My best advice on what tags to use:

Color: I learned quick on Etsy people shop by color, so one of my tags is usually the primary color of the item.

Material or Components: If the item is a special fabric keywords like "cotton" would be helpful. Same with jewelry, if the stone is a "garnet" or the material is "pewter" these are a must as well. People looking for cotton blouse, will type in "cotton blouse". People looking for a garnet necklace most certainly will search those terms.

Genre: I also include the style of the item, ie: steampunk or mid century modern. Recently Etsy made changes to their tagging system and allowed you to choose from a drop down box as far as the "era" or descriptive words, but I still use one tag anyhow.

Take for instance my globe lesson. When I'm really clueless, I do this: I search for the item on Etsy to see what others may be using on their tags. . Just the other day I listed a globe and decided to use these keywords:

  1. Globe
  2. Sphere
  3. Geography
  4. Maps
  5. Mid century Modern (this was from the 50's in a mod stand)

Then I was clueless. So I looked up some other globes and they had some of these great keywords:

  • Cartography
  • School
  • Education
  • Travel
  • History
  • Science
  • Earth
  • Science

Search Etsy for ideas on how to list your item!

#3 Item Title

Good titles can make or break your item selling.

Good titles can make or break your item selling.

What's in a Title? Pretty Much Everything.

As stupid as it may sound and as small of a detail, the title is very important to your listing. Your first couple words are very important. Good keywords in your title will increase your search rankings and exposure overall. This applies in SEO theory when items are included in product searches or if someone is looking for an item on Google. Placement of your title words impacts your placement in search rankings. You don't really have to know all about SEO but you do need to know what to do and not to do when making your titles.

The mistake people make in titles are wastes of space like this:

  • Cute and adorable pink puffy sleeve sweater
  • Pink retro fun and fuzzy sweater retro power oh yeah baby
  • Unsure of Maker size small sweater vintage 80's
  • Love me some pink sweater flower power
  • Vintage sweater - cute and cuddly


  • Pink 1950s Cardigan Sweater Cotton - Vintage
  • Vintage 1950s Pink Cardigan Sweater cotton

In the above example this sweater will show up for someone searching for a vintage cardigan, a vintage sweater, any cardigan or sweater in PINK, and the material cotton, but also appeal to those searching for 1950s. This small but useful title is appealing to people who may call it a cardigan, or those who may call it a sweater. The title is to the point, and contains the necessary words.

You goal for today is to go back and check out your titles and ask yourself, are you as specific as possible? Can you make a small improvement?

Question about Item Titles and Google - tell me the truth

#4 Descriptions

retrochalet, glove molds

retrochalet, glove molds

Descriptions Are So Important!

This really matters. The first few words of your description will have placement in a Google search, so the first few words or 100 characters or so should really reiterate about your item. If you get into this habit you are taking all the necessary steps to being more successful with SEO placement. For instance, in the case of this vintage porcelain glove mold that I painted red that you see here, I would perhaps have this:

  • ITEM: Vintage Porcelain Glove Mold Small Red

Good Example:

  • Description: Red Small Vintage Porcelain Glove Mold Hand Ceramic from New Jersey | stop here |

Essentially I just repeated my title in a way, but added the location and material and the word "hand". Not only does this reiterate keywords but helps give ranking to the item. It is important not to do this type of description::

Bad Example:

  • Description: This lovely one of a kind painted red adorable retro vintage | stop here |

Why not? it's a waste of space and who is going to search for the first few words you have listed there? Descriptions should also contain measurements, materials condition of item, and any history of the item. Refer to the article highlighted in #3 as it covers descriptions also! Sometimes, less is more. Being too wordy is just a waste of your time and the buyer's.

Photo of glove mold Courtesy of retrochalet on Etsy.

All U Need is Love - Upcycled Decoupage Tin

All U Need is Love - Upcycled Decoupage Tin *

All U Need is Love - Upcycled Decoupage Tin *

#5 Etsy Teams! - Two are better than one...

author's collection

author's collection

Etsy Teams

Teams are so very important for many reasons. First off, you can find answers to questions and get support with fellow team members. Some teams help promote one another, and tagging your items with a team tag, you could have easily had some cross promotion.

Know there is no commitment when joining a team, if you feel it's not your cup of tea or not for you then you can easily leave the team at any time. I had to try out a few teams before I found the ones I really liked. Some teams require some participation and have requirements. Other teams have no requirements. Obviously there are power in numbers, and some people choose to get on teams based on religion, charity events, location, or other preferences. Search Etsy teams for keywords that mean most to you and that would be most beneficial. . Some teams are all about business and promotions. Others join together for Pets, Organizations, Gay Pride, Religious Beliefs, or perhaps a craft they share in common. It's amazing that there are thousands of Etsy teams, and literally something for everyone, and if not, you can make your own Team!.

There are global teams meaning people from all over can join, then some that are simply local based, meaning you can find something in your local area which would be a great way for you to acquire some new crafting buddies or make friends--not to mention split that costly table at an upcoming craft show!

When I first wrote this article, there were over 3100 teams on Etsy. There may be many more. You can search them for keywords that apply to you, and you may be surprised to know there may be a team in your local area.

Search them and. Search and see them here.

Here are some team ideas:

Etsy Success This team has over 10000 members and is growing. It's for Etsy, by Etsy. It is a place for small business advice and not for personal promotions. No adding of fan pages, sales or listings unless you are asking advice. You can learn a lot here and some of the top sellers on Etsy share their secrets.

Find a team now.

Use every opportunity to brand your shop!

Use every opportunity to brand your shop!

Brand, Rinse, Repeat!

As silly as it may seem, a banner and attractive shop appearance is key. Think of the front page of your shop as a first impression. A person whose shop has photos taken from a mile away won't make a good first impression. In reality, most people are using ipads or iphones or smart phones to shop Etsy. Your goal is to get them to click on that product you are offering. If your shop has a great banner, a bunch of pretty photos, perhaps people may feel more up to staying around and shopping. Nothing like browsing a few listings.

This goes back to banners and avatars. They should be representative of what your shop has to offer. Many people decide to use generic avatars or shop banners but if you follow the majority, how will you ever stand out among the competition?

Ask yourself:

  • Could your banner or avatar be better representative of your product?
  • Is your banner dull and boring?
  • Is your banner bad quality, low resolution or fuzzy?
  • Do you want to brand your shop and start a branding campaign with an image or logo?

If you answered "yes" to these questions, move on.

Stand out like these Crayons

Stand out like these Crayons, make your shop pop!

Stand out like these Crayons, make your shop pop!

For branding purposes you may want to do your blog, shop, Facebook and Twitter all "branded" with the same or similar logo!

Branding Question - Answer if you sell on Etsy...

#7 Organization and Dedication

Get packing or get motivated!

Get packing or get motivated!

Dedication and Organization: Rome Wasn't Built in a Day

If you are serious about growing your Etsy business you will need two key traits, organization and dedication. Both of which all of us could stand to increase at any given time.

You must be organized with your records, and how you keep your stock. Not only that, but your studio should be straight if you are making crafts, art or jewelry. I often think jewelry sellers must have it made with storing items in small boxes since I deal in big bulky antiques! Often times I am looking in large boxes for things. (This is where an inventory sheet would sure come in handy.) I often make the mistake of using the "duplicate or copy" function to get a similar listing on Etsy, when I have a like item. This would be great except for I forget to change the box that the inventory is in. When the item sells I'm looking all over the storage unit which costs valuable time I could be working in my Etsy shop!

Don't be disorganized like me, start an inventory sheet. Organize your stuff. Get a game plan. Keep good records.

Dedication is even more important. You should update your shop at least once per day even if it's just a quick relist, putting an item on sale, revising a title or changing something small in your shop announcement. Why is this important? Etsy does "higher placement of recently updated" shops . If your shop is always updated it's always in the highest placement it can be. Active shops are key. Once you get into the motions of going into your shop every day, move to the next level and add one item a day. Once you maneuver that task, do three items a a day and before you know it your shop will be loaded and applying all these principals you should be selling more!

I also want to indicate that I am easily distracted when working from home. I am currently remodeling my studio so now I am on the couch with the TV on trying to work and it's not working. I'm writing this instead of working in my Etsy store. If you work full time and do Etsy at night set aside a window several nights per week . If you stay at home you should get into work mode when dealing with your Etsy shop. If the dog has to go out, the baby is crying and the soaps are on, or things are luring you away, it's a bit hard to concentrate.

So, make time and take time to go to your special place in the house, or a special studio, or hide in the closet, whatever you must do to concentrate. Divide and Conquer! I like to jam the tunes and take some photos, crop them at night and start listing the next few days. Batch by batch, I get things done. Rome wasn't built in a day, neither was my Etsy shop.

Case Study: Stores Outside of Etsy: Is it Worth It?

Many people may wonder if they should open an Etsy shop if they already are making sales outside of Etsy. There's nothing wrong with using Etsy in addition to these other ventures as long as you aren't telling people to go shop outside of your Etsy shop , as in linking to your other sites would be a violation of Etsy's TOS aka Terms of Service.

For the beginner, starting on Etsy is affordable and easy. I have seen success stories where people started with an Etsy shop and ended up closing to go do their own boutique. These rare instances already have a huge established customer base and most likely are the stuff the "Quit Your Day Job" Etsy series was made off of. For the most part these stories are rare and for the most of us, keeping Etsy in addition to other outlets will work.

I tried to host my own shop on Shopify but I did not have the time to dedicate to marketing it. In the long run for me, using Etsy gave me all the tools I needed in one place and platform for checkout which made life easier for me.

For instance, one of my favorite shops, Edwin Jean Beads made adorable handcrafted beaded jewelry. In their Etsy shop, after having a successful and selling at local shows they found it difficult to keep up with the ins and outs of selling on Etsy. They closed up shop after only 11 sales, and still do the direct selling and local craft shows. They also told me that they use Facebook to do a lot of self promotion. They have a rather large following so they promote their Facebook at shows and direct, and this works for them.

The moral of the story is dedicating the time to boost your Etsy shop, or any shop you have for that matter. The key here is to cross promote your Etsy shop as much as you can. Using services like Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook can really help you. More on the social networking later.

#8 Shop Section Titles

 As diminutive as it sounds, they really do count.

As diminutive as it sounds, they really do count.

You've Got To Be Kidding Me!

Did you know that your shop sections are searchable, rankable terms to the world wide web when it pertains to SEO and placement of items in sites such as Google? Without going into too much tech stuff, every word in your section title can only help your shop if you are using your sections with good, strong keywords. People who don't have shop sections may be missing out.

If your sections say "Cute Things"" or "Red Stuff" or "Pets" you are really missing out. It is my opinion that "sale" and "clearance" shop sections in my opinion are a waste of a section, wherein you can tell people in your shop announcement to search your shop for Sale or Clearance items.

For example, if you sell jewelry, using the search results from 2021 you are competing with millions of items in the jewelry category alone. Therefore, your items should be ranked by earrings, bracelets, pendants and or/necklaces. Unless you use different materials, you could rank by materials: Gold, Silver, Copper, Pewter to help narrow these search terms.

For example, let's say you are selling Pet Clothing, Pet Treats, Pet Leashes, these terms can count! Crafting supply sellers should have categories Paper Ephemera, Mixed Media, or clear phrases as to what they are selling in bulk for instance, Charms, Findings, Found Objects, Yarn, Ephemera, etcetera. .

Vintage sellers should have theme categories or clear sections pertaining to their item, trend, or genre. Most people don't give much thought to this but it can only help you. Here are some great reading tips all about shop sections!

Read this from Etsy on Shop Sections

#9 Get Hitched

This vintage doll isn't the only thing needing a marriage. Perhaps your etsy shop does too.

This vintage doll isn't the only thing needing a marriage. Perhaps your etsy shop does too.

Marry Someone Virtually Bond Together for Networking....

I wrote an article about something that helped me get to where i am today, that is technically bonding with ie: marrying another Etsy shop. Together you and the other Etsy shop can:

a) Social network one another

b) Share links about each other's listings

c) Cross promote your partner all the time!

It is important to pick the right partner when "Marrying another Etsy Seller." Read it here. The crazy thing is , that this idea really took off when I wrote about it, and now some fans have even made a TEAM just for Etsy marriage! find it here. How about that! Get a good plan before proposing to your partner. If you are a strong blogger but lack in tweeting, do some research first and if you find someone with a huge twitter following but not so good at blogging, this could work like peanut butter and jelly! By the way, I'm taking applications for a new wife or husband!

Social Networking Outside of Etsy is key, to drive traffic to your Etsy shop! So, help from another is great!

— - From my lips to your ears.

#10 Social Networking 101 - Social Media is Essential

Social Networking Help

Social Networking Help

Social Networking Is Key., My Preferencesn Order That I Use

This is so very important, or is it? Suffice to say you must choose which best suits you. Currently, I do all but it's very time consuming. You must choose what you are strongest points, what can you learn or do the quickest and decide if the time spent is used wisely. How the heck do you do all this? Trial and error. You can also get more exposure to your Etsy shop by using one or more of the following methods.

Please note, when I originally wrote this article, Facebook and Instagram, Connected in Business Suite on Facebook was my go to.

Facebook Business pages are a great way to showcase your items to the world and get them to hit LIke. Etsy allows you to easily share items , so, now that Facebook and Instagram are connected, a quick set up in Facebook's Business Suite makes it easy to share your items with one click to many platforms. It took me a lot of time to figure out how to get my items sellable in Instagram shopping linked to Etsy but a few days of YouTube videos and submissions later I finally figured it out. Ask friends and family to help share your items, and who knows what will happen? Some links in cyberspace are better than none.

Twitter was always easy enough to share items to Twitter for extra oomph. Short and sweet, sharing links is easy. Using the twitter app on my phone, I share whenever I post a new item. Tweeting is a good way to blab about your Etsy products and keep it short and sweet to only 140 characters. Hash tags are used so you may tag your tweet to the word of twitter users. Etsy must agree because they have not only tied in easily where users can "tweet" your item but they may also "follow" you on Twitter. This is easy to do because you can do it from your phone, and only have to tweet 140 characters. That's not much and easy to learn!

Over the years however, I found that both TikTok and Pinterest are now my preferred methods. As for Pinterest, I'm losing a bit of love for this app but many people still use it. Etsy uses the Pinterest plugin so it makes it easy to share your items to Pins. It used to be frowned upon to share your own items, but maybe this is where the Etsy marriage partner can help you. TIkTok is widely growing and some sellers have launched their own online stores just due to it.


Many people do this, but I am no good at it. I'm listing it at 5 because it's super easy to use for most people that know what they are doing.

Blogs / Websites.

Most blogger blogs are free to run and you can blog about items in your Etsy shop, or put ads to your own shop via your sidebar. Free sites include Blogger, Wordpress and Tumblr. You have to make sure that people will read your blog, however, or you are wasting your time. Some blogs are still read today, but most people opt to spend their time with short posts on other sites. Only blogs with a lot of tenure or niche readership are even desirable anymore. Is blogging dead?

Remember, your time is money. Will you fare better social networking, or working in your Etsy shop?

Many of these blogs or website feature Etsy finds, therefore Etsy sellers. You can visit each to find out how to get featured. Some will let you submit a guest post, others you have to pay to get featured.

Blogs, Sites, Podcasts that Talk About Etsy

So far.....


Tip: Look for Blogs that will feature your shop for free! Exposure is good!

About books... - There are many books available to help you on Etsy. I want to know your thoughts on using books to help you..

Social Networking Ebook

Social Networking Ebook

Jason Malinak takes selling on Etsy a bit further, and my story as an Etsy seller is featured in it. The book is inexpensive and for about $11, you can learn lots here as an Etsy seller. Jason runs JJM Finance on Etsy, and truth be told unless you are just opening up shop to "play around" then you need to figure out ways to take your business more seriously.

Checklist for Being a Successful Etsy Seller - Decide which apply to you and use them.

Here's some advice to remember when working in your Etsy shop.

  • Remember quality over quantity when talking of photos. If you take longer to do items so be it. Wouldn't you rather sell them instead of them sitting in your shop forever?
  • Read up on successful Etsy sellers and find out what they are doing that you could apply to your own shop. Are they always on the front page (good photos) or do they belong to Etsy teams that constantly promote each other ? Do a little research, it may surprise you.
  • Decide if your time is more well spent working on your shop (listings, tags/keywords, photos, etc) or splitting the time outside your shop to social network. If you don't have anyone reading your blog or twitter or following you on pinterest, maybe you need to focus on work inside the shop rather than outside. You can always hire help for the latter.

Tip: Keep in touch with other Etsy sellers. After all, those who SELL on Etsy BUY on Etsy!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2011 Cindy Fahnestock-Schafer

junkyardblonde on March 15, 2015:

I love this! Thank you so much for such valuable information. I have only been on Twitter for a few weeks and Etsy for about 90 days. I have had almost 100 sales, so I feel like I am on the right track, but know I could be doing more. I do try to spend an hour a day on social media, and I am trying to pick up twitter... I have no idea how you can retweet so much! for that I thank you! But how on Earth do you search through all the re-tweets to find a Tweet to Re-Tweet? lol I am sure there is a simple answer, but I always feel like I owe you like a hundred per day ~ I am praying you tell me there is an app. Anyway - I have Bookmarked your site, sad I haven't found it before now.. But looks like I have a ton more reading to do and thrilled you are sharing even more. YOU ARE MARVELOUS DARLIN' !!!!! ~Junkyard Blonde

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Cindy Fahnestock-Schafer (author) from Hedgesville, WV on December 28, 2013:

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This was a very well-written article and easy to follow. I was not aware of the Etsy team system, probably because I am just now starting to get my feet wet with Etsy, but it makes complete sense. And I agree 100% with that line: "Those who sell on Etsy, shop on Etsy." I have recently made several purchases now that I am preparing to launch a store. In fact, I have been obsessively researching shops over the last two months, looking for those who could potentially be my "bulk suppliers," so to speak. Anyhow, I wish you the best of successes with your shop and thanks for sharing your personal tips.

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Best article yet! I want to second what you said about tagging. I think I'm finally getting the hang of it and my sales have recently increased - coincidence? I doubt it. I'm going to take a hard look at my first description sentences and also my section titles. Thanks for this - it's great!

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Wow - best info I've read in a LONG time! After a summer of doing art & craft shows with my product (purses made from vinyl record albums), I've decided to re-focus my energies on Etsy. Your information is the springboard of inspiration/information I need right now. Thanks SO much!

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Best Etsy advise I learned was marrying my shop to another shop. Someone who compliments your shop and can help you along the way. I call my buddy, Wifey, and she is the best!

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